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Business Visa - B1

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B1 Visa Rejected - Hyderabad
Q1 : Why are you travelling to Illinois?
              Ans: I am going to attend business meetings. (Confidently)
              Q2 : Have you been ever to any other country?
              Ans : No.
              Q3 : You are working with YASH Technologies? Am I Correct?
              Ans: Yes
              Q4 : How long you’ve been associated with YASH Technologies?
              Ans: 1 Years and 8 months
              Q5 : For how long you are going to be in Illinois?
              Ans: For 2 weeks
              Q6 : What do you think is the accomplishment of your trip?
              Ans: We are going to discuss on the future enhancements of our application.
              Then suddenly, she starts typing for a minute or two and handed over me 214B form, Passport and my Invitation letter by quoting “Unfortunately Sir, You’re not eligible for the Business Visa as of now. Please take this 214B form and have a nice day.” To which I replied “Thanks, Have a nice day!”

              I exited the consulate by 09:40 am.
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Q1: Purpose of Visit
Explained in 2-3 sentences

Q2:Have you travelled to any other countries
Yes.I have travelled to UK for a period of 11 months

Q3:What were you doing for 11 months
I was doing a similar assignment as per my role there

Sorrrrry ...... they issued me 214 (b)

Please can any one help me how can I reapply my VISA

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B1 Visa at US Consulate, Chennai - Approved
Interview time was at 11:45am, today, 1st Feb 2019.

I reached the venue at 10:50am itself, just to get the feel of the place, my perseverance and the people.

A pretty decent crowd was there today - few singles, few families, few spouses alone, few coat-suits, few formals and few casuals.

The questions from the VO were very sharp and short. I too answered them without any fumble and in brief. Wherever she thought my explanation was fine, she stopped me. The interview did not even last for 90 secs, I was approved.

While from my experience, I can definitely say that our approval is 50% ours and 50% of the other who is interviewing us. My VO was a very pleasant lady, was asking questions in a very polite manner, she never hurried on me on anything. I was patiently answering them and it was very timid interview.

The only people who rushed me was our Indian securities (overdoing) their duties, like they were hurrying us on everywhere - Scan check, biometric, etc.

Good luck to everyone who are appearing for the interview.

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B1 Visa approved
Interviewed on: 31/01/2019

You need not wear the formals. Look decent. Be confident and be prepared to answer the possible questions.

Me: Good morning, officer
VO: Good morning. Where have you been to Europe?(as I had stamping in my visa earlier)
Me: I have been to XXX for a conference for a period of X days.
VO: Why are you going to California?
Me: To attend a business meeting with our XXX(company) stakeholders
VO: What is XXX(company) to yours?
Me: It is a partner for us.
VO: How long are you planning to stay there?
Me: 14 working days
VO: What is the weekly agenda?
Me: Mentioning the project details with the agenda.(stopped me)
VO: And said have a nice trip to US :)
Me: Thank you :)
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B1 Visa rejection at Hyderabad
I had applied for B1 last year, the interview was at Hyderabad consulate. It got rejected. Now i want to apply for it again but the dates are not suitable for me at Hyderabad, i need an early appointment. I am thinking of applying from New Delhi. Would this situation affect the interview result? The reason for changing location is not because i want to try different consulate, its just i need an early appointment. Please advise.
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B1 Visa
 My previous B1 got expired two years ago so I went through the regular process and had a weird experience in my b1 processing this time which put me in dark. I attended the VISA interview on 17 Jan 19 and VO took my passport and confirmed that Visa has been approved. Now the twist started. I got my passport back two days ago without stamping. I have reached out to support team and also checked the website, the status shows administrative processing. Another strange thing is the case was created on the day of my biometric which is 3 days before my actual interview. I am wondering why admin. Processing and why they returned my passport while case put under processing. In fact, I am a frequent traveler, around 10 major country visa stamping on my passport includes US B1 and L1 expired visas. Anybody know the process, please help.
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Why Why B1
Background: I studied my MSc in France and BSc in UK and I worked in Switzerland for close to 2 years with big European Company before I moved to India in 2013 where I changed jobs quickly and till April 2016 I was almost with 4th employer in India (5 companies in 6 years). I am 30 years old single male. I have Canadian Permanent Residence since Sep 2017

I applied for B1 in April 2016 with my then employer. I was denied on 214b (was stammering as I was nervous). At that time my Salary was 14 LPA and experience of 6 years. I have changed my employer couple of time till April 2016 and I have worked with that employer for around 1 year 4 months when they applied for my B1.

