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Form I-765 Processing Time F1/OPT to Permanent Residence through Employment
Hi Guys,

I was an international student-studied nursing.
I currently hold an EAD: Post OPT with a category C03B. After I graduated and passed my NCLEX and become an RN, I found a hospital that will hire me and at the same time sponsor/process my immigration status to permanent residence. Shown below is the timeline of the processing:

February 19, 2022: USCIS sent me a mail and says "Case Was Received" for I-485, I-131, and I-765.
April 16, 2022: I did my fingerprint so for my I-485 online, it shows "Case Was Updated to Show Fingerprints Were Taken"

My current EAD/OPT will expire on June 01, 2022, and I am really terrified that I will not be able to work and will have financial difficulty because of loss of income while waiting for my I-765 - Employment Authorization. So...

May 02, 2022: I chatted with USCIS representative and asked for expedite request. (Idk to be honest if this is a good move - I was so desperate and scared)
May 05, 2022: After I submitted a letter from my employer, USCIS updated the website and said to my I-765 case "Expedite Request Denied"

I contacted my employer and said request again to expedite my case through Sen Marco Rubio's office. Currently, still waiting an update for them. My question is has anyone have the same experience or closely similar to mine? How long do I have to wait for my new EAD to arrived? I am really scared as I do not know when to wait and will it get approved? Any advice?


Thank you.
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vawa, help!!!
hello everyone,
my c31 EAD got approved but when i received the card the class was c9. the receipt notice on the card is the same as the receipt notice on my C31 receipt. has anyone seen this situation before, if so what was done? is this USCIS error? thank you, i will really appreciate responses.
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EAD work permit renewal-VAWA-C9_vermont service center.
My EAD was bound to expire on Nov 22, 2021. USICS received my renewal application on Oct 04, 2021. Automatically got 180 days EAD extension and that will be expiring on May 15, 2022. Haven't heard anything back on the renewal. It is more than 6 months now, but it is still under the mentioned range of processing times (6-11 months) on USICS website.

Anyone in the same boat. Have you tried something to expedite it? My case is filed through a lawyer. Does only lawyer can ask to expedite the case or do I need to call my self and ask for it? Please share your experiences and suggestions. Thanks!

Additionally, just received the prima facie document. FYI: My case was filed in June 2020 and first EAD was issued in Nov 2020.
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How long have you been waiting for your EAD renewal?
It has been 11 months now since I'm waiting for mine. Currently had to stop working because my EAD has expired.
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Hi everyone, I filed for renewal of my EAD c9 category last year PD 31march2021, its been almost a year now no update. I don't want to loose my job. I called USCIS twice to expedite it they didn't allow me because they said I filed VAWA all inquiries should be diverted to VAWA in written form. Which I did send a letter to VAWA attached with my work information, till now no response. Please does anyone know how I can contact congress man or whatever I can do to speed up. I don't want to loose my job. Thank you.
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L2 EAD, in valid status, need i-539 ? for RFE.
Hi Everyone,

I am in L1A visa, and have valid stamping till next year. Having both i797 and i-129 s as well.

My wife also went for stamping in India, and got stamping valid till next year as like me. i applied for L2 EAD for my wife. Received RFE for L2 EAD and they asked I-539 form.

When applying L2 EAD, i submitted the following:
• Copy of passport along with US Visa (my wife)
• Copy of passport along with US Visa (of mine)
• Copy of I-94 record (my wife's and mine's)
• Copy of Marriage certificate
• Copy of SSN (my wife's)
• L1 approval notices (I-797 and I- 129S) of primary applicant (mine's)
• Identification Proof (for my wife)

Since my wife already in valid status, and her i-94 and stamping are valid till next year, why do i need to I-539 ? For RFE, how to respond saying that I-539 is not needed in this case. anyone faced similar situation and responded for RFE ?

please advice
regards Mani
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I have a couple of questions regarding the ead process.
I m in the process of applying for h4 ead. My wife is in the USA and I m planning to travel and apply for my ead.
She is also in the process of changing jobs and the plan is to apply for ead along with h1b transfer in premium.
My question is, is it better to file standalone h4 ead or along with premium transfer to expedite the process.
Additionally, I am in Canada and I plan to return after my h4 ead application has been submitted.
In this case, are there any restrictions on leaving the US while H4 EAD is in progress? I am unable to find any legal limitations on restricting travel.
Thanks in advance.
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Dependent GC-EAD Approved, Primary still pending
GC EAD/AP status for dependent changed to New Card Ordered on 01/30/2022 but primary still pending.
Applied In August 2021, PD Feb 2012 EB2-NIW.
Did anyone face the same situation?
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Combo card approved
Hi everyone!

Since I've been reading this forum non-stop for the last year and it's been really helpful I thought I'll post my case to see if I can help anyone!

I'm a postdoc and I applied for the EB2NIW. I sent the I-140 on May 2021. On August 12th me and my husband submitted the I-485, I-765 and I-130. We did our fingerprints on September 2021. My current visa (J1) expires in April and I was getting nervous so I contacted the congressman. By the day he replied and said he'll represent me (severe loss for my PI, since I'm the only expert in the field working in a project), I received we got our EAD and I-131 approved!! I can't believe it. So in total it's been 6 months. The website was saying between 11-13 months! I can finally go back home after 3 years and I feel freedom to look for my dream job!

I-140 (EB2NIW): May 16th 2021
I-485, I-131, I-765 (for both): August 12th 2021
I-765 and I-131 approved: January 20th
ETA of combo car: January 29th.

Good luck!
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Expedite EAD for I140 application
Hi all,
I heard that we can expedite EAD, actually I have applied for the EAD last year (this is my 3rd time extension) and not yet received it, I have done couple of service requests as well but no luck.
Now horrible situation for me for the last 8 months I dont have any income source, really hard to survive for me and my family, kindly help me. if anyone done before this process and succeeded to get the ead? kindly let me know.

Thanks in advance.
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