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vawa case- advance parole
Hello everyone, I have a vawa case that is pending. When I submitted the forms I submitted all I-485, I-360, I-765, and I-131 together. My I-131( Advance parole) was approved and my I-485 shows that my fingerprints have been applied to case. My question is would it be safe to travel to my home country, Mexico, if only my advance parole was approved? Would this be enough to be granted re-entry? I've discussed this with my lawyer but she advised against it because there might be a risk that I can be denied re-entry back to the US, but I am reading that a lot of people are having positive experiences with traveling with advance parole. Can someone please share their thoughts and experience with this. Thanks.
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Expedite advance parole
Hey guys. I really need a second opinion. I’ve applied for green card and for advance parole few weeks ago. My mom needs to have surgery soon to remove the gall bladder. I know is not a big deal, but she’s going to be hospitalized for a few days and I’m her only child and she don’t have anyone to help her. My layer recommended to do a expedite request for advance parole. What do you’ll think? Im really nervous of the idea that my mom will be all alone at the hospital without anything or anyone around. Do you’ll think that it possible to get expedited for that situation? Thank you I’ll appreciate your opinion.
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Need Advice - emergency AP for 1st death ceremony
My Monther inlaw AOS is pending (Applied 8/21, FP completed 10/21).

My wife and Monther Inlaw wants to travel to India to perform the 1st death ceremony of my father inlaw. We would like to apply for emergency AP and planning to get infopass for it.
Did anyone applied for this reason and get approved or denied in the recent past? what are the supporting documnets that we need for this? please do share your experiance.

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AP travel
Hi good morning to all
pls help me and advise me in this scenario, I am from July 2020 Pd 360, just received renewal my combo card , my father was not well and having cancer and other health issue I would like to see him ,can I travel to my home now I am considering my case is almost in 20 months if I go any problem while coming back , how many days I can stay there , my first visit with AP was not a an issue I was stayed 2 months in mu home. “ last year . but right now my father health condition are not good . I don’t know pls give your advice and suggestions
thank you very much to all
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Leaving US without Advance Parole
Has anyone here seen someone that left US without AP having it's process approved? Is USCIS notified of her trip abroad? Thank you
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Hello guys, I have been reading a lot positive comments about how it’s safe to travel with your AP. I have my AP since almost 3 years now and I just got my renewal now. I want to ask if it’s safe for me to use to travel to Nigeria? I’m scared to use it ever since they gave it to me and my interview was cancel because I file for vawa case so I don’t know what to do.
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Traveling to US on AP through Abu Dhabi (Immigration preclearance)
Hi - My wife will be traveling to US on a AP through Abu Dhabi. As you might know, Abu Dhabi has US immigration pre-clearance which means you complete your US immigration in Abu Dhabi before boarding your flight to US. This could be beneficial in general if everything is smooth so you can relax in the long leg from Abu Dhabi to US knowing you have cleared immigration. I would like to know if anyone in this forum has experience traveling on AP through Abu Dhabi. I am interested to know a couple of things

1. How different is the immigration experience in Abu Dhabi, especially because I am not sure if the officers in Abu Dhabi can make certain exceptions which otherwise the officers in US might make. In my wife's case, her AP was approved after she left US for an emergency on a humanitarian basis. The USCIS officer did tell me that my wife could use the AP to enter even while it will be effective after she left US. In this case I am not sure if the CBP officers in US would have more idea than the ones in Abu Dhabi with respect to admitting my wife to enter US.
2. The layover in Abu Dhabi is 3 hours. Will this time be enough to complete immigration and board the connecting flight to US especially when using AP where secondary inspection might be involved. 

Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you.
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How do I do that?
Hi! I’ve applied for my mom’s Green card and also applied for Advance Parole. She got her fingerprints done 1 month after they received the process. It’s been 2 months in total. I know it’s a short period of time, but she wants to go to Brazil at the beginning of December( my brother will take her since she can fly by herself) to see her doctors, she is 83 yo.She doesn’t have an emergency but needs to see some
Cardiologist and geriatric doctors. How fo I get a infopass appointment? Has anybody here tried that before? Thank you!
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Travel in Advance Parole to Nigeria
Hello guys,

I have been reading people’s experiences in advance parole and everyone seems to be fine traveling using the document. I am however looking to see if anyone has had any experience traveling to any African countries (Nigeria specifically) with the AP recently. I have a pending VAWA app and overstayed my visa. If so:

1. What documents were used to travel?
2. Did you have any issue re-entering the US
3. How long was your stay

Any help or experiences shared would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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Advance parole
I applied advance parol May 2021 , the recent update i’ve received last week - “fingerprints were applied to your case”
How long will it take to get approval after this status?
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