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Does DS-160 form be filled with details like H1B filed

My B1 VISA interview scheduled for Jan 2019, My company has filed for H1B visa in Mar 2018(Not picked in lottery though). Do i need to fill these details? Is it something VO feels I'm lying to them not giving such details
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B1 VISA- Administrative processing under Section 221(g)
Type: B1/B2
Purpose: to attend Business planning meeting with Project stakeholders.
Location: US Consulate, Chennai

Hello Guyz,

I undergone interview for B1/B2 Visa at Chennai, India Consulate today(December 20, 2018).
The interview went really well, however, she has taken my passport and given a pink slip mentioning I m under Administrative processing under Section 221(g). They asked me to send my Invite Letter, resume etc letters via email.
Can anyone suggest what went wrong here? why they did so.
What should I keep in mind before replying. Please reply asap as I have to reply by tomorrow. Also, confirm how much time Administrative process take?

My profile:
Company: Highly reputed, one of top 50 compny in world
salary- ~12LPA
Experience- 4.5 years

Let me know if u need any other info.
Must repl asap as I have reply them tomorrow.
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B1/B2 Visa Second attempt schedule Jan 2019 seeking expert advice

My B1/B2 Visa got rejected March 2017, company is applied again which is scheduled for Jan 2018.

Here is my previous experience

VO: Passport please
Me: Handed over PP

VO: Where are you travelling
Me: xxx company , city & state

VO: why are you travelling
Me: Have discussion/meetings with My onsite co-ordinator for future client(Was invited by inhouse company in US)

VO: Experience & Salary
Me: 9 Year & xxx / month (falls under 6 digit salary)

VO: Did you ever travel outside India
Me: No

VO: Typing something for long, then handed over 214 b.

I need expert advice this time so that i won't miss the chance this time.

Here are my positives (To prove strong tie to India and other details)
 1. Married and have Kid
 2. My wife works for Govt sector so chance of me staying US less
 3. Wife holds Valid B1/B2 Visa and has travel history of US (Planning vocation if i get one)
 4. Wife sister is US citizen (Can this add value?)
 5. Experience 12 Year, Salary 17lac/annum

I see lot of comments saying you have to show strong connection to home country, Do I need to say all positives before even VO asks personal queries? when is the best time to say all these if they din't asks any of these?

 1. Visa rejected in Mar 2017
 2. Company had applied( though i was reluctant) H1B in 2018, although not picked in lottery (Does VO has all these details, if so it may contradicting to my strong ties to India)
 3. No travel history

Please help me to prove I am genuine and won't stay in US.

Thank you
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Applying B1 VISA First Time

I will apply US B1 VISA for the first time, below is my profile and immigration history.
Please advise me interview preparation and VISA approval possibilities.

Purpose: Visit our group company offices based at MI and TX, to discuss new project involved in export of Auto components from India to US. (I am being the main in charge for this project)
Length of employment: current company 10 months. (Total experience 9 years).

Length of stay in US: 7 Days

Salary: 15,00,000/Year (before TAX)

Position: Deputy Manager-Marketing

Immigration History:
with current employer(xyz) : in last 10 months visited Japan (1 time) hold Japan Business visa valid till 2021. Indonesia(1 time), Thailand(1 times),

With previous employer(abc): Visited Japan (2 times)

Tourism: in 2010 Singapore(1 time), Malaysia(1 time), in 2017 Sri Lanka(1 time).

Origin: India, citizenship Indian

Married: in 2015, blessed with a baby now 8 months old.

Please advise the VISA approval possibilities.

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Can you please help
I have my interview scheduled on Jan first week. My salary is less as compared to my experience and industry standard ( Around 15 Lakh per annum). In this case, Can I show him my bank balance?
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B1 visa
I want to apply B1 Visa and my English is not so good, so can i select Hindi for interview language ?
Many say that if you have applied for a business visa, you should keep the interview in English otherwise the Visa officer thinks that going for business but English does not even know
please advise
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My B1 Visa got rejected at second attempt
I went for the interview on 6th Dec 2018 at chennai where my interview slot at 9.45 am and my visa got rejected. This is my second attempt.

