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ive had a expedite request for a EAD and VAWA its been 45 days with no answers anyone else have this experience?
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E2 spouse EAD renewal
Hi there!

The California Center received my i765 (E2 spouse EAD renewal) on April 16 and still waiting.
My actual EAD is now expired and I'm working from France until I get my new card.

Would be much appreciated if you could share your experiences and since how long you've been waiting, based on E2 spouse EAD renewal :)

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EAD extension notice reissue
The USCIS delay is unbecoming, after the long wait for my receipt notice, the USCIS sent it to me and the USPS basically misplace this document, I saw it in my informed delivery but it was never delivered, I have been on this issue for 3 months, the USCIS are taking ages to reissue this document or at least send it in an email attachment, I waited fir 30days for their level two officer to call me and send this document only for them to say it will take a week, 3 weeks lager, now they are saying I should wait an extra 39 days again for the same department that hasn’t done anything or email the lockbox who keep ignoring my emails. I have been fired from work over this and nobody seems to be working out a resolution.
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EAD 12 months since I reapplied
I had applied for the i765 renewal since August 2020. 1 year later they 08/08/2021 they updated my status “card was ordered”., please do you know if this means production? And how long before it will be in d mail?

Thank you all.
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L2 EAD Renewal a(18) - Vermont Service Center
We went through the agony of applying for L2 EAD renewal in December 2020 exactly 6 months before the expiry of existing EAD and USCIS as usual messed it up royally. Sharing the timeline below:

1. Submitted renewal application package - December 22, 2020 (it beats me to understand why can't they accept the online applications and insist on filing paper ones, RIDICULOUS!!)

-------------RADIO SILENCE FOR 3 MONTHS-------------
2. Received notice from Vermont Service Center on March 23, 2021 with a receipt date of Jan 22, 2021. This was a shocker because we had proof of submitting the paperwork on December 22, 2020, at the Dallas lockbox.

3. Raised service request to have the receipt date corrected March 30, 2021 but it was denied. Totally crushed by the news and resigned to the fact of job loss

-------------RADIO SILENCE AGAIN MONTHS-------------
4. July 22, 2021 Received SMS/email that case is approved

5. July 23, 2021 Card is in production

6. July 24, 2021 Approval notice dispatched

7. July 26, 2021 Card dispatched

8. July 27, 2021 Card Received

Officially USCIS took 6 months exact to process the EAD, but for us, it took 7 months end to end.

Submit every damn document you can think of in support of the application and don't give any reason to USCIS for issuing an RFE.

Good luck

Docs submitted for renewal:
• Cover letter with all the details and docs submitted
• Form G-1450 Credit Card Payment Form For $410 EAD Filing Fees
• Form G-1145
• Form I-765
• Copy of last Employment Authorization Card (Front and Back)
• Copy of original letter received from USCIS granting Employment Authorization Card
• 2 copies of my latest passport size photographs
• Copy of my latest I-94 indicating present status in US
• Copy of my L-2 visa
• Copy of my passport
• Copy of spouse’s latest I-94
• Copy of spouse’s L1A visa
• Copy of spouse’s passport new and old
• Copy of spouse’s Approved I-129 and I-797 documents
• Copy of Marriage Certificate
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I 485 adjustment of status f4 sibling
Applied sep 2019. Biometric October 2019. Ead April 2020. Interview December 2020 canceled agin interview February 2021 all good but visa retrogression priority date not current August 2021 approved
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A number in I-765 form
Hi All,

I am applying initial L2-EAD for my wife. She earlier had I-140 approved from her employer. Do I need to mention the older I-140 A number in the initial L2-EAD I-765 form? Or can I just leave it blank?

Thanks in advance.
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EAD Speed Slip
Anyone find that including their speed slip (for renewals only, the one they give you when your last EAD was approved) helped get their EADs sooner?

Husband filed my EAD but forgot to include the slip. Also the last time I included it in a renewal, it ended up taking about 5 months anyway. Would love to hear other's experiences.
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Delay in Receiving EAD card
I am facing trouble receiving my work permit to start my employment.

I had applied for my OPT on 04/13/2021. My EAD card was approved by USCIS and dispatched on 06/15/2021 by them, however, erroneously USPS could not deliver my EAD card and returned it to USCIS.

I have received the OPT receipt notice from USCIS earlier on my mailing address so I do not think there is anything wrong with the address filled in the OPT application.

The current case status on the USCIS website says "Card Was Returned To USCIS".

On speaking with the USCIS I was told that the request to process the request for resending my card would take 30 to 60 business days.

Has anyone else faced the issue? Could you please tell me what could I do to expedite the process since I need to receive my work permit 90 days from my OPT start date stay in the US?
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Hello All,

I got RFE for H4 EAD for photo copies. I have submitted them and they got delivered today as per UPS. I.e 6th july . I want to know how much time does it take for USCIS to clear RFE and give approval after receiving?
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