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Business Visa - B1

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B1 Visa Rejected in New Delhi
Dear All,

I applied for B1 Visa and my Interview was scheduled on 21st November in New Delhi.


Me: Good Morning

VO: Good Morning, passport please

Me: Handed over the passport

VO: Why do you want to go to USA?

Me: Explained about the business conference

VO: Where are you travelling?

Me: Atlanta

VO: What's the conference about ?

Me: Explained about the conference.

VO: continued typing something and said you are not eligible handed me 214b.

I have 6 years of experience and have done master's.

I have no clue what went wrong.

Any comments are welcome.

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About B1 Visa
Dear All,

I'm applying for B1 Visa for attending one business conference and training. Previously I got UK BV for 6 months. I have stayed there in UK for 85 days due to various management decisions.The person who has to come over and take care of the remaining training/KT is unable to join at that time . Hence I was asked to stay for 1 more month to finish the entire training and KT.

I have 8 years of industry exp.Working 2 years in the same company . applying for just 10 days to US .

Is there any issue based on my travel history to getting a visa / What can I give the justification . Please suggest me if consulate ask me about the travel history . what should I say?
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B1 Visa Experience
Hi All,

First of all thanks to this forum ,I applied for U.S Visa & Got selected on 16th November.

Questions :

VO:Hi good morning ! How are you ?

ME: Hi good morning , I am good and how about you ?

VO: Good .What type of Visa you have applied for ?

Me:B1 business visa

VO:ok.since how long you are with your current company?

Me: 2+ years

VO:ok .why you are going to US

Me:To attend business meetings

VO:What tye of business meetings you are going to attend ?

Me:i explained the type of business

VO:What is your current salary?

Me:*** PA

VO:can you show me your payslips?

Me: showed.

VO:He took my passport

From my experience i came to know just be confident and don't make false statements .

All the best .
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B1 Visa rejected

It was my first time, I applied for U.S. Visa & got rejected.
I had applied direct without any consultant guidance.
My present company had planned to sponsor trip & had a valid U.S. invitation letter.
I have been working in my present firm for more than 4 years.

ME: Good morning!!

VO: No replies. Passport Please.

ME: Tried providing Passport along with U.S. invitation letter.

VO: Only Passport

ME: OK (Only provided Passport)

VO: Have you been applied for Visa earlier

ME: No

VO: What is you Salary??

ME: $500

VO: Why in dollars??

ME: Since applying for U.S. Visa. In INR it comes to approximate 30K

VO: Look computer screen & type something for couple of secs.

VO: Your Visa has been disqualified. Good luck.

Officer didn't ask for any documents for verification.

Can anyone help me with reason for rejection.

Being first time, I was not familiar with Form DS-160, and had fail to mentioned my complete stay details in U.S., came into my notice later- referring immihelp website

Please guide, when can I re-apply.

Also, is it OK if we ask VO actual reason to be qualified same movement in polite manner, since $160 is hard earned money.

Do we get a chance to talk with VO, and can he revise his statement, if we provide him sufficient valid proofs/ documents.
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B1 VISA Approved
Hi All,

First of all, this is a great forum to share experiences! Really appreciate the creators.

I'd like to share my experience of the US VISA application. This was my first time and thankfully, it was approved.

Here's the excerpt of the interview:

VO: Passport please
Me: Sure

VO: Why do you want to go to the United States?
Me: Business Meetings

VO: Where are you going in the United States?
Me: Palo Alto, California

VO: How many days will you be there?
Me: 15 days

VO: What do you do here?
Me: I run my own Software Services Business (stuttering)

VO: What is your personal annual income?
Me: xxx

VO: Why 15 days?
Me: There are a lot of new features coming in for our product, so, a lot of meetings and a tight schedule.

VO: Have you been to the United States before?
Me: No ma'am.

VO: Your VISA has been approved! Thank you and have a pleasant travel to the United States!
Me: Thank you ma'am.

It was so quick! Didn't even realize that I was there before I was out of the consulate.

The key thing here is that I was extremely well prepared, confident and up to the point. Didn't go on rambling about what I'd be doing there and so on.

I was still a little pessimistic after my stuttering (god knows why I stuttered when I answered all the other questions properly!) and I had not entered some details in the DS-160 form.

My advice is, be well prepared, carry all the necessary documents, have a couple of mock interviews with your peers, have a list of expected questions and answer them, practise the answers to be crisp and clear.

Most importantly though, be calm & have the right intentions, there's no reason why you wouldn't get an approval.

Your anxiety definitely rubs off on how you perform in the interview. Don't worry about the consequences, it's not a big deal if you don't get it the first time, don't be desperate.

PS: There's a lot of negative hype about this process but I found it extremely clean and clear. The VISA officers are smart people, well trained, objective and they can understand or at least try to guess your intentions correctly most of the time. Be honest and things will work out.

Good luck!
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B1/B2 Visa approved for both myself and spouse for 10 yrs
Hi All,

I had a B2 visa rejection in Jan-2017 applied from Hyderabad. I have applied again on November 6th, 2018 this time in Mumbai on B1/B2 category as I had to attend a conference of a prestigious international organisation in US. Here is how my interview went:

VO: Passports please!
Me: Given

VO: Where are you travelling to in US?
Me: Washington, D.C

VO: In what context are you travelling to US?
Me: Started explaining the purpose and he cut me off after just 1 sentence

VO to my spouse: What do you do?
My spouse: I am a home maker

VO started typing for 30 secs, then he left his seat for 5mins. I felt that he is bringing some letter for rejecting my visa, as he didnt ask me much questions. And then he was back

VO: Where do you stay?
Me: In Nagpur, Maharashtra

VO: Why did you apply from Hyderabad previously?
My spouse: My parents stay in hyderabad and we were there at that time

VO: Types for some time and says your Visa is approved, please leave

I was shell shocked to hear those words ask expected VO to ask my letter of invitation, questions on sponsorship, duration of stay and everything. But there was none, just four questions and bam! Visa approved.

