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EAD automatic 6 month extension??
Hi Everyone,

I've been seeing some references on the forum of an automatic extension of EAD by 6 months due to delay in processing by USCIS. I have filed for renewal in a18 category. My understanding was USCIS had a specific list of categories which got this extension and not others. Has anything changed recently on this? If you can link me to any source which shows this policy change, that'd be great. I am worried about job loss given the time it's taking to go through the process and this would be very helpful.

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EAD and Ap renewal

Married to USC, adjusting from B1/B2
PD: 11-12-2019
Bio: 12-11-2019
RFe: 01-13-2020
Uscis response RFe received: 01-28-2020
Ready to schedule interview : 02/05/2020
New card Being produced: 02/20/2020
i-131/i-765 Approved: 02/21/2020
EAD recceived 02/27/2020
Interview was scheduled 02/28/2020
Received SS card 03/12/2020
Interview cancelled 03/31/2020
Ready to schedule interview : 04/01/2020
EAD and AP renewal sent on : 10/01/2020

NBC / NYC-Queens filed office based on Zip Code.
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EAD and Ap renewal
Sent forms for EAD and AP for renewal on 10/01/2020, yesterday received text messages with renewal receipts number.
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EAD Card Extension
Hi everyone, I am married to a US citizen and applied for a marriage based Adjustment of Status (I-485) concurrently with a new EAD (I-765, category c9). I'm currently on STEM OPT (EAD category c3C), which will expire in February 2021. If my new EAD card (from the green card application) does not arrive before February 2021, I have two questions:
1) Can remain working in the US since my green card application is pending?
2) Can I apply for a renewal of my EAD card even though the categories are different (STEM OPT c3C vs. AOS c9)

Any help would be greatly appreciated! To give more context and inform others of wait times, my timeline is as follows:

07/09/2020 Application received by USCIS (I-485, I-130, I-131, I-765)
08/05/2020 Request for Evidence letter received from USCIS
09/10/2020 Response to RFE received by USCIS
09/21/2020 I-693 Deficiency Notice letter received (I will bring the medical examination form, I-693, to the interview when that gets scheduled)

Thanks in advance everyone!
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EAD Premium Processing

I am planning to request for first time EAD (FB) and got to know the new inclusion of EAD in premium processing where application will be processed in 30 days. It has been a law but I think would take some time for USCIS to implement it. Is anyone aware that whether it is worth to wait or this implementation will take too much time. If I see the processing time delays for California (my current residing state) which is 10-14 months, I think it is worth waiting. Please help me out here. I'm not sure if I do normal application now and later can ask for premium processing when it is available. Thanks in advance !
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Drivers License
My current license expires in November based on my EAD card. I applied for the EAD extension and have my receipt which automatically extends my EAD for the next six months (USCIS's policy because they are seeing extreme delays because of COVID in printing new cards). Is it possible to take my receipt notice to the DMV and get a new license with a 6 month extension. The people on phone have been unhelpful. I am in Washington state (Seattle). Little scared to not have a DL in case I have to drive/ fly.

Thank you for all your help!
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Biometrics Appointment
Hi, I lost the original letter with the details of my fingerprints appointment but I kept a digital copy. Is that enough to be accepted at the local office to get my fingerprints done? Any guidance will be appreciated.
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Weird Payroll request
Hi Guys,

So I recently joined a new company and gave them my EAD for the I9 verification. The payroll department just emailed me and said that they need a copy of my visa and I-20.
I am married to a USC who sponsored my GC but our interview for I-485 adjustment got cancelled twice thanks to COVID. The only thing I have is the EAD card and the USCIS receipt which shows the EAD renewal and automatically extends the EAD by 6 months.
My questions is what sort of document does the Payroll expect from me? Any advice? I obviously dont have an I20/ Visa.

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EAD renewal card in production (EB2)
Giving back to others, I share my timeline for EAD renewal application:

July 2019 PD
November 2019 I-485, I-765, I-131 sent
December 2019 Biometrics
December 2019 EAD combo card received
August 2020 I-765 and I-131 EAD renewal application
October 2020 EAD card in production

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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I539- Awaiting Biometrics Appointment
Hi All,

Really appreciate everyone sharing their experiences on this forum. I have applied for form I-539 for the extension of I-94. I'm based out of NJ and the application was received on July 13th. Is there anyone who has had a biometrics appointment scheduled at Elizabeth Centre recently? Please share your experience- will help me get an idea of when I can get the appointment?

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