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EAD (WorkPermit)

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L2 EAD Renewal

I was working with L2 EAD card which got expired on 07/07/2021. Meanwhile I had applied for L2 EAD renewal in March 2021 and got a receipt from the USCIS saying they have received my application on March 19th 2021. Till date I have not received my EAD card due to the current delay in processing visas.

Our L1 and L2 were still valid when I applied for the L2 EAD renewal. However, it got expired on Oct 2021. We have applied for the L1B and L2 renewal extension from the company in the month of June 2021 and we are still waiting for our extension. As per the processing timelines by USCIS, we should be getting our extension in another 2-3 months.

Following are some questions I have regarding my L2 EAD renewal application.
1. What happens to my L2 EAD card renewal application? Is it still valid?
2. If not should I be reapplying with the L1 and L2 extension receipt nos ? If so I am afraid this is going to cost me another 10-14 months of wait time to get my work permit.

Please advise.
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Delay in work permit renewal
I applied to renew my work permit Dec 2020 and didn't even get a receipt notice until March 2021.
In April 2021 I applied for Vawa

My EAD expired May 2021 and have been working with my 6months automatic extension which will expire first week of November 2021.

I called USCIS in August and was told my case has moved to the VAWA office and I will need to write to them to release the work permit as decisions on any of my cases can only be made by the VAWA department.

I have written 2 letters and yet no reply
I even tried to expedite and also contacted my Congress woman.

I am getting nervous as I may lose my job if I do not receive it before November 2021.
Has anyone experienced this and what did you do to speed the process?

The Vawa office is at Vermont and I am thinking of driving down there since it's just 3hours from me to see if I can talk directly to someone . Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you
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E2 Renewal - Vermont SC - March Filer
Hello! Anyone here with an E2 renewal filed at Vermont Service Center in March 2021 who has had any success so far?

Received Date: March 3, Notice Date: March 29 and still nothing.

Appreciate any updates!
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E2 EAD Renewal - Vermont SC
Hello - just wanted to share my timeline with all of you still waiting out there for a little bit of hope in this absurd, obsolete and completely unethical waiting process.

Case Received on Jan 19th 2021
Receipt Notice received on March 4th (official date on file was Jan 19th)
Expedite Request denied on June 16th 2021
Case Approved on Sep. 14th 2021
Card Mailed on Sep. 15th 2021
Card received on Sep. 18th 2021

Total process --> 8 months

Tip for all E2 visa holders: if you haven't exited the territory during the pandemic yet, do it before sending your EAD request: I94 is what counts for the duration of that *** card.

Good luck to you all!
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Texas center E3 EAD April 2021
I have filed my wife's E3 EAD renewal and have the receipt date as April 30th, 2021. Applied to Texas center.

Looking at the processing times for texas center, i noticed it is taking around 11months.

Can we raise a service ticket as the receipt date is more than 90 days (hear from someone we can do it)?

Is there premium processing available for E3 EAD now? If yes, can we change the application to it?

And anyone who is waiting similarly for EAD please share your timelines.

It is stressful waiting like this, dont know how this country works with USCIS working as sloths.
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can USCIS return your application if filing date is current but date of action is not current
I come to know that if your EAD filing date is current and if you apply for it but if your Date of Action is not current USCIS is returning application by saying "your date of Action is not current so we are returning your file" it it true?

Any expert who have this kind of scenario /case or have some knowledge pls share.

I really appreciate in advance.
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How long is Vawa I-360 approval taking?
my case receipt is November 18 2018 and I still haven't heard anything and the processing times page doesn't seem accurate
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I filed for VAWA last year and i renewed my EAD last year September through my lawyer. Upon tracking my EAD status, it's been stuck at "Case Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken" since October 7, 2020. My question is: when can i expect my EAD renewal to be approved? I was married to a USC and right now i am jobless and it's been so frustrating.
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ive had a expedite request for a EAD and VAWA its been 45 days with no answers anyone else have this experience?
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E2 spouse EAD renewal
Hi there!

The California Center received my i765 (E2 spouse EAD renewal) on April 16 and still waiting.
My actual EAD is now expired and I'm working from France until I get my new card.

Would be much appreciated if you could share your experiences and since how long you've been waiting, based on E2 spouse EAD renewal :)

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