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Lost EAD
I just lost my renewed EAD. Please how do I apply to replace it?
Is it like applying for a new one again?
Do I have to submit both EAD and Advanced parole application?
Do I have to pay application fee even with a pending I-485?
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How to expedite EAD filed under I-485 (EB1)
Hi everyone, please help me with my situation. My EAD expires on March 11, 2021
My husband's L1 extension was filed in September end 2020 (before premium processing was announced), alongwith my L2 and EAD. All are in process and given the current situation and timeline, i dont expect any movement on my EAD
Our 1-485 was filed on Oct 31, 2020 alongwith its EAD under EB1 category - currently, it says 4 to 9 months timeline, already more than 2.5 months have passed. Is there any way i can ask for expedite of EAD filed under i-485? Please tell me what i can do? I have lost all hopes of getting my L2-EAD for the next 6 months and i think the only option is to expedite my i-485 EAD, Please guide me - thanks a lot !
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EAD Renewal Approved
Hi Everyone,

I-130 & I-485 PD: 09/17/2019 (Married to LPR. Houston, TX).
I-485 Status "Ready to schedule an interview" since June 2020.

Current EAD / AP Expires in Early April 2021
I-765 & I-131 Renewal sent on 11/11/2020 and received by USCIS on 11/16/2020.
Receipt in the mail in about 3 Weeks later case received.
I-765 Card is produced and will be mailed online notification 01/19/2021

Hopefully, the Interview should schedule in the upcoming months.

Thank You!
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EAD card produced
Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for all your help. I married a US citizen and filed i-485, i-765, i-131, i-130 on 2/24/2020. After a long 11 months waiting on the EAD card and a bunch of calls, today 1/15/21, the status finally changed to “New card being produced”. The status never changed to approved or anything. I’m not sure why. Do you know how long it would take for them to mail the card?

Thank you!
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EAD expiring jan 2021
hello everybody ,

I have filed my EAD a month ago already but have not got any receipt from USCIS , and my EAD is EXPIRING on this coming JAN 2021 .
will it effect my status if they approved later than this date or does not approve at all .
i40 approved
i485 waiting on interview or green card approval
PD MAY 27 2019
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L1 Extension and L2 EAD Extension Premium Processing
Hello Friends,

We have to go for L1 Extension and L2 EAD Extension in a few months. Could you please answer my questions:

1) There was a bill passed, I think, last year to avail premium processing for L1 Extensions. Is this feature available being allowed now for user to avail premium processing for L1/L2 Visa Extension?

2) Can we avail premium processing for L2 EAD Extension as well?

3) Can we submit application for extension of both Visa and EAD together at the same time? Or Visa has to be extended and only then we have to submit a different application for EAD

Request you to help us.

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I sent in my card before may 16. , 2020 because it was expired that day . Uscis sent me a extension for my work permit while I wait for new one . My case updated online saying finger prints taken on July . Now my extension expired in November. No new updates on case or no new card. I need help I don’t kno what to do but I want to return to work it’s now January and no new info it’s past the 6 month mark for new card . Also waiting for my green card interview
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Newark- NJ PD July 2020
My PD is July 2020 and I'm married to a USC. My concern is that I didn't receive my EAD & SSN cards yet... noting that I did my biometric on November 30. I called and they said you have to wait 9 months from July 2020.... is that true ? cause I see other people getting it way earlier than that.

Please advice
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EAD pending for 300 days
Hi everyone,

I married to US citizen. I filed at the National Benefits Center. My timeline is below:
2/24/20: Application received by USCIS (i-130, i-131, i-485, i-765)
4/1/2020: Biometric cancelled
9/24/2020: Outside processing time request for i-765
10/16/2020: Second Outside processing time request for i/765
10/20/2020: Biometric taken for i-485 and i-765
11/9/2020: Biometric taken for i-131
12/7/2020: Expedite request for i-765
12/10/2020: USCIS request for additional info for expedite request

Ever since, I’ve tried to fax them the documents requested but the fax line keeps saying busy. This is the fax number they provided 816.251.2290. I’m so frustrated since my OPT will end on Feb 11, 2021. I called them but the lady spoke to me said she couldn’t do anything and told me to keep trying. My EAD application has been pending for MORE THAN 300 DAYS already. I don’t know what to do anymore. Please, any advise would help! Thank you!
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EAD and Advance Parole - Combo Card Renewal - Delays with e-notification and paper receipt
Hi all

I submitted my Combo Card renewal on Dec 1st - Received by USCIS Chicago Lockbox and yet to receive a G-1145 E-notification or paper-receipt.
Is this the recent-normal?
I am nervous as i have my EAD expiry coming up by March 23rd 2021.

is there anyone in the same boat? Please share your thoughts and experience to understand better
is this delay cos of the Holidays and Year end shutdowns of operations with USCIS?

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