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Business Visa - B1

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travel duration
Last time B1 interview(2month back) i got rejected because of my nervousness.

This time i feel enough confident to attend. Can i mention 1 week in DS-160 form instead of 2 would helpful?
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Need some help applying for B1 visa
Hi everyone, has anyone applied for the B1 visa in order to attend an exhibition or a trade show?
I am applying for B1 visa in December for travelling in January to attend CES.

If anyone has applied for this purpose or somewhat similar purpose, please reply. I need some help with answers to some questions. I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance!
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To know the reason for rejection
I have attended VISA Interview on 4th October 2018 at Chennai location. I got rejected.
I am having 5 years of experience in software development.
VO: Good Morning
ME: Good Morning
VO: Passport please
ME: Gave my Passport
VO: Where are you working?
ME: Company name “XYZ”
VO: How long?
ME: 2 Years
VO: What will you do?
ME: I have explained my role as senior software engineer. I have been working in XYZ Project and I will interact with client for technical clarifications.
VO: Who is your client?
ME: Company name “XYZ”
VO: Where are you going?
ME: I have provided client location.
VO: What will you do there?
ME: I will be visiting there to attend project discussion meetings and to know about our client’s product and process and gathering requirements and technical clarifications for new projects.
VO: How long?
ME: 8 weeks
VO: What will you do for 8 weeks?
ME: Already we have delivered X Project. Now they are giving three more projects Y1, Y2, Y3.
I need 2 weeks to understand about their product and process as well. I require 2 weeks for each project to understand the requirement and to clarify technical queries.
Hence for three projects minimum I require 6 weeks and if everything goes well I can come back to India before that.
Then I was waiting for his another question. But he has returned passport and he said he can’t process my visa this time as per 214(b).
Kindly can anyone suggest what mistake I did in this conversation and VO didn’t ask any document. But I am sure I was very confident while answering his questions.
Shall I reapply within this month ?

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Visa approved, 2nd attempt
Free advises: My attempt was not so good and it was rejected.
I had my second attempt for B1/B2 today. It's done.

Do not change the location.
Make some changes in application but should be accurate. Change the look and feel.
Mention the previous Visa rejected/denied if any in application.
Go in time, do not stand in queue. But cannot help if you go to Chennai. Still try to avoid queue. You think.
Stop discussing unnecessary things with neighbors when you are queue. Just go blank, blank, mute.
Prepare the agenda. For a week.
Practice 5times, stand in front of mirror and ask question and answer.

Q1. Where are you traveling
Tell your location
Q2. What's your role and responsibilities
Give best answer
Q3. Purpose of travel?
" To attend business conference, internal meetings and discuss about capacity planning"
Follow the trick- do not wait for follow-up question, say " I have agenda for that".
They will check your paper for 30sec then they keep quiet.
Q4. Your annual salary.
Q5. What exactly you do in your conference.
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Business visa Hyderabad
I have attended recently for B1 visa interview on sep. 11th. Yes, on that very sensitive day for Americans. I am working in Thiruvananthapuram and I wanted to have the interview in Hyderabad because that is my hometown.
 I don't like to wear formals but I did on that day because everyone was saying in this forum about it.

The Consulate was quite orderly managed even though there are hundreds every day visiting for visa. This was my first time going to US consulate in India. Although I attended twice when I was living in Switzerland and both of the times visa was approved.

The interview happened in this manner.

Me: Good morning.
VO: Good morning.

VO: Where are you visiting in US?
Me: ( I did not hear correctly) San Jose, California.

VO: That is okay, why are you going , I mean what is the purpose?
Me: (This time I heard perfectly) To attend the project discussion meeting.

VO: what is your highest qualification?
Me: PhD.

VO: Have you been to US?
Me: Twice. San Diego for conference and second time to Hilo, Hawaii.

VO: Can I see your visas?
Me: I passed my old two passports having one visa stamped on each.

VO: what were you doing for 1 year in US?
Me: I was working for Gemini observatory as optical engineer.

VO: with what visa?
Me: J1.

VO: I know that you are an optical engineer, can you tell me what exactly is your job in the company now?
Me: I design and develop optics for illumination and image capturing for semiconductor wafers. And I have to present this to the engineers there in US.

Thats it. No more questions. He typed for a minute and said "your visa is approved".
I said" Thank you very much".

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Business Visa Chennai - Approved
I had attended the B1 visa interview yesterday i.e 29th Sept 2018 at Chennai Location. Please refer the below mentioned interview questions asked by interviewer.

