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B1/B2 visa interview - approved
Hi all, I had my interview on 5h April and got my visa approved. I have written my full experience in the link below, so please go there and read. It contains some useful tips too.

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B1/B2 visa interview-approved at first attempt
Hi all. Just wanted to share my experience. I was applying for a business tourism visa. I was quite pessimistic due to high number or rejection rates around me, though luckily mine was approved and this forum was a big help so wanted to add my experience to help out future candidates.

VO: hi ma’am
Me: good morning
VO: can I have your passport please
ME: sure
VO: scrolls through my work ex and asks why I left a big brand in very short span of time
Me: gave honest blunt answer since I was not expecting this question though I think the bluntness worked in my favour
VO: ok. So you are a financial analyst?
Me: yes
VO: how many years in this domain?
VO: Current company
Me: almost 2 years
VO: previous travel history
Me: no but I am taking my parents for a vacation to UaE next month. I am carrying the bookings if you would like to see (mention of family in any way is good)
VO: not required. I believe you.
VO: so duration of Us trip
Me: 2 weeks
VO: purpose?
Me: to attend business meetings for some companies that I have been converting since 2 years.i support XYZ in NY. (Highlighting 2 years was a positive)
VO: clarifies name of company
VO: so tel me more about the meetings.Not day by day but what you wil do there
Me: explains the purpose briefly in 2-3 sentences highlighting the importance of meetings
VO: stops me and confirmed couple of times to make sure he was understanding correctly
Me: yes and after returning to India, IL work on the financial models and give investment views based on meetings attended
VO: ok your visa is approved
Me: thank you! Have a great day.

Some things I observed:
if you ar clear on the purpose of the travel and your travel your travel is genuine, it will be easy to convince them. Travel history/ marital status doesn’t matter much if you have genuine travel reason.
I was under the impression that they need to reject some approve some to maintain quotas and around. 12 people in front of me got approved so I thought IL get rejected but realised that if you can convince them, the quota thing doesn’t matter so don’t get nervouus looking at people around you.
 Always smile and be confident but not over confident. Don’t try to be too charming Cz they can see through that.Someone was doing that and got declined.
Try mentioned family and on returning to India IL do this in continuation of the work. Does help.
Should have decent experience in general and with same company so they see value in why you are invited. If you don’t have think of an explanation to this.
Be optimistic. I saw most people getting approved at the kolkata office, rejections were limited. All the best!
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B1 Visa interview on 26th Mar 2019
Date: 26-Mar-2019
Time: 11 AM

VO: Good morning, how is your day sir?
Me: It was good, how about yours?

VO: It was good. Passport please
Me: Provided the passport

VO: Where are you going?
ME: I’m going to Huston and Bartlesville

VO: Where is this place (Bartlesville) ? near Chicago?
ME: Oklahoma

VO: I have never heard of this place. What you will be doing there?
Me: I will be attending business meeting for 1 week in Huston and 2 weeks KT on client specific processes in Bartlesville

VO: What kind of processes?
Me: Explained the process

VO: What did you say that process is?
Me: I have given the information

VO: You are working for XXXXX Company?
Me: Yes

VO: Since how long?
Me: Its been five and half years

VO: Were you in Germany previously?(In D160 i have mentioned it)
Me: Yes, for 6 months

VO: Were you doing same kind of a job there?
Me: No, it was an implementation project and I was lead developer there.

