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EB2 ROW Cross-chargeability
Employment based EB2 ROW cross-chargeability case with one primary and one derivative.

Case filed in May 2019. Approved in March 2020!

May mid - i485, i765, i131 filed. i140 filed for primary.
May end - Received receipts for all applications
June begin - i140 approved
June begin - Biometrics appointment receipt for i485/i765
June begin - i485 - Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction
June mid - Biometrics appointment for i485/i765
June end - i765 - "Fingerprint review was completed"
Oct end - Raised SR for i765 and i131
Oct end - i485 - "Case Is Ready To Be Scheduled For An Interview"
Nov begin - Got SR response for i765, i131 - In line to be reviewed.
Nov end - Expedited derivate's i765 citing job offer. No evidence was requested/submitted but case updated to - "Request for Additional Information Received".
Nov end - i765 - "New Card Is Being Produced"
Dec begin - i765 - "Card Was Delivered To Me"
Jan end - i485 - "Interview Was Scheduled"
March begin - Interview
March begin - i485 - "New Card Is Being Produced"
March mid - i485 - "Card Was Delivered To Me"

Interview details:

The interview was very straightforward.

Interview officer (IO) went thru the entire i485 form and verified that the details
are correct as of the interview date. Made some corrections there. Then
walked through the Yes/No questions from the form and noted our answers.

Later asked to provide original documents for the copies that were submitted
along with the application: Birth certificate, Marriage certificate and i797s.
Then asked to see the EAD/AP Combo cards that we received and took copies
of them which we carried.

Then asked about our wedding, how we first met and when we decided to get
married. Asked to see documents showing cohabitation, shared finances and
any other evidence for the wedding. We provided lease agreement, joint bank
statements, joint credit card statements, photos from the last few years.

The IO collected all the documents we provided along with 10 photos and put
them with our application. Later asked me and my spouse questions about our
job duties and work experience. Asked to see my Employment verification letter,
paystubs and tax transcripts and examined them.

The IO then step out for a bit and came back with a letter and mentioned that our
case and documents looks good and that the case should be approved soon.
Saw "New Card Is Being Produced" update the same day.

Good luck!
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EB3 Unskilled worker
I am on a EB3 subcategory unskilled worked still waiting for an Interview case transfer to NBC on Jan 10th, 2020 still no update? Now it's retrogressed would they able to schedule the interview or not? Do I have to wait until it becomes current?
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I 693 Minneapolis
Any folks know how much it takes for do medical examination.
I was surprised about the price. 400$ in Burnsville.

Please share your experience.

Thank you.
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Case Reopened

Had my i-485 interview yesterday afternoon, and everything went well.

Yesterday evening:
"We ordered your new card."

Earlier today:
"We reopened your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, and are reconsidering our earlier decision."

Just now:
"Case Was Reopened
On March 11, 2020, we reopened your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Receipt Number 00000000, and mailed you a notice. Please follow the instructions in the notice. "

Has anyone experienced this before?

Yesterday the Interviewing case officer said that EB-2 ROW is current, so not sure what's going on.

Thanks in advance!!!
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Approved for Primary but not for Spouse

I really need to hear your experiences and what are the options i have. I(primary beneficiary) filed my I485 along with my Spouse on Cross Chargeability under EB2. Interview happened on March 3rd and the officer said we will get our green cards in 2 week. The status is changing only for me and currently it stands as "Card is mailed". But for my spouse it still is under "Interview is Scheduled" and no other updates. I have already received my I485 approval notice but not to my spouse.

Is there any way we can get to know what is happening. Looks like some error as i am getting green card under cross chargeability so my spouse should also get it.

Any experience in this regard would be highly appreciated. Thanks!!!
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F-1 on OPT and I-140
If my employer files a form I-140 for me and it is approved, do I become a pending permanent resident or do I remain on F-1 status?
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Help, anyone experiencing pending administrative review
PD 04/27/2017
Interview date 02/27/2019
Location: LA,CA
My case has been delayed for so long, I kept asking for service request.
For the past 6 month, USCIS returned with answer “your case is under pending adjudication. “

10 days ago, I did the service request, Today the system get back, says “ your case is under pending administrative review”
Anyone has an idea of what it means? Thanks
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Finally got the NIW approval :)
Hello everyone! I received my NIW approval finally and I am so happy. I got my approval notice in February (after ~7 months). I must say this is really amazing and if you find a good attorney then you are good to go.

I have a PhD degree in materials science and I am currently working as a research investigator, with 4 publications and 33 citations. I was not sure about filing an NIW because my citation count is kind of moderate if compared with other fellows, but WeGreened took my case and gave me confidence.

I collected all the documents about my academic life and sent them to my attorney. It was indeed a smooth process. From replying to my queries to organizing my petition packet, everything was professional and organized. I suggest people who don’t have time to find an experienced law firm in handling your case, just like I chose WeGreened.

My petition packet included 5 recommendation letters which were drafted by them. They also demonstrated why my research is important with thorough statistics and detailed evidence about the implementation of my works.

I hope my experience might help you guys. Be confident and clear in your actions. All the best!!
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EB-3 & ROW, New York, NY

Posted my timeline a few weeks ago but there’s been some update so wanted to share:

Visa & nationality: EB-3 & ROW
Location: New York, NY

Jul 9, 2019 – priority date
Oct 09, 2019 – mailed I-140 (premium), EAD combo card, and I-485 applications to USCIS
Oct 10, 2010 – receipt date for I-140 (premium), EAD combo card, and I-485 applications
Oct 21, 2019 – I-140 approved
Nov 08, 2019 – received biometrics appointment letter
Nov 19, 2019 – biometrics completed
Nov 21, 2019 – case was transferred from Nebraska to NBC
Jan 8, 2020 - EAD combo card being ordered
Jan 10, 2020 – received letter re I-693 (medical form) not submitted, my lawyer recommends to only get this done after an interview date is scheduled
Jan 14, 2020 – EAD combo card delivered
Jan 14, 2020 – your case is ready to be scheduled for an interview
Jan 31, 2020 – received interview letter
Feb 3, 2020 – completed I-693 medical exam and received sealed envelope from surgeon
Mar 4, 2020 – interview at NYC field office

Interview went well, all in about 20 minutes, it was really more verification of info and making sure nothing has changed (job, address, etc.) since I filed the application. Officer mentioned at the end that my case was “approvable” but due to retrogression, they can’t issue the green card now. I was then handed an interview result paper, which stated that my interview is complete, but my priority date is not current, so my case will be transferred to TSC or NBC, once my priority date becomes current, they will make the final decision on my case.

Lawyer estimates EB-3 would become current in the summer, it's purely a guess, no stats to back this up. Fingers-crossed it will be the case so I won't have to wait until the new fiscal year in Oct 2020.

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F1 to Eb3
Hi Everyone,
Maybe someone can help me since my lowyer is not sure about the answer for that.
I have filed my I485 and I 765 on Dec 2019, I got my EAD card on January 28 and start working with my employer. Now my employer has some issues and he might close the business so my lawyer said I should apply for opt to maintain my F1 status just in case.
My degree end date is May 3 and I am currently at school. I am applying for OPT but I am not sure on the I765 form if I should answer that I have an A number, and if I should put my EAD card number. At school they said that the question is if I had it from previous OPT, but if I answer that I don’t have a card/an A number. I am lying.
Did anyone had that situation and know to tell me what to put on the form.
Please help me, I have to send out the OPT request today.
Thank you
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