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sr1415     09/20/2019 16:56 PM

Hi everyone,

I live in NYC. Filed I-485, I-130, I-765, and I-131 together on 5/10/2019. Marriage based.
Biometric Appt 6/10/2019
Background Check 6/11/2019
Case is ready for scheduling an interview 7/24/2019
I-765 EAD card is being produced 9/19/2019

Question 1: I am traveling out of the country on 10/3/2019. Will I be able to receive the EAD card by then?

Question 2: My I-131 AP status is still "case is received". Will I be able to receive a combo card?

Question 3: My last name changed after the marriage. I have my old last number on my passport and new last name on my application. I bought the flight tickets using my passport. Do I just need to bring my marriage license to prove it?

Question 4: Also, my new last name has a "-" but it seems USCIS couldn't put "-" in so my receipt shows no "-". Will that be a problem?

Anyone has similar experience like this? Please help! Thank you in advance!

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royskee14     09/19/2019 10:17 AM

Go ahead and use your advanced parole visa. I just came back from a vacation in the Philippines. Do not over think. You were approved that means you can use it and be able to come back. The unlawful presence is already addressed by your parole visa.

There were only three questions for me:

At the window (1st inspection) : 1. How long did you stay in the Philippines?
                                                      2. Did you bring in food?

At the big room: (2nd inspection): 3. What is your address here in the US?

P.S. I overstayed for 10 years. I got married March 2017. Submitted application August 2017. Interviewed March 2019. Traveled using parole for 2 weeks. Just came back this last weekend.

I am sharing my experience in these forums because I owe it to the people who put their positive experiences here as well. God bless.

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Ladyquelz     09/11/2019 23:44 PM

Hey Everyone !!!
I got some more good news. Also with a question, I don’t see the interview date on the site. How would I know the date for interview ?

New Update
*Tuesday Sept 10, 2019
-Letter of EAD & AP approval delivered
-Card was picked up by USPS with tracking number (to be delivered on Sept 12)

*Wednesday Sept 11, 2019
-Interview was scheduled

Priory Date: March 25, 2019
Biometrics Request: April 5, 2019
Biometrics completed: April 23, 2019
Ready for Schedule interview: April 26, 2019
Approval of EAD (i175): Thursday, September 5 2019
Advance parole (i131)-Thursday, September 5 2019

My office is NBC
Marriage based
I live in Miami

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Asensio12     09/10/2019 19:47 PM

Today, my wife and I went to an InfoPass appointment in Milwaukee, WI.
The person in the counter who that talked to us, said that our inquires about the long processing time on the I-131 (and also the I-765) was due to the fact that they had to process our I-130 first, before even starting with the I-131 (and the I-765). And, since the processing time for the I-130 is 12 to 15.5 months (we filed in Jan 2, 2019), I shouldn't expect to receive my work permit for the next 10 months.

Is that true? Are the I-131 and the I-765 really "frozen" until they're done with the I-130?
We filed the I-485, I-130, I-131, I-765 together.

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cmarcieri     09/07/2019 20:15 PM

I would like to share my experience, I traveled to Brazil with a combo card and my return was very smooth, my lawyer had already instructed me that on arrival I would go to the second inspection, just by security protocol, took about 20 min, without many questions and soon I was good to go!

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Augustin     09/06/2019 00:30 AM

I live here in USA for 13 years with overstayed visitor VISA B1. II got married to US citizen just last year 2018. She abused me. , domestic violence, . I filled for vawa with my lawyer. I got a combo work authorization card with serves as i 512.ADVANCE PAROLE. I would love to go to Nigeria my country to visit family but i.m scared to leave USA when my i485 and i360 are still pending with immigration... please some advice ..

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Julia74     09/05/2019 09:22 AM

I received my combo card and want to visit my family. But so afraid. My H1B visa already expired in August 10th, but we submitted I-485 in March and my adjustment of status still pending. Is it safe to travel outside of US just with advanced parole when adjustment of status pending and your previous status already expired? TIA

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nyc123     09/04/2019 22:43 PM

Hello people,
I received my combo card today, PD March 10. I overstayed my F1 visa for about 140 days before I applied for AOS through marriage and also work illegally and still working as I already had SSN through OPT EAD.
Will there be any problem if I travel?
Please share your experience or heard anything about similar situation.
Thanks in advance and good luck to all.

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Leolynn     09/04/2019 19:48 PM

Just to encourage anyone that wants to travel with advance parole....its safe to travel with it...i was so scared of using it ...bought and cancelled my ticket December, then i summoned the courage to travel in July...spent 5weeks in Nigeria, i came back in august 23rd and my POE was Atlanta.. airfrance.. flight landed around 12.32...was out by 12.50... no secondary screening just a couple of routine questions and thats it!

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nyc123     09/04/2019 19:27 PM

Hello people,
I received my combo card today, PD March 10. I actually overstayed my F1 visa for about 140 days before I applied for AOS through marriage and also worked illegally and still working as I already had SSN through OPT EAD.
Will there be any problem if I travel?
Please share any experience or anything heard about similar situation.
Thanks in advance, and good luck to all.

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