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Degree Certificate is mandatory for applying B1?
what kind of verification will be there in B1 Visa
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B1 Conference Visa Rejected
Hello friends, my visa denied on 20th Feb, I applied for B1 visa for the conference, I am the owner of the company, my company is a reseller of one the largest company from the US, I got the invitation from that company to attend their conference which is about education and information about their own products.

I want to advise from the expert that what went wrong and how to prepare for next time,

They have asked me 5-6 questions only and rejected.

VO: Why are you going to us?
Me: I am going to attend the conference organized by X company, being a partner with them, my company has been invited by them to attend the conference (I was expecting that question, so I have memorized all words)

Vo: Do you have an invitation letter?
Me: yes

Vo: Show me
Me: Sure and handed the official invitation letter from the company.

Vo: What do you do?
Me: I have ABC business, and we provide services for xyz (this services related to the X company ), I also told 4-5 other services which my company offer but it is not related to X company

Vo: How long?
me: for 8 days (I have told exact dates.)

Vo: Have you been any other country before?
Me: No.

This was the last question and he handed over me 214b it say

 "that you were not able to demonstrate that your intended activities in the US would be consistent with the classification of the nonimmigrant visa for which you applied."

My Background
Profession: Business
Marital: Married with kids
Age: 38
Income: 15 Lakhs
Travel history: zero, no travel history
Interview language is chosen: Hindi, however, I have given al the answer in English (My English is not fluently, I was afraid that if I choose English and if I could not understand his ascent, It will problem so I have chosen Hindi)