1) Where are u going in US
2) Why are you going to US
3) Designation ?
4) Which company u r working ?
5) Who is the client ?
6) Why only you ?
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B2 tourist visa

I am living in USA under H4 visa and i invited my brother in law and sister to visit me.
I sent across an invite letter to both asking them to come down and visit me for 10 days. My sister holds UK citizenship so she need not apply for US visa however my brother in law needs to apply for a visa.

He had his visa interview last week in London for B2 visa to USA.

These were the questions asked:

What visa is your sister in law?
When did your sister in law go to USA?
July (year)
Do you own a property in the UK?
Yes( He had the mortgage papers in hand)
How long have you been working for your company?
6 years
Why are you going to USA?
To spend some family time and also enjoy fall in Ohio.

His visa was granted. Wanted to share this experience with others so that it will help them prepare for the interview.

Good luck guys!

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Dear All

Hope everyone is doing well today i had my interview at New Delhi USA Embassy for
B1/B2 Visa

here is the questions and answers i will mention where i feel i mad mistakes

why are you going to United States this is there first question to everyone mostly

Tall Visa Officer smiling face i asked god my number should come to this person only and guess i got him

so here is the interview starts

VO ( why are you going to united states )
Me Tourism & Vaction

he said OK

VO Witch Countries you been before i mentioned
ME Italy Switzerland Austria Netherlands Denmark Sweden Norway France Germany Spain

He Said OK

VO What you do in India
ME Business in details i have few business i mentioned one business in DS160 but here i had mentioned all business that i have ( I think my Mistakes )

He Said OK

after this before the converstion starts i told him do you mind if i say something he said please

and my biggest mistakes i told him i will be going to three countries at one go Canada USA Australia
he said Australia is north i knew this but i through its batter to tell him as i had valid visa for that country and this was truth i was visting Austrlia too AND HE SAID OK

after this he said you did all this countries at One Trip i said yes this is where i feeled i will get rejected

and at the end he said please try next time and i smiled and said thank you i did not ask him real reason neither i told him i have great ties in india

please do suggest when should i apply again what will be good should i go australia first and singpore and then apply or i can give a try again this was just bad luck

i have visited 10 countries
have Valid Canada Visa for 10 years
australia 1 year visa valid
Married have 2 childerns
Business of Toursim Indsutry and hotiler
Incoem tax is good
Bank balance was Fine i think
documents was ok

but he did not asked anythig means anythig i think its pre approved system or they give visa per day to certin perctege of people

please do suggest when i can apply again and anyone who is expert please help me if you can i am writing this in hurry mistkes might happen for more informations please write me
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B1 Visa rejected
I had attended the B1 visa interview yesterday i.e 24th Sept 2018 at Chennai Location. Please refer the below interview details and help me understand where i went wrong.

VO: What is the purpose of your Travel
A: To meet with different stakeholders to discuss about Test planning and to attend Test Strategy meetings.

VO: How long you will be there.
A: 2 weeks

VO: Why it will take two weeks to meet the customers?
A: First week business team will give requirement walkthrough and second week need to meet with different stakeholders to discuss about Test Planning and UAT strategy to inline the Timelines for System testing and UAT testing.

VO: What is your current CTC
A: X amount /annum

VO: Where you come from?
A: My Company Name, Location name

After that she refused my visa application and return me back my passport with the form. I didnt understand what could be the reason for refusal.
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B1 Visa Experience
This is my 2nd attempt of interview with the US consulate for the B1 Visa. I was little nervous as the 1st attempt was unsuccessful.

VO: What is the purpose of the visit?
Me: The main purpose is to have the business meetings and Strategic discussions. I'm having series of meetings with the stake holders and our onsite team management to discuss on the future assignments that I'm going to handle once I'm back to India.

VO: How long is the travel
Me: 1 week

VO: What is your Current Salary?

VO: What is the role of you in the current assignment?
Me: I'm a Lead Consultant having a team in India and I have 5 reportees reporting me, so the present trip is having discussions with the stake holders and once back to India, I need to share the expertise with my team and we need to complete the assignments that came up during my discussions when I was onsite.

Tips; Make sure that you stress on below 3 points
   1. " You will be coming back to India and work from India."
   2. " Keep the trip confined to 1 or 2 weeks in the DS-160 and say the same. Not more than 2 weeks.(My 1st interview went wrong at this place. I mentioned 4 weeks and they will question week by week if they have doubts on the travel and u even need to prepare for that)"
   3. " Keep proper Eye Contact and be confident."
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