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Information regarding Marriage certificate for J-2 EAD Application
As per I-765 instruction: "J-2 Spouse or Minor Child of an Exchange Visitor--(c)(5). File Form I-765 with a copy of Form DS-2019, evidence the J-1 principal foreign national is currently maintaining status, and evidence any income from this employment authorization will not be used to support the J-1 principal foreign national. Also, provide evidence you are currently maintaining status and include evidence of all previously authorized periods of J-2 employment."

Is it necessary to send Marriage Certificate with J-2 EAD application? It's not written in the 1-765 instructions.
In addition, if one don't have marriage certificate, what other proof's can be submitted as proof of relationship?

please advise
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Work permit under C09, but want to apply for VAWA
Hi all,

I had my interview recently but it did not go well due to my spouse , long Story,

My lawyer said the best is for us to file for VAWA immediately because they sent us an intent to deny already,

My question is the NOID says 30days but I will have to send in all of our joint documents and every proof I have plus the finger print for good faith which will take a while,

If we send everything for the VAWA before deadline, will they still deny my current I-485 ?

And how are the VAWA and current applications merged together for them to know you are taking another route ?

And will I still be able to work with my current EAD based on marriage cos it just got renewed last month.

Please advise,
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L2 EAD Renewal a 18 - Processing time and covid delay
Sharing my experience:

EAD renewal filed via mailing the physical copies to Texas center - Nov 2020

***radio silence for 3 months***

Acknowledgement - Feb 9th 2021 in form of SMS (did not receive email). A physical mail arrived 7-10 days later and it was from Vermont processing center so it seems case was transferred there.

***again radio silence for 4 months***

Online status changed to "new card is bring produced" on Jun 8th. No SMS or Email yet. Hoping to get the card in next 7 days.

All the best to others. I understand the wait can be painful but please focus on what is in your control - SUBMIT THE RIGHT PAPERWORK, IN THE RIGHT ORDER. Triple check, do not let there be a reason for confusion/doubt.
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EAD Application Help
Hi Folks,

I am confused in filling section 21 b (Passport #).
I recently renewed my passport however I used my last passport to enter into USA which is also mentioned on my I-94.

Please provide your insights on which passport number should I enter in section 21 b (As they ask for information on your Last Arrival)?

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Any one in the same situation?
I filed my green card application with I-765 and I-131 based on C9 on 112020 and haven't receive my combo card yet. Any one in the same situation.
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Can I file L2 EAD renewal 9 months before expiry?
Hi All. I have been reading about L2 EAD extension/renewal delays. My L2 EAD is valid until 04-February-2022. My I-94 is valid until 29-August-2022, so no immediate issues with my L2 visa. Given that EAD renewals are taking more time now, Can I file my EAD renewal now itself? I have around 9 months left on my EAD.

Some have mentioned that it is mandatory to file EAD renewal only 6 months before the expiry. I am not sure if it is a hard rule/limit and if it is mentioned in any website. Any suggestions or help in this regard will be very helpful. Thank you!
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Does anyone know how long it takes to get a response from USCIS. Filed my I-360, I-485 since Feb 2021 and I have not heard anything yet on my case. No notice of biometrics or nothing. I am currently losing my mind
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Non Availability Birth Certificate
I have a affidavit of birth with one additional affidavit from an uncle providing the proof of my birth. However, I will need non availability birth certificate as I do not have my birth record. The problem is local municipal corporation in the village I was born does not have English version on Form# 10. What are my options?
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I-360 vawa special immigrant
I filed in November 2018 for a i-360 i-485 and i-765 im still waiting and haven’t received any word on the i-360 approval has anyone received theirs recently ?
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EAD Renewal Timeline
Current EAD Expiry Date: 20-Sep-2021
Submitted for EAD Renewal: 20-Apr-2021
Status: Did not receive Renewal notice


I have applied for EAD Renewal on 20-Apr-2021, my current EAD expires on 20-Sep-2021. I have filed under C9 category (Adjustment of status - awaiting Green Card). Do you think I will be able to received my renewal approval by the due date, will I be able to receive the Renewal notice at least by 20- sep. Can anyone share their experiences please.

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