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gcenigma     07/26/2016 10:19 AM

Hi Guys - EAD and AP was approved yesterday. Had sent 485, 131 and 765 on 18 May and received by USCIS on 19 May. 485 status still shows FP fee received.

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parnish1981     07/25/2016 23:36 PM

I-140 and I-485 Concurrent premium processing
I-140 Accepted- 04-27-2016
EAD & AP received for me and spouse-05-12-2016
Biometrics letter received-05-07-2016
Biometrics done-05-18-2016
Since then no status change,no RFE received.
Nebraska service center.
Does anyone has same timeline?

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alialialiali     07/23/2016 17:05 PM

Hi guys,

I am applying for EB3 category GC.
I had two options
      1. to apply for concurrent processing (I-140 "premium" & I-485) on or after August 1st, 2016 since my PD will be current on August
      2. to apply for I-140 "premium processing" now and once approved apply for I-485 on August (hopefully early August)

Now, my question is that by choosing option 2, do you think I made the best choice. i.e apply for I-140 premium processing first then apply for AOS afterwards, or do you think I should have waited until August and applied for both (I-140 & I-485) concurrently.

PS: I filed I-140 "premium processing" a day ago so It might get approved sometimes early August. My thought process was why do I need to wait for a week or more to apply for concurrent application, thinking that concurrent won't make a big difference.
With that said, I know that concurrent I-140 & I-485 application gets processed in Nebraska Center NSC however, my application would be processed in Phoenix, AZ center (according to USCIS website) since I am not doing concurrent and based on my state.

Unfortunately, I was trying to find some posts regarding Phoenix, AZ processing time but it doesn't seem that people have some experience with that center.
Is there anyone by chance who applied at Phoenix , AZ center and how is the timeline & the overall experience? Also, what do you think about my choice of option 2.


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swift     07/22/2016 14:18 PM

Hello guys,

I'm a newbie on this forum and would appreciate your suggestion and advice

MY PD- 04/25/2016
Biometrics Appointment Received in the mail - 05/12/2016
Biometrics Done - 06/03/2016
RFE received online - 06/12/2016
RFE Response Sent - 06/28/2016
RFE Response to USCIS Request for Evidence was Received by USCIS- 07/05/2016
Status changed online to ''Case is Ready to Be scheduled For an Interview'' - 07/14/2016.

My challenge is that my i- 130, i-131, and i-765 is still at the initial stage of ''Case was Received''. Moreso, my EAD is yet to be processed and has stayed long overdue for more than 90days. This really bothers me as I cannot apply for Drivers Licence , jobs e.t.c. I need a suggestion and advice from people who have had similar experience on what to do. Is this normal? Thank you and God bless.

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flying.drones     07/22/2016 09:52 AM

Priority Date: Last Week of May
Biometrics: Last Week of June
I-765 Approved: End of June
I-140 Approved: End of June
EAD Received: First Week of July

Waiting for I-485. Looks like no hopes until October anyway because of the current situation.

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ayay     07/15/2016 18:53 PM

Hi everyone,

I applied in the EB1 category.
Fingerprint fee was received: November 30th 2015
Biometrics letter: Jan 4th 2016
Biometrics (walk-in): Jan 11th 2016
EAD Approved: Jan 30th 2016
EAD card in the mail: Feb 12th 2016
No updates since then. The USCIS Processing Times changed yesterday to December 2nd, so I filed a Service Request.
Anyone in a similar experience?


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eb3rownepal     07/15/2016 00:38 AM


My application has been received by TSC on July 12 and check cashed. Although no official receipt yet. That is fine. I had few questions.

1. Does TSC transfer case to NSC for EB3? My I-140 was approved as part of Premium Processing.
2. Is TSC seriously moving at snail pace. Currently processing 1-485 for 10/2015?


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harsimran0902     07/14/2016 23:44 PM

Hi All

My 485 was filed in EB1 category, and I am from India. My BIOMETRIC was done on June 16th but 485 approval is pending. Now that EB1 Retrogression is happening for India with priority date changing to 2010, do you guys think that it will impact my case after finger printing is done.

Any guidance is highly appreciated.

* Case Received date: May 2nd 2016
* Notice Date: May 13th 2016
* Bio-metric done on: June 16th
* EAD and Advanced Parole received on : June 26th

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Bonita_ella     07/14/2016 01:11 AM


May I ask someone to share their recent EB2 Timeline. I recently applied through TSC and wanted to predict when my EAD/AP and greencard would arrive.. Here is my timeline so far:

June 15 2016: Sent Packages I-485, 131 and 765
June 21 2016: Received by USCIS
July 11 2016: Received NOA in the mail

How long do you think would I receive my fingerprint appointment letter and EAD?

Thank you guys!

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harsimran0902     07/13/2016 17:37 PM

Looking for guidance on how long one has to wait to get Greencard (i485) approved. My case was received on May 4th 2016 and I got my EAD/Advanced Parole on June 26th 2016. Biometric was June 16th.

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