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AOS package sent checks not cashed
Hello guys!
AOS package was delivered to USCIS on May 27th, 2020. Today is June 02, 2020 and the checks have not been cashed yet?
Any reason to panic? Please share your experience when your checks were cashed. Thanks!
The package was assembled in ideal order, with all the docs.
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filed I-485 EB2 under cross country chargeability rule
Primary beneficiary: Indian citizen
Spouse or derivative beneficiary: Dubai Born

We have filed I-485 EB2 under cross country chargeability rule. However my file is rejected and sent back the entire package by USICS stating Based on the information provided a visa is not available for your priority date. USCIS will accept the form I485 based on the monthly visa bulletin date.

However there is not detail mentioned about the cross chargeability . I have filed I485 using my spouse country of birth under cross chargebilty law.

Has anyone got the green card approved under cross chargebility or has any one face the similar issue as mine if so please suggest the next step.
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Eb3 priority date
“Your priority date is 01/15/2020. The Department of Labor said that your case is under Analyst Review which means we will be getting an audit probably this month. The current date that can file in the US is 04/01/2019. This will more than likely be current with the new visa numbers in October when they new numbers are issued and even if you consular process, you are not subject to the bar imposed by the government because you were in the US on the day the bar to effect. I originally thought it was all consular employment cases but it is not. Those individuals who were in the US when it was imposed on 04/23/2020 and need to consular process will still be able to come in.” - Lawyer

Can anyone explain this to me, about the priority date and other things in her email? I cannot ask her again because i really cannot understand anything about what is going on with my process. I feel that I need to have knowledge on something when I ask her.
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My green card success story
​​​​​​​Hello guys,
I just want to share my experience and success story with the EB2-NIW green card application:

02/06/2019 -I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker submitted
08/02/2019 - I-140 petition approved
10/09/2019 - AOS package submitted
11/06/2019 - Biometrics were taken
12/19-20/2019 - I-765 and I-131 cases approved and new EAD card ordered.
12/27/2020 - EAD card received
02/20/2020 - Case ready to be scheduled for interview
03/02/2020 - Interview scheduled for April 6
03/25/2020 - Interview canceled because of COVID-19
04/08/2020 - Request for I-693, tax documents and employment verification letter received from USCIS
04/30/2020 - Request sent to USCIS
05/20/2020 - Correspondence for the request received by USCIS
05/20/2020 - Case Approved and new green card is ordered
05/28/2020 - Green card received.

I just want to encourage you to keep holding on. It will soon work out. I know it is a long journey but you are getting closer to the destination as each day goes by.
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GC EB2 RFE Medical report

USCIS sent RFE for medical report for me and my family on May 1st.
My attorney responded it in three seperate fedex mails on May 18th.

I can see my wife and my daughter 's status updated to RFE response received but for me it is still showing RFE sent.
Has anyone faced similar situation here ?
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Pls house , can anyone tell me what I should expect in a NOID after a second stroke interview, Thank you.
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EB3 Philippines
I would like to share my timeline and experience in getting my green card. This website had been helpful when I was trying to make sense of what was going on with my petition and what to expect next.

EB3 Philippines

Priority Date: 2/28/2018
I-140 Approval: 7/18/2018
I-485/765/131 Filing: 6/25,2019
Biometrics Notice: 7/5/2019
Biometrics Appointment: 7/25/2019 (USCIS ASC Oakland)
EAD/AP Approval: 9/20/2019
Interview Notice: 11/5/2019
Interview Appointment: 12/11/2019 (San Jose Field Office)
Card Receipt: 12/19/2019

A couple of notes on my experience: A big shout out to USCIS ASC Oakland... the place was clean, professionally run, and efficient. If anybody looks at Yelp, it has a 5-star rating and it is well deserved.

About the interview: I went followed the instructions on the interview to the letter and went to USCIS SJ Field Office about 15-30 minutes before my appointment. The immigration officer basically used the I-485 questionnaire as template for her questions for the most part. For anybody going for the interview, I would suggest a couple of things that my lawyer suggested to me:
- Dress the part.... business casual at least. It shows respect to the process and the one performing the interview.
- Know your documents... If one missed or incorrectly answered a question on form, now is the time to make the correction.
- Bring all necessary documents... I followed the interview notice and brought my documents accordingly. Be sure to bring employment verification document.
- Be patient and courteous... Be nice and polite.... treat everybody with respect... pretty much how you would like to be treated.

Generally speaking... this is a long-process, and unnecessary worrying is not helpful. Personally, I avoided looking at USCIS updates often as I only become more anxious. Once you are done, I would also suggest that you provide your experience in this website. I believe that looking at somebody else's experience was helpful for me and somebody else will benefit from yours.
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Decision on i-485
Hello everyone. I’m under employment base category. Filed my i-485 in December . Got a R.F.E asking for medical exam on 4/23 . Submitted my Medical’s last week. My field office is KS . Trying to find out if any of you have been through similar situation.? Any thoughts?
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Birth certificate affidavit from India
Under the current Covid situation, how is everyone arranging the birth certificate affidavit in India? What are the places to get the affidavit notarized?

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I have received this letter regarding my I-765/I-131 applications. This letter also makes reference of my current status and want to know if someone has received a letter like that.

April 7, 2020
My name
My Address
RE:My Name
I-131/I-765, Application for Travel Document and Advance Parole
Combination Employment Authorization
And Advance Parole Request
Now that you have become a Permanent Resident of the United States we would like to welcome you and congratulate you. You should have received, or will soon receive, your approval notice followed by either your permanent resident card, form I-551, or instructions on when and where to go to have your biometrics (photograph, fingerprint and signature) taken so that we can produce your I-551.
As a permanent resident, you can travel to a foreign country and freely reenter the united states. All that you will normally need is a permanent resident card and passport from your country of citizenship. You don’t need and Advanced Parole travel document to reenter the united states. Also, as a permanent resident, you may be used to prove employment eligibility when you start new employment. You do not an employment authorization document to prove employment eligibility in the united states. Consequently, the application for travel document and the application for employment authorization that you had filed no longer serve a purpose and, as such, have been denied.
There is no appeal from this decision. You may file a motion to reopen or reconsider. Your motion to reopen or reconsider must be filed on form I-290B, notice of appeal or motion, within 30 days of the date of this notice (33 days if this notice is received by mail). For the latest information on filing location, fee, and other requirements, please review the form I-290B instructions provided at http://www.uscis/gov.forms, call our USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283, or visit your local USCIS Office. If USCIS doesn’t receive a properly filed motion, this decision will become final.
This decision does not prevent you from filing any petition or application in the future. Again, congratulations on your accomplishment of becoming a permanent resident of the united states.

Gregory A Richardson
Director, Texas Service Center
Office: XM1533
my I-485 is pending and hasn’t updated since feb, 4th or at least This is what the online case status shows.

My I-140 has been approved in Jan, biometrics were done by Jan as well, I’m pretty much waiting on the 485 interview which makes me think it has been waived due to COVID-19 and what this letter says.

my attorneys haven’t received anything yet just me.

Please, if someone has received a decision letter like that, let me know.
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