Now coming to Today, same European company which hired me in Switzerland also hired me in India (I have been working since Nov 2016 with this company in India) and sent me 3-4 times to Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden). I have been personally Europe as well (France, Netherlands), Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai.

I make close to 25 Lacs Per Annum now.

Today was so abrupt I dont know why US VOs hate me

Me: Good Morning
VO: Give Me your passport

Keeps Looking at the Computer Typing something

VO: What is your destination: Washington DC
VO: Destination?
Me: Washington DC
VO: Destination?
Me: Big Conference (Gave the name) in Washington DC

VO: What is your Designation
Me: Manager

VO: Does anything after Manager
Me: No

VO: Do you supervise people
Me: No, however, I am in Project Management Role

VO: Which countries you have been to with this company
Me: Gave the name of EU countries I have been with this company

VO: Are you single?
Me: Yes

VO: Do you have anyone in Europe (Friend, Girl Friend, Relative, Anyone?)
Me: No, not at all

VO: What you will do in US
Me: Attend Conference and one meeting prior to conference

VO: Is there any agenda for the conference?
Me: Its a very big conference, I dont have an agenda, however, I have the invitation letter

VO: Show me
Me: Showed

VO: I need Agenda not invitation letter

Typing, Typing, Typing, Typing, Typing (2-3 minutes) I thought she was looking reasons to reject me.

VO: We cannot approve your visa

What is the reason for her rejection, I wonder?

Salary? No I am def above average

Manager, still no one reports? Aren't they aware of Individual Contributor roles!

Travel History: Very high, Cannot see this as reason

Me being single? Yes may be!

Could Canada PR be the reason? Although nothing was asked about this!

Didn't have agenda for Conference or meetings, may be

No relatives or friends in US...I still ponder....I have got two rejections now one in April 2016 and another in Jan 2019...Now my company wants to apply again in Feb 2019....Wonder what they will do now!

My company is one of the biggest companies in World (hiring close to 50,000 people in US)
50,000 in Europe
100,000 in RoW
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B1 Visa approved
Interviewed on: 23/01/2019
It is all bout you confidence and how you answer. carry a smile on your face. Don't have to wear formals, but be decent. Its always a good idea to prepare for all possible questions.

VO: Good morning, sir
ME: Good Morning , sir (wished to each other, almost at same time)

VO: What is you company.... who(stuttered)
ME: Sorry sir..

VO: Sorry, what is the purpose of your visit?
ME: To attend business meetings with company on present and upcoming projects in state, city.

VO: What is your annual package?
ME: XX LPA before Tax and PF deductions

VO: How long are you going to stay in USA?
ME: 3 weeks, which is close to 13 working days

VO: Congrats, your visa is approved!
ME: Thanks

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I-130 petition processing time
I am a US citizen and i applied for I-130 petition for my parents, does anyone know how long it takes now in Chicago ?
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Second attempt B1 Visa approved (15-01-19)
My visa was rejected in June 2018 in CHENNAI and company has re-applied last month, here is my experience.

1. Your physical attire matter most, be pleasant
2. Prepare, prepare & prepare. This can boost you confidence level to answer without flubbing
3. Have a smile, no matter approved or rejected.
4. Do not show your desperation for VISA by over answering queries. Answer should be crisp and precise

VO: Good morning
ME: Good morning ma'm
VO: Passport please
ME: Sure ma'm
VO: Why are you travelling
ME: Business meetings, can elaborate more on this ma'm if you wish.
VO: Thats fine

VO: You work in XX company
ME: Yes ma'm
VO: What is annual package
ME: XX per year
VO: Anybody reports to you
ME: Yes ma'm handling team of 5 member
VO: Are you married
ME: Yes ma'm, have 2 year old daughter
VO: Can you say why exactly you want to travel
ME: Started briefing about my client, what they do, what we do for them & why they need me...
VO: (Interrupted) oh don't need so much details, you are traveling for
ME: Requirement gathering to be precise
VO: (Left) asked me to wait
ME: Was waiting. no looking at side, peeking.. was straight
VO: Came back and started typing for minutes

VO: Your VISA approved, have a great journey sir
ME: Thank you, have great day ma'm.

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