VO: Can I see your invitation letter?
Me: Yes (I have given the invitation letter)

VO: Who is Stacy?
Me: She is our US Manager

VO: I will keep the passport and Invitation letter sir. I need to talk to stacy before I approve your Visa
        Hope she will respond quickly?
Me: Yes

VO: Thank you
Me: Thank you

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My brief history, i did my interview on 19.03.2019
me: morning sir
 vo :good morning , what is the purpose of your trip to DC?
me: sir am curently registered to make a research presentation
vo: who is paying for your trip
Me: my self, but when i come back from usa, my employer will reimburse all my expenditure.
vo: visa approved
Me: thank you sir
my challenge is am surposed to attend the conference that starts on 3 and ends on 7, april 2019.
today is on 1st of Aprl have not received my passport back


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B1 Visa - Approved 1st Attempt
First of all, I would like to mention that the experiences posted on this website were of immense help. It really helped me throughout the interview process.
Visa interview was a pleasant and tensed experience.
I was asked the below questions:
1. Why you want to go?
2. What is your work here in India?
3. How many years are you working here?
4. Where do you work and what does your company do?
5. Why do they want you to go there for an expensive training?

Please keep in mind that you respond very clearly and specific for them to understand that your pure intention to visit US is motive driven. You should be able to convince them that there are ties back in India and would be back once your purpose of visit is fulfilled. Be very confident.

Hope this is helpful!
All the best!

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1st Try - B1 Visa - Approved
A little Blog about my interview, if it helps you - 1st experience at the US B1 Visa Interview

Me: Good Morning Ma’am

Visa Officer : Morning ! Can I have your passport Please

Me: Sure !

VO, goes through my application for a few seconds, Says, New Jersey ! Mmhmmmm !

VO: What is the purpose of your Travel

Me : We have a production Release on 1st of April, So I am going to attend the Release Review Meetings, will monitor the issues and Collect the feedback and Requirements too.

VO: How long do you plan to stay ?

Me: A week

VO: What Is your Designation ?

Me: Lead QA Engineer

VO: How long have you been working with this company?

Me: this is my 4th year

VO: What is your annual Salary ?


VO: Could you come again please, What exactly is your role in this Visit ?

ME: We have worked on a product for 2 years and developed it for Pharmacists our end users so I am going to meet them…(interrupts me and asks the next question)

VO: So, you are going to meet the clients ?

Me: they are our own employees working in the US Office. So I am going to meet these Pharmacists and the Product Owner and gather the feedback/Issues for a smoother release and collect the requirements too for next phase and distribute it to my team here in India.

VO: Alright ! Your Visa is Approved.

Me: Thank you, Have a good Day.
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Need help to understand how to proceed further
Hi All,

I need some help here with respect to next step I should take,

My L1B blanket was rejected last year in July month
My L1B Individual is already applied in last Dec 18
My B1 got rejected in March 19 i.e. this month

My company wants me to again apply for B1, When I should for B1 again.. Please suggest..
I am not sure if this is correct time to apply or not...

Please share your feedback asap, it will be really helpful for me..
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B2 PoE Stamp Instead of B1 on B1/B2 Visa
Hi again,

This was my first time in the US

I entered the US on Feb 23 and at port of entry (PoE), I was asked questions like what is the purpose of travel and when I intend to return; to which I answered Conference and will return back on March 6 after conference. I was even asked Invitation Letter from conference which I showed...Now he gave me the port of entry stamp of admitted with 6 months validity and B2 mentioned...I asked him this is B2 stamp and he said it doesn't matter visa is B1/B2. I returned back on 6th March and I have entry stamp in Zurich, Switzerland and no exit stamp from the US...

I know US doesn't do exit stamps, however, all I wanna ask if this B2 stamp at PoE will cause any problem in future entry, even though I entered on B1...I have no idea why he gave me B2...

To people I have talked to say, since he was giving me 6 months entry thats why B2 was given, B1 entries tend to be shorter than 6 months
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B1 Visa approved @ Hyderabad consulate 1st attempt
First of all Sincere Thanks to this forum!! It helped me a lot to clear the interview.

My B1 Visa interview time was 9:00 am . So I reached there by 8:45 am. But still the Queue was very long at the main entrance door. We are not suppose to carry luggages/executives bags etc. Only the required documents are allowed. (There will be lock box facilities outside the consulate run by the local shops. We can handover them for a ordinary nominal charge). So dont enter the consulate at the last moment. It will be good if you reach the main security entrance 30 mins before.

