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oliveolive     02/25/2019 18:42 PM

I applied to renew my I131 last December and received the notice of biometrics waiver. Does anyone know when I should expect to receive my new AP/EAD card?

Also, my previous AP/EAD card has expired. If I travel back to my home country now and return on my h1b visa, will my I131 application be denied?


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cafeking     02/21/2019 14:04 PM

Hi everyone,

I have a pending I-485(AOS) based on marriage to USC filed while on ESTA(within 90 days). I've already received my advance parole document (EAD combo card).

I really want to go back home to Germany in June to attend a wedding(I'm in the wedding). Anyone had a similar experience? Would that be a valid reason?

would appreciate any input on this! Thanks guys!

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tex793     02/20/2019 10:38 AM

I recently just sent my Advance parole document to USCIS. I have a pending 1-485 and I have my EAD card. The mistake I made was when I was filling Form 1765(Employment Authorization) I forgot to add form 1-131(Advance parole). Now I want to travel to my country for 2weeks in sept. I sent my document last week(feb 12th. Do you think my AP document will be approved and how long do you think the process will take. I don’t know if there is anybody on this forum that filled AP document separately.

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1uis     02/12/2019 11:02 AM

Wanted to share that I’ve traveled twice with my wife (she carries the AP) and the experience has been surprisingly good.

Took a 10 day trip in December and just came back from a 5 day trip a couple of days ago. In case your airport has computer immigration system tell an officer that you have AP and they take you directly to an officer as the computer does not recognize EAD/AP cards.

They’ll do immigration to the travelers w/o parole and then take the parolee (and whoever is traveling with them) to secondary screening, both times it has taken less than 15 mins and no questions at all.

 you ask me, if this ideal? Of course not, but I am surprised that it has been so quick and hassle free. I was expecting lots of questions, hours of wait and officers asking for documents (which I travel with all of them)

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Razmah     02/11/2019 14:38 PM

I have two questions:
1. In my mom’s advanced parole is written: autorization for single application; does this mean single entry? In my dad’s that’s multiple. I called USCIS the operator said as long as they have the document it means they have permission to entry for multiple times! Do you know about this?
2. Their advance parole expiration date is 2019; After their first entry their advanced parole document stamped as “paroled untill 2020”; do tgey extend the expiration date?

Thabks for helping

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Dann369     02/10/2019 20:00 PM

Hello Everyone - this site was very helpful so I wanted to share my mother's experience. My mom is a TPS holder and needed to travel to her home country, El Salvador due to a family emergency. She got her advanced parole (I-512L) approved prior to leaving the United States. She had a non-stop flight from Washington Dulles (IAD) to San Salvador, El Salvador (SAL). On her way out, they did not ask her for anything other than your passport and plane ticket. On her way back, immigration in Salvador asked her for the advanced parole letter. Upon arriving Washington she followed the line that said Visitors. You only have two options, visitors or US citizen and Legal Permanent residents. She gave immigration officer all of her documents (TPS card, Passport and Advanced Parole Letter). The officer reviewed them and took fingerprints of all 10 fingers. He then placed the documents in container and gave them back to her and asked her to follow a line than lead to a second room where they do additional inspections. She then gave that officer her documents and she was asked to take a seat. I had read that sometimes people had to wait up to 2 hours in this room. She said the room was full of people, some where also TPS holders, others were there because customs was inspecting their luggage. She was in the room for maybe 30 minutes before being called up to collect her documents. Overall, she had a great experience traveling with the Advanced Parole document.

FYI. We did consult an immigration attorney about her case and he did the paperwork for the application. He told us that people that any crimes on their record including DUIs or have or had deportation orders are the ones that might have issues coming in.

Hope this helps someone.

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Waiting4     02/08/2019 22:35 PM

Hello everyone

Can anyone share their experience while using their advance parole to travel outside the US. I really wanna visit back home but scared to use it.

Still waiting on my green card interview. Or should I wait until I actually do the interview ???

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mkad21     02/07/2019 23:17 PM

Anyone have any experience going through the secondary review in Dallas, TX. I'll be landing in Dallas first before taking the connection to my city in California. How are the CBP officer in Dallas when reviewing someone with an approved advance parole? I'm just scared because it's a red state and majority of them are conservatives.

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Shae     02/02/2019 00:46 AM

We finally got the approval letter for advance payroll but the website didn't update. How long until we get the actual card? I'm ready to book some travels

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Kkimm     02/01/2019 11:27 AM

So I just got a chance to share my experience using travel parole .it was very smooth going out of the country only ask to see your passport coming back was a smooth process also my only issue was my airline in my country wasn’t familiar with what was a travel parole but coming back to the us was easy and the officer was very nice I took my fingers print and a photo then the officer hand me over to secondary inspection the officer did not ask me one question stamp parole in my passport and on the travel parole and handed them back over to me and say have a good day ...,i overstay my visa for 5 years don’t be afraid there is absolutely nothing to worry about

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