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Renewal of EAD - E2 Visa - Expedite request ?

I filed my renewal request on Dec 18th and cased was received on 23th of Dec. My current work permit is expiring on June 15th and I have not gotten any update yet... (the responsible office is Vermont Center and I am on a E2 Visa). Does anybody has experience with an expedite request, what kind of proof do I need to show, if I only have the risk of financial loss? Would it make sense to contact a congressman?

I appreciate any help and feedback/experience! Thanks
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EAD/AP Renewal. Please HELP!!
I have a few questions for EAD/AP combo card renewal:

1. I confirmed with an agent that I can file for the combo card renewal 180 days before expiration. Is this correct? I confirmed here a while ago and someone said 120 days before expiration since it is a combo card.

2. For Renewal of EAD application - Part 2 question 25: You Current Immigration Status or Category (for example, B-2 Visitor, F-1 Student, parolee, deferred action or no status or category) - what should I mention here? I am on 'Adjustment of Status Pending' - not sure what to mention. In my original application I mentioned F-1 since I was changing status from F-1 to I-485 but y F-1 was still valid back then. HELP!!

3. For I-131 renewal - Part 3 Question 4a - asks about if you were issued re-entry or refugee travel document - I have my current combo card so should I say 'Yes' and mention that a copy of current on is attached in 4c? Or is this only for expired ones and I should say 'No'?
- with this application - do I have to submit a letter explaining 'how I qualify for an Adcance Parole Document'? OR no since it is a renewal request?

4. If I submit the bar-code notice page with the supporting documents - should I send in a copy or the original notice that came when I originally received the EAD?

5. Do I need to mention in the cover letter that I am requesting for a combo card? Has anyone done that?

6. Does c9 category have automatic extension if renewal application is filed or is it automatic extension for 180 days when renewal application is approved (and you get the notice of approval?)

Thank you for all the help guys!! Don't know what I would do without this platform.

Be safe!

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Expedite EAD
How long after getting an update - expedite request approved was your ead in production?
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EAD renewal receipt
Hi everyone,

Just a quick question, anybody submitted any forms to USCIS Chicago lockbox around May 4th (3 weeks ago) and yet to receive any receipt notification? I’m very sure they received it because I tracked the FedEx delivery.
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EAD Expedite
Hi all, I would like to share my timeline.

2-7-20 priority date i765, i130, i485 NBC

3-6-20 finger prints added to i765 & i485

4-15-20 requested expedite and was denied the same day without any proof of documents.

I received an email the next day that they needed evidence for my i485, to request expedite after they received what they were asking for.

4-16-20 request for evidence was sent i485

4-29-20 request for evidence was received

4-30-20 expedite request due to financial loss

5-1-20. Got an email asking for my employer to give me a letter stating that if I don’t receive my EAD by the time the next one expires I can get terminated. I reached out to my employer and told them the situation. Unfortunately they did very little to help me, they gave me the run around and till this point I haven’t received a letter. I was very frustrated I couldn’t sleep at night, so I gathered different type of documents like pay stubs showing how covid19 was affecting my family financially and sent out the fax to the number they provided.

5-21-20 faxed proof of financial loss

5-26-20 card being produced

I prayed to God every day and night. He doesn’t abandon us, have faith and he will listen
God bless to all.
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L2 EAD renewal- Vermont Centre
Hello everyone- I have filed EAD renewal application on Jan 3 and been almost 5 months of waiting.very frustrated and scared of loosing job. Looks like application before and after my RD are approved, is it they missed my application for processing? Anyone Jan 3 filer L2 ead waiting? Any suggestion how to move on this.
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F1 Status to new EAD with I-485
Hi All, I’m applying for a work authorization with my I-485 ( marriage to usc). My F1 OPT authorization has expired. For my i-765 application, would it be initial permission to accept employment or renewal of permission. Thank you
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EAD & SSN timeline Dec filer
Posting my timeline in reverse chronological order
05/24/20 SSN received
05/22/20 EAD received
05/20/20 USPS tracking info received
05/19/20 Card mailed to me

05/18/20 I-765 approved
05/15/20 New card ordered
01/29/20 fingerprints applied to I-765
01/07/20 Biometrics appointment
12/12/19 PD

Hope and patience folks and you will surely get there!
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I have received this letter regarding my I-765/I-131 applications. This letter also makes reference of my current status and want to know if someone has received a letter like that.

April 7, 2020
My name
My Address
RE:My Name
I-131/I-765, Application for Travel Document and Advance Parole
Combination Employment Authorization
And Advance Parole Request
Now that you have become a Permanent Resident of the United States we would like to welcome you and congratulate you. You should have received, or will soon receive, your approval notice followed by either your permanent resident card, form I-551, or instructions on when and where to go to have your biometrics (photograph, fingerprint and signature) taken so that we can produce your I-551.
As a permanent resident, you can travel to a foreign country and freely reenter the united states. All that you will normally need is a permanent resident card and passport from your country of citizenship. You don’t need and Advanced Parole travel document to reenter the united states. Also, as a permanent resident, you may be used to prove employment eligibility when you start new employment. You do not an employment authorization document to prove employment eligibility in the united states. Consequently, the application for travel document and the application for employment authorization that you had filed no longer serve a purpose and, as such, have been denied.
There is no appeal from this decision. You may file a motion to reopen or reconsider. Your motion to reopen or reconsider must be filed on form I-290B, notice of appeal or motion, within 30 days of the date of this notice (33 days if this notice is received by mail). For the latest information on filing location, fee, and other requirements, please review the form I-290B instructions provided at http://www.uscis/gov.forms, call our USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283, or visit your local USCIS Office. If USCIS doesn’t receive a properly filed motion, this decision will become final.
This decision does not prevent you from filing any petition or application in the future. Again, congratulations on your accomplishment of becoming a permanent resident of the united states.

Gregory A Richardson
Director, Texas Service Center
Office: XM1533
my I-485 is pending and hasn’t updated since feb, 4th or at least This is what the online case status shows.

My I-140 has been approved in Jan, biometrics were done by Jan as well, I’m pretty much waiting on the 485 interview which makes me think it has been waived due to COVID-19 and what this letter says.

my attorneys haven’t received anything yet just me.

Please, if someone has received a decision letter like that, let me know.
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I filled for my ead and aos around July last year, my interview was canceled on april 2. Hav not yet receive any case updates and my ead portal only show fingerprints updated since last year August 22 2019 pls what can I do because the present situation in the country is affecting us badly and I can't do nothing to help out our finances due to my circumstances.
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