I wore my company Id visible.

Though I prepared a lot for my interview through this forum, I could not correctly answer to the VO questions as it was my first attempt. VO was an young lady. I was struggling internally as what to answer for what question. As the 'Purpose of interview' was same as ' whats the need to travel now'.

Me: Good Morning madam!! with a smile
VO: (No response, no smile!!)Why do you visit US?
Me: For Business Review meeting and technical discussion on X, Y, Z tools
    When I was about to finish the word 'Review Meeting', VO immediately asked , 'What review meeting', so I answered I will me meeting the Business leaders & technical team on the tool). She didnt looked at me as she was typing some thing.
VO: Whats your role in this meeting?
Me: I was lil confused between my designation & role and told my as XXX and I am an S/W engineer (Suddenly she looked at me as whether I am speaking with face to face or
    maintaining eye contact). I too was giving proper eye to eye discussion though she didnt maintain eye to eye contact.
VO: How long are you in ths current company?
Me: 5 yrs 7 months
VO: Could you help me understand again the reason on this discussion as what you will you do over there?
Me: I clearly told that next month April 2nd week we have production release, last time production release we faced issues, so I will be travelling to give/get updates on the
     issues and I clearly mention that I WILL RETURN BACK TO INDIA TO PROVIDE THE MEETING/DISCUSSIONS RESOLUTION POINTS TO THE TEAM, so that the next coming production release will be smooth.
VO: Are you an team supervisior ?
ME: I am a team lead ( though I was not a team lead :-) )
VO: how long are you in this organisation?
ME: I told 5 years 7 months
VO: Is your company a Finance related organisation?
ME: No, My project is finance related project. Its an Insurance project.
VO: Are you married?
ME: Yes I am married
VO: Who will bear the expense of the trip?
ME: My Company
VO: Your Visa is approved sir
ME: Thank you madam!!

My observation: The first 30 seconds info to VO is vital. Mostly it will be related to 'Purpose of travel'.
                       The way of representation is more important. If its short & crisp it will be good
                      Since its B1 Visa, they may be looking for experienced persons with more number of
                      years in the same company. They should feel that you should return back to India.
                     Also if you are married and if you are travelling alone, chances of returning
                     back India will be more because of your family.They didnt ask me any document.

                I started preparing for interview only a week before through this forum. Wishing you all the
                 best guys!!
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B1 Visa rejected 03/0*/2019

Why are you going ?
To attend the business meeting with company stakeholder and customer in state1 and state2 . (Should have added locations)
Were you on L visa before ?
Yes mam (I could have added yes but that visa was applied 9years ago and expired.) kept mum to keep is discrete. I never thought she will take this as negative. I felt she never looked into system to look at my travel history.
Anyone else from your company travelling with you ?
No, I am the only one travelling.
How long you have been with current company ?
Close to 1 year (I could have added total 1*years experience)
What is your salary ?
2*lakhs per annum before taxes and provident fund deductions.
How many days you are travelling ?
I will be travelling for 10 business days and total of 14 days.
What you do ? What is your title?
I am software architect and i help customer of my company to design software systems.
What is the agenda ?
Given the agenda where everything was business meetings and requirement overview.Told about ** builds HVAC, building, industrial requirements and this project is about document managements. And we manage those documents based on approval system etc. I am going for this project where we will be reviewing two departments requirements around the document managements.
Why you ?
I have been working on one project which is finished. We are into requirement details of second project and I have asked to go for betterment of the project due to knowledge acquired by me from previous project.
What will be the outcome ? Once you come back what happens?
I as architect i will prepares blue print of the design and then project goes into implementation. (I could have said then blue prints will be passed to project manager who will look into new schedule).

Then finally Sorry you are not eligible for this visa.

Do you think it could have been anything different ? Please help me for future applications in case applied.
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