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EAD,AOS based on married US citizen
pending I-485 based on married US citizen.
I was entered united stated with C1 and D visa. Even though In law show that crew man can't file AOS form and now they are on process my i-485 and still pending about 5 months and above.
 So do I need to filling i-485 supplement A?
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EB1 India - Waiting for Receipt notice
I sent my package on 02/18 and they received on 02/19 . Still now I am waiting for the receipt notice . Some Forum says it will take 2 -3 weeks and here i am seeing lot of people got their receipt thru Mail within 1 week or 2 .
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EB-3 Skilled Worker PD 05.14.19
Hello everyone,
I am very concerned regarding the retrogression as I am having a very difficult time at my job but can't leave due to GC.

Below is my timeline:
PD 05.14.19
Location: BK, NY born in all other chargeability areas.
I-140 & I-485: 7.29.19
I-140 approved: 8.12.19
1st bio-metrics: 8.26.19 (couldn't process)
Transfer notice: 9.19.19
2nd bio-metrics 9.24.19
EAD approved: 12.20.19
RFE requested: 12.20.19
Ready to be scheduled for interview: 01.28.20

Nothing since then. My lawyers estimate additional 4 months wait time for interview but they cay it can happen sooner or later.
I am so desperate to leave because of hostile work environment and continuous sexual harassment. There is really no way to expedite the process?
Any helpful advice or encouragement is welcome!

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EB3 retrogression
I'm in EB3 ROW with Priority Date July 2019. I will go through Consular processing. DS-260 and documents are submitted and case is documentarily complete and in line for interview. But now EB3 is retrogressed. So now I'm trying to understand when I might be able to get my Green Card.

What I can't understand is where the final action date comes from. As of now the final action date for EB3 is 01JAN17. But last month the category was current. Why did someone with a priority date in 2017 send in their visa application now. I don't understand how there can be a queue with that old priority dates when the category was current an month ago. Does anyone understand this?

And what is the outlook for EB3. Will it be current in October when the new fiscal year begins?
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Public Charge Rule
I am on F1 Visa and my 6 year old is on F2. He has CHIP through the State of Maryland which I still pay a subsidized premium based on my income.The State deemed him eligible because he is a child and lawfully present. Even though I told them he is a non immigrant not qualified for public benefits, they told me the rule was change to include any lawfully present child regardless of immigration status. As long as he had an active I-20 he was eligible.

The public charge rule did state that CHIP is not among the designated benefits used to determine public charge, and also kids under age 21 who receive medicaid are exempted. Do you think this will affect my son and I ? I am about to file for adjustment of status. Also, I have a 3 year old who is a citizen and is a beneficiary of Child Care subsidy, this was not stated in the public charge rule, but when filling the new form to determine public charge inadmissibility, should I state these benefits(CHIP & Child Care Subsidy) even though they aren't listed on the form as part of public charge determination? They just started receiving it this January and want to be sure it will nit cause any problem, if it will, I can dis-enroll them since we haven't reached the months of receiving the befits.
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Can i take my baby
Hi my interview will be in 3 weeks (with my family 3). I have 2 months old baby too. can I take my little one with me. ??
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GC with EB3 ROW
MY PD is July 2019 and I have my interview scheduled (4-6 weeks). Regarding retrogression, does this mean that I won't get an approval / green card right after the interview?
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Visa Retrogression
Can someone shed some light on the visa retrogression published in the March 2020 visa bulletin? My immigration attorney says my priority date is no longer current after March 1 2020 and therefore I cannot file for adjustment of status until my priority date becomes current, and he doesn’t see things changing in the next year, meaning that I would have to leave the US by September when my OPT expires, or go back to school to stay in status.
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Public Charge and How it Affects Employment Based Immigrant Visas
Can anyone please shed more light on how the public charge rule affects employment based AOS filed after Feb 24, also how does the Declaration of Self-Sufficiency affect employment based applications?

Someone told me a family (couple with a child) currently here on F1 visa with the wife on her OPT would not qualify to apply for AOS. Wife is currently working for the employer and is ready to file AOS but is being told the new public charge rule has made it impossible for them to proceed.
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EB3 ROW interview scheduled
Anyone help understand what happens in EB3 ROW interview? My interview just got scheduled! Any perspective on when the card will be produced after the interview (thinking about retrogression)?
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