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Vawa and Advance Parole
Has anyone travelled recently under the presidential proclamation? Advance parole should be an exemption from this.
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Daca AP help!!
Hey everyone, I want to apply for advanced parole but I'm not sure what reason to use? What's the "easiest" I don't really have family ill. my work doesn't do travel, and I'm out of school. Any help is appreciated!!
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Left USA while waiting for i-485 adjustment of Status Help Please
Hi there

My husband left the US while awaiting his i-485 adjustment of status due to his grandmother being ill.

He didn't get his advanced parole but it was submitted along with advance parole and his employee authorization application.

He is in Morocco now and we didn't know he couldn't leave to go home for an emergency. We weren't thinking. I know the adjustment of status is now going to be considered "abandoned," how do I get my husband back home from Morrocco?

Should we call the US Embassy in Morocco?
His biometrics appointment is upcoming and they won't receive the reschedule letter by Thursday. How did your loved one return? Did you apply for another i-485 or did you have to reapply for a CRS1 Spousal visa which takes over a year to return? Please advise. Thanks!

One USCIS agent mentioned him getting a tourist visa and returning to refile the i-485 again. In Morocco they are pretty behind on the CRS-1 visa process. Someone please help us.
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Traveled with Vawa
Hi everyone. I was a silent member for long time. I have been reading everyone’s travel experiences and now I want to share you mine. After reading all those positive comments I decided to travel with Advance Parole. My return was so smooth, no question was asked. If you do not have any criminal history you should not be worry about it. It will be always risk unless you become a citizen. At a same day my friend with greencard travel and landed 2 hours before me. They stoped her and check her phone for 2 hours. If you are waiting for your green card to travel, I will recommend you to travel now when you have a chance because risk is the same- no risk unless you are criminal.

Go out and see your family and country. I will be back again next month. Im already excited for my next trip.
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Advance Parole from Schengen area
Hi I share my experience. I have an Advance Parole approved for all family. This summer we went to Bermuda (because of the travel ban in Europe) and then we are reentered in the US without any issue.
Now we had to go back in Italy for my son surgery because in US I couldn't afford it. Now the question is due to the travel ban nobody can give me an answer if I can go back from Italy and travel with an AP or I have to go in a country like Turkey or Africa and quarantine there for two weeks (which is crazy).
Can someone share his experience?
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Traveling with Advanced Parole during COVID
I have been reading several experiences traveling abroad with EAD/Advanced Parole.

I am planning to travel to Mexico for 30 days and I have my EAD/Advanced Parole. Do you think is risky when try to return to US?

Currently my I-485 is pending and just receive a Request for Additional Evidence but still don’t know what is required.

Could share experiences recently to validate that can travel and back safe.

I appreciate your comments
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Advance Parole - Recent Travel to Brazil
Hi guys, I want to share with you our recent travel experience during this pandemic. My wife and I recently traveled to Brazil, I'm a green card holder and my wife has the combo card. We reentered the country on 11/30/20 through Miami port of entry. During check in at the airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil, before issuing the boarding passes the ticketing agent took to a photo of my wife's passport and advance parole and sent them to CBP requesting permission to allow her to board the plane. They agent said that the reason for doing so is because the border is closed to most Brazilians due to presidential proclamation. My wife is a Brazilian citizen. After approximately 15 mins, CBP responded requesting additional documents, they asked for a copy of my green card and our marriage certificate. I had a picture of the marriage certificate on my phone and after providing these documents, within a minute or so we heard back from the CBP that she was okay to travel.

After passing through immigration here in the US, another officer came and escorted my wife to a different room. The officer said it was ok if I wanted to come too. We waited about 20 minutes in that room, the officer was checking something on the computer and I heard him complaining to other officer that his computer was too slow. Anyway, he then called my wife and asked her to confirm her address, stamped PAROLED on her passport and said that we were good to go.

Except for the waiting during check in and in the immigration room, everything else went smooth.

Tips: You cannot check in online with advance parole, arrive at the airport early.
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UK/Schengen Travel
Hi everyone, and thanks to those who have shared their experiences so far.

Has anyone successfully travelled back to the US from the UK or Schengen region using AP? Does it count as an exception from the presidential proclamation that prohibits travel from that region? I know that permanent residents are exempt, but what about *almost* permanent residents?...

I really want to see family, especially one family member who is dying, I just want to know I can get back to the US again afterwards.
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Advance Parole
Hey all
I have a pending i360/i485 case and in May I applied for a travel document. In June it was transferred from National Benefits Center to Vermont Service Center due to work load. However, I haven’t gotten any update on the case. My Dad is severely sick and in a critical condition and I have to travel to see him.
I requested an info pass and went to the Atlanta field office to get an emergency advance parole but they told me they don’t take care of VAWA cases and I will have to request for one from the Vermont Center.
Has anyone had a similar experience or can anyone please tell me the processing times for an AP? This is my first time applying for one because I’ve never really had the need to travel but I really have to because my Dad has been sick and his condition is getting worse. This process is so frustrating
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entry into the US with advanced parole
Hi all,

After all the encouraging comments here, I decided to travel back home and will be returning to the US at the end of this week. Which lane have you all used during entry? Did you just enter the lane for everyone with visas not the green card holders/citizens, right? Which category did they stamp on your passport and do they take everyone into secondary inspection? Just want to make sure I get it right. Many thanks!!
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