After my rejection in 2017, I travelled to Sweden and Denmark to attend another prestigious conference. I work for a govt PSU and we had a pay revision because of which my salary increased. I also applied for B1/B2 category which gave me a chance to explain my work and I had a conference to attend which I think are reasons for my visa. Interestingly, I applied for B2 visa for my spouse and even she got B1/B2 for 10 years.

Thanks to all those who took time to post in this forum. Really helped me in my preparation!
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B1 Visa-approved, Hyderabad

First of all thanks to Immihelp which helped me to build confidence.

Here is my experience.

Date of interview: 8th November, Hyderabad

Me: Good Morning with smile
VO: Good morning. Passport?
Me: Given the passport
VO: So where you are going?
Me: told the company address where i am going travel
VO: Visa type
Me: Business visa
VO: how many days?
Me: 2 weeks including my travel
VO: company name?
Me: xxx
Vo: What is your company do?
Me: explained about my company details
Vo: so are you going for training?
Me: No. I am going to meet xxxx person to and discuss about the product.
VO: experience in the current company?
Me: 4 months but before joining here i had 7 years of experience in xxx field.
VO: current role?
Me: xxxx
VO: Previous travel experience to outside India?
Me: i have been to Philippines from my previous company
VO: How about Philippines and my role in that business travel?
Me: Explained what i have done
VO: Annual Salary?
Me: xxxx PA
VO: Your visa is approved.
Me: Thanks a lot. Have a good day.

My observation during this entire process once we enter in to Consulate to the interview panel:
 Be confident while you are answering and don't be too serious. Don't focus on what documents others are carrying. Be focus on the purpose you are there try to avoid chit chatting with other persons. Make sure that what ever you are answering it should be in line with what you have filled in DS 160.

Documents to be carried: Passport, supporting letters from current organization for your travel, supporting documents as per DS 160.

no documents asked during my interview but carry all the docs as per DS 160 for safer side.

All the best.

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B1 Visa- Approved 1st Attempt - Mumbai
I had my interview on 1st Nov in Mumbai Consulate. Just one thing to share here.... Be honest and be confident... I know its difficult at the time os interview but trust me if you have good intent you can clear this with ease..

Here is my experience....

VO : Good Afternoon

Me: Good Afternoon Mam!

VO: Where in US are you travelling to?

Me: New York

VO: What's the purpose of travel?

Me: For getting trained in US for xxxxxx Industry and to meet and consult the business associates who are experts in US office.

Vo: What role do you have in your current organization?

Me: I am QA lead handling team of 2 people.

Vo: What are your responsibilities?

Me: I do testing (Both Manual and Automation). Track the project growth and help my juniors and assign work to them. I also review test scenarios and help my company to deliver products without any bugs.

Vo: What were you doing before joining this company?

Me: I was working in xxxxxxxxx for more than 8 years as QA tech lead.

VO: Have you travelled aboard for business purpose?

Me: Yes i have been to London for almost 10 months on Intra company transfer Visa.

Vo: Any other places?

Me: Yes Mam, I have travelled to Singapore and Malaysia for my honeymoon, But i have not mentioned it in my DS-160 form as it was 6 years ago (In form it was asked travel history of last 5 years)

Vo: Do you have family here?

Me: Yes Mam, I have Mother, Wife and 2 Sons.

VO: OK!! I am issuing you the visa it will take 2-3 business days.

Me: Thank you mam.... Have a Nice Day Ahead!!

VO: You Too... Have a Safe trip... enjoy the US stay....

In between she was typing for almost 3-4 minutes in whole interview Process.... Whole interview went for around 7-8 minutes....

No single document asked....
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B1 Visa approval
Thanks to this forum, it helped me to prepare for the b1 Visa interview.

I had my interview on Nov 05, 2018 in Chennai consulate, mine was early morning slot and I am 2nd person to interviewed. I was nervous, as the interviwer gave 214 (b) to the candidate before me.

The following are the questions that were asked.

Hi sir, good morning --> please handover the documents
Good morning, gave my passport, application and confirmation forms (stamped after the biometrics)

What is the purpose of travelling?
To attend a conference

Where is it being held?
San Diego

Who are sponsoring your trip?
Said my organisation name

On which dates the conference is being conducted?
Told the dates (the interviwer cross checking dates in both ds 160 and internet), so be sure the information you are providing should be correct and same as ds 160

What's your designation?
Said as written in Ds160

What is current salary per year?

What organisation your are working for?
xxxx company

How will the conference benefits you?
Told him the importance of conference and our client requirement, and how my knowledge on that area can help our client for better decisions.

Ok sir, this time your are allowed to visit the conference have a nice day.

One thing I observed while standing in the queue, be confident, and thorough through your ds 160 form.

They haven't asked me any supporting documents (even though I was carrying them)

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I need urgent help
I will be going for interview on 7 of a church conference..pls which question will dey ask me ...plss urgent reply..thanks
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