Can you please let me know what was wrong? only travel history? If yes I have a chance this year to visit one of the countries from London, Spain, Japan, which will be good to make some travel history?
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B1 visa got rejected
HI , i took my B1 interview in chennai , while answering the questions some how in nervousness i told i will be working on a feature for couple of weeks along with other trainings , my visa got rejected . now my company wants me to try again and what is chance for me , will i always be seen a candidate for reject ? can some one suggest what i must do . it is important for me to be in US to get trained in work else it hinders my work back here . i am really worried.
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Rejected twice
I m not saying this coz i was rejected twice . But my case was stronger than the guy who was before me in queue. They gave all technical reasons mine was a simple training. They offered visa for a guy who was travelling longer than 2 weeks. I was only traveling for 5 days. Im married with kid settled in hyd. I feel its based on if they approve a visa then they reject the next case so that they can maintain the number of visas issued per day. Please let me know if any one has observed this trend
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B1/B2 Visa issued after in Administrative Processing for 10 days
Biometric on Jan 30
Visa interview on Jan 31. VO told the Visa has been approved
Administrative Processing status from Jan 31 to Feb 11
Issued status on Feb 11
Got the passport with Visa stamped on Feb 12. Validity 10 years
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After 2 Rejections
Rather a pleasant but experience on Feb 4 (Luckily I got appointment again in Delhi, I think slot was available as someone cancelled :) Rather long interview, but I was confident, could feel my heart beat, but she was very calm, Today I felt she wanted to approve my Visa from very starting.....
VO: How are you?
M: I am good how are you?
VO: I am great thanks, it’s quite windy today...Give me your passport?
M: Smiles...Given
Reads on computer...
VO: Wow you studied in France
Me: Yes,
VO: Where
Me: MSc in Cell Biology & Bioinformatics in École Polytechnique, Paris
VO: I did my Year abroad there, so you know French
Me: Yes I have C1 level certification in French
VO: Wow, so let’s do this interview in French
Me: Smiles, I could try
VO: She said you don’t have to...I am not so good in French. Anyhow, where you work
Me: I work in Big Pharma company (given name) in Hyderabad for more than 2 years
VO: How much you earn?
Me: 25 Lacs per annum...
VO: Everything fixed?
Me: Yes, also 15% of fixed salary is given as bonus depending on individual and company’s performance
VO: So how are you performing?
Me: I have the rating and I am above expectations
VO: Wow,
Me: I will get 140% of my bonus component
VO: Good for you, I see you are going for AAD, where it is taking place
Me: Walter E Washington Convention Centre
VO: Where will you stay?
Me: Renaissance Hotel
VO: Your Company spends too much..
Me: Yes, it makes $XX Billions every year as profit and I travel in business class
VO: That’s nice, Which airline are you flying?
Me: Flying Emirates
VO: Which countries you have been to...I see you have been to Canada
Me: Yes Canada, UK, France, Singapore...Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland. Interrupts in between
VO: Which countries you have been on business reasons
Me: Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden
VO: I see you have 5 years Schengen Visa, was that sponsored by your company or Europe just choose to give you
Me: I travel frequently for business purposes, so when I applied last time in April 2018, they gave me 5 year multi entry visa (MEV). I also have 3 and 1 year Multi Entry visas before this...
VO: I see that rarely on Indian Passport Holders (I don’t know why she said that...I know 4 people in my company who have 5 year MEV)
Goes inside with my passport and god knows how long she stayed in...(2-3 minutes and longest of my life)
Comes and smiles
VO: How many years you stayed in the UK
Me: 3 years 3 months for my BSc
VO: Where you did BSc
Me: BSc in Pharmacology in University College London
VO: Can you show me your previous passports...
Me: Gave two previous passports...
VO: Why your company is making you travel so much to Europe, do you get paid in Euros?
Me: There are lot of conferences and workshops and I attend those collect the data at these conferences, analyze the data in tools and get insights from data which I share with my stakeholders...(Interrupts in between)...VO: ok ok..
VO: Do you get paid in Euros when you travel to Europe?
Me: No, I get reimbursement of all expenses I make through Company’s Multi Currency Corporate Card and air tickets and hotels are paid directly out of Company’s account
VO: Types something in system for 1-2 minutes then ask, have you been ever denied US Visa
Me: Yes twice, one in April 2016 with my previous employer and one with my current employer which was recent in Jan 2019
VO: Why did you choose to apply from Delhi and not Hyderabad
Me: I have my permanent home in Delhi and working from home for last 3 weeks. In addition, there were no appointments in Hyderabad...
Goes inside again and come within 1-2 minutes
VO: Do you own house in Delhi?
Me: No, however, I have one flat in Gurgaon...sorry Gurugram, Delhi NCR in Sector 55 which I own, however I am the only son of my parents, so that house will be mine...only as ancestral property
VO: Laughs...Are you single
Me: Yes,
VO: No worries, your visa is approved
Me: Thank you very much
VO: Returns my previous passports, Canadian Resident Card and expired UK Resident card
Came out with smile
Feb 1: Finger Prints
Feb 4: Interview
Feb 5: Visa Issued (as per CEAC)
Feb 8: Ready for pick up
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US B1 Visa rejected; 1st attempt
I was recently rejected but would like to apply again for the same expo.I was the team leader for over 16people.All denied! Only 3qns asked...
1.What was the criteria for choosing the selected people you are leading?TOLD as i fumbled
2.Tell me about the Expo. TOLD
3.Have you traveled internationally before for the same?No, gave my reason in a long answer as i was fumbling.

I would like to apply again as an individual but i need guidance on how to state my answers, i have not seen anyone here with experience on expo attendance visa interviews, i would like to get guidance.
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No show on appointment day, need to re-apply b1 visa.

I had a appointment last March 2018, finished my bio-metric and couldn't take my Visa interview.
I need to apply for b1 visa again.
Im confused, wheather I need apply ds-160 or I shall retrieve the form I last submitted?
I need to update my experience, invitation etc
I not sure though what to be done.
Shall I use the old cgi no or I do need a new cgi no?

Please help me on this.

Thank you.
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US-B1 Visa Common Interview Questions with Answers
Hi All,

I know most of you are here because you are going to face US B1 visa interview pretty soon so I have listed down B1 questions and sample answers for them.

If you get a chance to go through them and it may be useful for you guys. Feel free to ask any questions if feel so.

Dont Forget to COMMENT if you have got benefited from this even a single bit.

Link for questions and my experience:

Thanks and Regards,
Your Friendly Neighborhood BATMAN
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B1 Visa Rejected - Chennai
Q1: Purpose of the trip?
Ans: To attend business meeting of ongoing project and to meet our architects.. etc (first mistake)
Q2: Show me invitation letter?
Ans: Shared
Q3: Annual CTC in INR?
Ans: xxxx
Q4: why can't we do this discussion online?
Ans: F2F discussion will get answers faster and clear (fumbled). Current project is very critical to company brand(2nd mistake)

Sorry.Here is your 214. ufff.


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