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B1 Approved
A very big thank to this forum which helped me to cack the interview after first rejection.

First Interview
Location delhi
 June 2018
Attire: Jens and white shirt (casual)
I started feeling nervous while seating in waiting area because of hype which was created by my colleagues.

After Entering the building and while standing in the queue I dropped a few paper out of my document bunch(Which is another sign of nervousness)

Finally I was called out.
VO: what the purpose of you visit
Me: It's project kick off meeting
VO: are you traveling alone
Me: Yes
VO: are you traveling alone(again)
ME: Yes
VO: why your company chose you
Me: Because I am the architect of the project and I have been working on this project for the past 2-3 months.(bit fumbled)
VO: have travelled before
ME Yes,
VO Where
ME: Switzerland
VO: I can't Approve your application.

Second Interview
after six months
Location Delhi
Attire: formals Shirt trouser along with my I card.(Since you are applying for business visa it make sense to pay attention to how you are presenting yourself)

This time I was fully prepared, almost of month of practice of questions answers with my friends and sometime in front of mirror, which helped me to stay positive and focused.

I was relaxed while waiting for my turn and I also started talking to people seating next me which helped me to stay clam till the time I reached inside the building. Though I was feeling nervous but kept on talking to the people which again helped.

Finally I was called out:
VO: How long have you been associated with your organization,
Me: 6 Years 8 Months
VO: What's the purpose of visit
ME: My company has recently acquired the support contract of xyz company and I am going their to understand support structure, Application landscape and how it is supported. which I further need to explain to my team in India who is supposed to start functioning from next month.
Here is the travel itinerary (Which I handed over to him) just in case you need it for reference. first three days are reserved for meetings with technical SMEs followed by datacentre visits.

VO: (Kept on typing)what's your monthly income
Me: xxx with monthly bonus and perks
VO: Why your company chose you.
Me: Because I have 11 years of experience in different vertical of IT and I am also certified in three technologies. Its hard for a company to find person who is proficient in multiple technologies.
VO: Are you traveling alone.
Me: Yes
VO: OK, I am approving your application enjoy your trip.




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B1 visa got rejected at delhi
VO - why are u going to us
Me- we are deploying a special engine for light commercial boats in us .
This trip is about testing this engine and getting a certification for manufacturing and sale.
VO - For how long
Me one week
VO salary annually
Me 10 lakes
VO company experience
Me 5 years
That's all and he reject
plz tell me what's wrong with visa officer why he reject me
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b1/b2 from ksa
I am 24 yr old Pakistani living in KSA. I have lived here all my life. I am selected for a fully funded 10-day training program in USA and I have applied for B1/b2 visa my salary is not really impressive and I am working for the last 9 months. however, I live with my entire family here. what do u guys think r my chances and I have been refused visa once 2 years ago.
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Swift and Easy - Approved
After going through this forum and talking to some of my relatives in US, I was nervous and anxious.
Gave my Interview in Mumbai.
Got the day rescheduled as my travel plan was 2 after the interview schedule date.

Went before time.
Had to wait in the long queue. Went inside after all formalities.
Had to wait for almost 45 mins in the waiting area.
Then was directed into a building, where again had to wait for more than 30 mins.
The interview was scheduled at 8:45 AM, but started at 10:45 (nearly)

VO: Passport Please
Me: Gave the passport

VO: What is the purpose of visit?
Me: Business Meetings

VO: What area you work on
Me: I am into Software and work as Project Manager

VO: What is the meeting about?
Me: Explained (i fumbled a little - was nervous)

VO: Who is your client?
Me: Gave a couple of names (most people on earth wants to work for them)

VO: Raised his brow and looked at me and said: your Visa is approved

Total interview time: around 120 sec
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B1/B2 Reject
My visa got rejected. Can someone tell me what went wrong? At the end I got a 214b.

VO: Purpose of visit?
ME: Will be traveling for Business meetings and trainings.

VO: Duration of visit?
ME: 14 days.

VO: Where will you be visiting?
ME: Seattle

VO: What is your salary?
ME: 13 LPA post taxes

VO: Which other countries have you visited?
ME: Netherlands and Belgium

VO: Are you married or single
ME: Single

VO: Sorry but we will not be able to approve your visa.
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B1/B2 Visa Application
Today once again B1/B2 visa application was rejected for my closed one.
last year he applied and faced rejection. this year again he applied and got rejected. he was planning to attend a conference by a well known IT Product company. the consular did not look for the papers, just asked following question:

Which company are you working for?
why are you going?
have you ever been to USA?

then just rejected. Upon asking why he has rejected, he simply said you should have applied for a different category of visa.