Me: Good Morning Officer
VO: Passport please

Me:(Gave my passport)
VO: He started looking to the system

VO: Why are you travelling? (he had a eye contact )
Me: I'm travelling to attend workshop with our client ABC on XYZ Project

VO:Which company do you work for?
Me: XXX india Pvt Ltd

VO:whats your current Salary?(seeing his screen)
Me: 12 Lahks per annum

VO: What's your Designation?(seeing his screen)
Me: Staff Software Engineer

VO: How long do you stay in US?(seeing his screen)
Me: 1 week

VO: What will you do there? (he had a eye contact )
Me: Its a one week workshop where 3 days with a "Project Name" Product team which covers
       Project scope and project delivery timelines for the new phase of the existing project which starts
      from Jan 2019 and rest of the workshp covers with data analytics team.

VO: (Took a white notice(214 b) and said " your visa can't be approved!

214(b) - strong ties with overseas(like i wont come back to india if i travel)

- I was confident and gave my answers properly.
- I had a proper eye contact with consulate officer

Kindly provide your suggestions to understand why my VISA got rejected.

Thanks in Advance

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B1 Visa granted
I went for the interview on 30 Nov 2018 at Chennai. At my counter, the two others before me were rejected. They were blabbering continuosly when she asked about the purpose of visit. She kept asking multiple questions and finally said "Rejected". I was expecting a rejection as well. The officer asked me to wait, as she said she is going to grab some water. She returned quickly after the break and called me.

Me : Good Morning Officer
VO : Good Morning, show me your passport.

Me : Here is it.
VO : Sir, why are you visiting the US

Me : I explained in short crisp 2 sentence.
I am visiting the xx[my company] US office for integration and deployment of our new marketing platform xx[tool nanme]. I work for xxx's global brand marketing and communications team.

She kept typing. I decided to maintain eye contact and not to lose concentration.

VO : Which city and office

Me : xx's New York Office

VO : Okay..How long you been working with xx[my company]

Me : Only 7 months of tenure with xx. But I have a total 11 years of career experience
VO : What is your highest education

Me : BE, Bachelors in Engineering
VO : Who is paying for the trip

Me : xx india [ i said my India Office name]

VO : Congrats sir your Visa is approved.Have a great trip
Me : Thank you so much officer...

This is my first attempt. My tips for the interview.
- Maintain eye contact
- Do not indulge in loose talks with others in the line
- Follow the instructions given by the employees clearly
- Never lose your concentration to see what is happening in the next counter or what is inside the cabin
- Stand straight, try to have a smile. Remember you are being watched by CCTV
- Be confident, carry all papers with you
- Display your company ID card. The company name and value matters
- You should prove within these 3 minutes that your expertise and career profile makes you the apt person to travel to the US

Good luck everyone...
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B1 Visa rejected Twice - Applying for the third time, Need guidance

I had applied for B1 VISA in Nov 2017 and got rejected. Q&A were as per below

1) Why are you going to the US?
A) To attend requirement gathering and business strategy meeting with client
2) Who is your client?
A) Told the client name
3) How much experience do you have?
A) 5 Years and 3 months
4) What is your designation?
A) Team Leader
5) Have you ever been to out of India for business?
A) No

That's it. Those were pretty straight forward questions. I answered it polietly and up to the point.
No idea why they denied the visa.

I applied again after a month. However, I knew there was high possibility of rejection as I was re-applying within short span.

Below were Q & A of second interview.

1) Why are you going to the US?
A) To attend business strategy meeting with client, I will be going with my colleague who already holds a valid US visa and been there couple of times.
2) Who is your client?
A) Told the client name
3) Is it the same client that you had applied on 6th Nov?
A) Yes
4) Why they are sending you?
A) I am a key person of this project and working on that since long. As I have theoretical idea of most of the module of our application, both my client and management think that it would be great to have me on client's
place to see the real time scenario and discussion of business strategies would be much more effective and productive.
5) What is your salary?
A) 55k/month
6) How much experience with the current organization?
A) 5 years and 4 months
7) What is your designation?
A) Team leader
8) Duration of your visit?
A) 2 Weeks
9) You haven't travel outside India?
A) No

As expected, they denied again.

I have applied again for the third time and my interview is scheduled mid december 2018.
Do you have any input what could be the reason about earlier rejection?
What shoudl I take care of in my next interview. FYI I am still in the same company and applying for the visa to visit the same client.

Any inputs would be valueable for me.
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