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prashanth4ev     03/04/2016 13:03 PM

Hi all,

     I took my child to PSK center, I have name mismatch in my passport and in my kids Birth certificate. With this I was asked to resubmit by correcting my name in birth certificate.

     now name change is done in birth certificate, but I travelled to US and my wife (have no address proof of what I applied for my kid ) had to take my child to passport office.

        Will they accept by submitting the same documents which I submitted earlier (address proof of mine)

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sappu_123     02/12/2016 07:22 AM

Hi All,

I was issued with Indian Passport I was married. Now that I am married, should I add my spouse to the passport by requesting Re-issue of Passport. Without adding his name in my passport will he and my kid get US Visa and will he and my kid be allowed to travel? He just applied his passport now and got my name in his passport as Spouse. But wanted to know whether I should also get his name added in my passport in order for him to travel?

Thank you in advance.

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sharla     01/11/2016 18:37 PM

Hi, passport application was made in Maharashtra in October 2015 and police clearance was signed off by the senior officer at the police station in early December. However, application does appear to have moved to the next stage (i.e. no message sent of progress) or status updated on the passport website. I understood that police clearance in Maharashtra only took a week.

I would like to hear views on the following:

(1) what can the applicant do if where there does not appear to be any progress in processing passport after police clearance? and
(2) how long does it take to receive a passport in Maharashtra?

Thank you for reading my post and if you had similar experience, please share your news.

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smohanas     01/10/2016 10:10 AM


I live in the US and recently traveled to India. During my onward journey, I was asked to meet the airport security in Seoul, South Korea. I came to know that my passport has been flagged as stolen. The airport authorities verified my identity and let me proceed to India. I had the same question during my visa interview in Chennai and I clarified with the Visa officers that I have no clue about my passport reported as stolen and that it was a false complaint. I was granted my visa on the same passport and I started by journey back to the US with transit in Singapore and Seoul. I did not face any issues while I traveled from Chennai -> Singapore and Singapore -> Seoul. However I was not allowed to board the connection flight from Seoul to San Francisco for the same issue I had earlier. I tried to explain that my passport was in my possession and I never reported it as lost or stolen. But the US Customs and Border Security did not not allow me to continue my journey and I had to return back to Chennai.

Question for which I could not get any response from Airport authorities, I am hoping someone in the forum could give me some info on are:
1. How could my passport be flagged as stolen only when I tried to enter the US and not anywhere else?
2. Whom should I contact to nullify the flag that my passport is stolen so I can travel back to the US?
3. How is it possible for someone else (if it was the case) to report my passport as stolen? Has anyone faced similar issue?

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skiran05     01/06/2016 11:28 AM

I am in Michigan on an F1 student visa. I had my passport issued in 2006 in Bangalore, India and is due for renewal this year. I have a few questions regarding the process:

1. Must I be a walkin customer, or can I post my passport for renewal?
2. Where can I find the appointment setting page on website? I do not find it.
3. If I am a walkin customer, must my visa be notarized? If so, what other documents must be notarized?
4. Can I avail passport delivery to my address in Michigan (being a walkin customer) since I may not be able to go to Chicago for collection. Also, will my old passport be returned, since it has my valid visa in it.
5. My full name is XXXX YYYY (last name is YYYY). In my current passport, there is no surname, and my given name is YYYY XXXX. Can I get this changed in the reissued passport? If so, what is the procedure?
6. I have an ECR check on my passport. I graduated my Bachelors in 2013 and have proof of it as well. Can I get it removed on the new passport?
7. Should I mention my US address on the work order form, or my Indian address?

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coolguy2314     12/27/2015 20:04 PM

Hello experts. My name was printed incorrectly on my Indian passport (Validity: Dec 2017)and due to that I am facing lot of issues in the US. Now, I am planning to get the passport corrected.

Name as mentioned on passport currently: Given Name: YYY ZZZ Surname: <Blank>
Name as it should be: Given Name: YYY Surname: ZZZ

The question is that whether after name correction, I will be issued the passport with validity Dec 2017 or will I be issued a passport with validity 10 years from the date the name split application will be submitted.

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pawanK     11/30/2015 16:47 PM

Hi All,

Does any one of you know how to refill the BLS application form for a returned application.
This did not allow me to update the Tracking numbers on the application.
Please help, I tried calling but no reply from BLS.

I am trying to resubmit the Application to SFO office after an address correction.


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nilesh1990     11/24/2015 20:00 PM

I hold indian passport with hand written. Details expiring November 2016
I have been overseas my whole life ( Kenya and Australia) and now came to visit India
I dint come across any issues when I came from Australia to Mumbai
Neither was I told of any issues related to my passport
However my relatives say that I wont be allowed to go back due to hand written. Details
I don't hold any supporting. Documents for renewal application due to not residing in India
I depart on 25 Dec for Australia

Help me out
What should I do

Look forward to hearing from you

Thank you

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vikas1422     09/05/2015 01:52 AM


I am Vikas, applied for the Passport in Hyderabad. When applying for the Passport mentioned Perminant & Present address. I thought it should be better to mention two address which i presently living. But it is worst to give 2 addresses, currently i got a SHOW CAUSE notice form Regional Passport office. They imposed 5000 fine. But i dont have clarity about onething when i received the passport which address will be mentioned on my Passport. Is it Perminant Or Present address.???

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prithwiraj chanda     08/14/2015 00:24 AM

I am Prithwiraj from India.Currently i m undergoing my internship at Bar Habor.Certainly i have lost my passport with a valid J1 visa.Now,I want to know that will i get to go back to India.What do i do to get a travel document or how do i get something like document with which i can fly back to India...Please help me out....

Thank you in advance

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