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Hi All,

i'm on EB-3 employment based GC. My interview was scheduled on 21st of March and cancelled the other day due to Covid-19. Then on 27th of April i received RFE for Medical and sent the report on 30th of April. Have not heard anything for the receipt of my medical; but on 6th of May my status for I-485 turned into "card is being produced". i hope this is good news and I'm a little shocked as i'm not used to have the processes completed with USCIS so fast. Is there anyone with the same process and do you know how long it takes to receive the GC if that means it's approved without an interview?
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EB2 I485

I had my AOS interview at the local field office in early 12/2019. The IO concluded the interview saying that he was going to approve my case on that day and that I should receive my GC within a month. 2 weeks later I485 Supplement J was approved and I received the notice of approval. Fast forward 5 months later and still no news on the actual I485 application or the GC. The online status still says "Interview has been scheduled" from back in 10/2019. No RFEs. Submitted a service request that went to the local field office, and the reply came back saying that they no longer had the case in their office. It seems that it's back at MSC now. EB2 ROW with a current priority date.

Any advice or has anyone had a similar experience?

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Moving employers after GC, Spouse pending

I'm contemplating a move to another company ( I know, probably not the best time to do so ). I received my green card EB2. > 6 months back (Nov 2019), but my spouses AOS is pending. Her interview was scheduled on March 18, the day USCIS decided to cancel all interviews. In the event that I move employers, will her application be affected after the 60 day ban is lifted? Anyone with experience moving employers, with dependent aos pending ?

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Case transferred after interview

I just received a notice saying that may case was transferred from my local office to TSC to speed up processing.
I had my interview December 2019 but i received RFE and responded to it, my priority date is not current now under EB3 ROW, have any one experienced a situation like this, is that normal ?

Thank you
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Hello all,

PD: Oct 11, 2019

Oct 20: cash checked

Dec 30: Ead&AP approved

Jan 17: Bio received

Jan 24: bio done

Jan 24: New card being produced

Jan 30: EAD&AP in hand

Since then Nothing, My i 485 still shows Case was updated to show fingerprints taken.

any idea when i would have my interview???

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EB1 - In India for vacation..Am I impacted by EO?
Hi...I am on EB1 India category and got EAD/Advanced Parole. I am in India on vacation and just curious if the recent EO impacts my return to USA?
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My priority date is May, 2012. One year back I took full time with company ABC. that time Company ABC told me that they start my GC after 1 year. Now company ABC saying that they can't start my GC because the following reason

 Currently I'm working on XYZ technology on one project. they planning to move this project to QRS technology by 2022. I joined company ABC with XYZ technology knowledge. if my priority date called after 2022 I'm no longer working on XYZ Technology. So they can't file my GC with new technology job duties i.e. QRS. because I don't know QRS technology before joining the full time. that's reason they told me they can't start my GC.

Is it True? After joining the full time with company, if I learn new technology are they can't file GC with new technology job duties? I should have new technology skills before joining the full time?
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Employment base EB3
Hi everyone

I have interview for Employees base EB3 on 17 March was canceled
After that 3 weeks I got letters from USCIS asking about the medical exam
I submitted last week , I don’t know what is going on my case...

Just waiting for update.
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Once your PD is current, how long will it take for an AOS applicant to receive their GC on hand?
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Employment i-485 processing time
Hello everyone
I would like to ask a question, depending on the visa bulliten for may EB3 ROW final action date is March 2017, but when i checked the processing time for employment i-485 it says October 2017 can submit case inquiry, so does that mean every one until October 2017 should have received their decision ?
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