He is not the only one being sent to attend the conference. His other colleagues are well going. Last year as well, visa for his colleague in the same visa category was approved for the same purpose.

Any body has any insight to share what is wrong in our case?
Do they go for frequent travellers only?
Should we also plan to travel to another country on our personal expense to earn repo in the eyes of consular that he is a frequent traveller?
Which countries should matter in context of successful US Visa stamping?
Seems no logic to us.
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B1visa rejection 214(B)
Hi Everyone,

I have gone through my VI at 11.00AM, IST today. I have given questions and answers below,

ME: Good Afternoon mam, How are you?

VO: Yes, Please provide passport

ME: Given Passport

VO: Why are going to USA?

ME: I am going to attend business strategies planning and client meetings

VO: What is your salary?

ME: 8.40Lakhs/Annum

VO: Whats your experience in current company?

ME: Its around 6+Yrs in this company.

VO: Why its 6 Weeks stay in USA?

ME: Its mentioned 6 Weeks in the application but its hardly 3 or 4 weeks only Even I got 4weeks invitation only form company.

VO: After 6yrs why are they sending you now?

ME; i have started to work with this client 2yrs onwards. So the client wants to meet some one from India team. So i represent myself.

VO: Sorry sir i have to reject this time and given 214b

Can anyone please advise how to avoid 214b in my case. Please also tell me that when can i reapply the B1visa from now
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B1/B2 Visa Approved-US Consulate-Hyderabad
On 25-04-2019 @ 11 AM

Hi there, I would like to thank all of them who posted their experiences on Immihelp.
It helped me a lot. This how it went of mine.

ME: Good morning sir.
(Greeted with smile and Kept my folder conveniently in front of me with invitation letter on top of it)
VO: Good morning. Give me the passport. Hold please.
(Saw my passport, checking something on screen then typed something for few seconds. I am inside little tensed like whats going on)

VO: Which company you are working for.
ME: Said my company name.

VO: What is your designation.
ME: Senior ABC engineer.

VO: Why they are sending you to US.
ME: We are working on ABC designs for XYZ and ZYX. Our client changing design methods and specifications. So i have to collect all those new requirements.
(He is typing something and looked at me couple of times)

VO: How long you will be in US.
ME: 6 weeks.(I said same what i have mentioned in DS-160)

VO: Why you need 6 weeks.(Asked little surprisingly)
ME: I need to meet different project engineers on multiple projects. For safe side our client asked me to come down for 6 weeks. To my knowledge i can catch up the things in 3-4 weeks of time.
(While saying he is just looking at me after that typed something)

VO: Are you travelling alone.
ME: Yes.

VO: How long you have been working with present company.
ME: 3 years.

VO: Alright. Approved your Visa.
ME: Thank you sir.
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B1-B2 Approved- US Consulate, BKC, Mumbai
Biometrics held on 18th April 2019 & Interview on 23rd April 2019.

Appointment was scheduled on 10:00AM but I reached by 9:45AM as I was alone & didn't carry mobile with me(No provision to keep your belongings in vicinity).

The office is crowded like any other Indian Government Offices. So my interview turn was by 11:00 AM. I can hardly hear the conversation between Officer & the guy before me, who's interview was going on & had got the scholarship from US University. For some question, he answered, "I don't know exactly..." & His Visa was rejected. I couldn't make out exact reason as I could hardly hear something.

On my turn, I greeted her nicely & I felt that the officer was in happy & in charming mood.
Then the conversation is as below:
Q1: What is the purpose of your travel?
A: I have explained it in 2 lines that it is regarding business but more of technical understanding about product.
Q2: Type of product?
A: explained in 1 line.
Q3: What is your exact role in your company & how important you are for this project/meeting?
A: I have explained briefly & trying to show her product released documents but she refused to see ( In between, I was willing to show my wedding card to show that I am single).
Q4: Where did you travel before this?
A: Italy & Thailand, both for business.
Q5: What was the duration?
A: told as per the Visa stamps on passport (My duration to stay there was less than a month).
Q6: So I think you will be returning soon back to India.
A: Yes, definitely.
Q7: Your Visa is approved & you will get it within 2-5 days.
A: Yuppie, Thanks a lot & have a good day!
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Visa appointment dates
i got an appointment on June but I would like to check for earlier month around may, how do I keep on tracking the available dates? Is it possible that I get earlier dates ? Do I need to reschedule dates every time to check the availability for May ?
Please help me
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