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jrbg102215     09/19/2019 10:18 AM

I've been following this everyone's experience and I would like to give an update with my case.

08/27/18 USCIS received my application.

09/01/18 Schedule my biometrics appointment.

09/20/18 My Biometrics.

07/05/19 USCIS schedule my interview.

08/09/19 My Interview.

08/09/19 USCIS approve my applications.

09/18/19 Schedule my Naturalization ceremony.

10/16/19 finally my OATH CEREMONY

July 4th 2019 we booked our trip..
Thanks God I will be back oct 13 & my oath oct 16...

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americandream18     09/19/2019 09:53 AM

I got confirmation number from ombudsman, is there a way to check the ststus? Or the only communicate over emails?

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Newyork01     09/18/2019 15:59 PM

Hi, I received a letter to provide RFE in The mid of Oct 2019 but I have the document ready. My question is Can I go before the given date and hand over the requested document? I already have mailed the document 2 weeks ago and have not heard anything as of yet. Anyone can please advise? Thanks.

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ari.gold     09/18/2019 14:57 PM

My Timeline:

06/16/2016: Received Conditional Green Card
04/13/2018: Filed I-751
05/23/2018: I-751 Case was received, 12month extension
08/18/2018: 18month extension
02/23/2019: Biometric waiver letter
03/18/2019: Filed N-400
03/18/2019: N-400, we received your application
03/23/2019: We scheduled your biometrics appointment for N-400
04/12/2019: We reviewed your biometrics for N-400
08/15/2019: We scheduled your interview for N-400
08/16/2019: I-751 Case transferred & new office has jurisdiction (NBC)
08/16/2019: I-751 Case was received at my local office
09/17/2019: Combo interview conducted, no decision can be made

Interview Experience:
Our interview was scheduled at 11:45a CT at Chicago Field Office. We (me, spouse & kid) arrived an hour early, completed checked in procedures by 11:15a CT and were waiting to be called. There is no order in which applicants are called in for the interview, it's random.

Finally at 12:15p CT, I was called in (not spouse & kid). Took oath to speak the truth. Officer was very professional & explained the entire process that requires him to adjudicate I-751 first in order to adjudicate N-400. There I saw my 5" thick I-751 petition on his desk. 

He first went over I-751 petition line by line to verify/update. At the end, he asked me questions & noted down a timeline of how/when/where me & my spouse met, my status at the time, engagement, wedding, etc. I signed his response on the petition.

Then we moved on to N-400. Started with Civics test, 6 questions asked, I got all of them correct. (1) Civil Rights Movement led by MLK (2) 100 Senators in Congress (3) POUTS leads Executive Branch (4) George Washington is FF (5) 2 Cabinet Positions (6) Allegiance to US. He asked me to read a sentence & write one. Passed reading & writing test.

We then went over N-400 application line by line to verify/update. Asked yes/no questions. Although he did go out of context to ask me if I understood what a "genocide" is? (WEIRD, but I answered).

Finally, I gave him continued evidence - tax returns, insurance, bank statements, mortgage statements, health insurance, etc. I was then handed N-682 stating that I passed civis & english test, however a decision could not be made. He was courteous to inform me that he had to request CSC to grant him permission to approve I-751 first (WHY WASN"T THIS DONE AS PART OF CASE TRANSFER, UGHH) and then he would approve N-400 which should take about a week or so.

We'll see, one step closer.

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bisky     09/18/2019 13:32 PM

Hi, I have been waiting for over a year for my oath ceremony scheduled. I received a call from a 646 area code number (I'm in New York) on my cell saying that he is from USCIS. He said my case is approved and he wants to know if I can attend the oath ceremony in 2 weeks. He said the letter will be mailed to me but in case I don't have it I can just show up on the date/at the time he told me about.

Has any of you had a similar experience where USCIS called your cell? I wonder if it is legit or if I got scammed/pranked (he didn't ask for payment or personal information though). Thanks!

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ChicagoN400     09/18/2019 11:01 AM

I want to know timeline of someone who filled from chicago. I filled in April 2019. fingerprint appointment was in May 2019 and since then my status says " we are actively reviewing your case". No update about interview.

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Bk-h     09/18/2019 02:11 AM

Hello everyone,
Me and my wife are live together in an apartment since 2015 and I applied for naturalization December 2018 but we moved to other place on July 25 2019. I already changed the address during the USCIS website and I received the letter from them. But the new place is our friend’s house and he didn’t let us sign any lease.
My interview after 12 days so my question is during the interview are they going to ask for the lease of the new address?? btw we are here in this house for temporary because we are thinking to move to different state.

Thank you!!

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AshSh     09/17/2019 22:48 PM

Are the people who case in cincinnati, ohio.
Today i applied, 09/17:2019

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elcondor     09/17/2019 14:25 PM

Hello Guys! I had my interview today. I passed the english and the civic test. But the IO told me she did not have my files and was still waiting for that. She also told me she will be sending me a RFE to justify a trip a took in 2013 that lasted 9 months in order to see if I did break the residency. She was so nice and so helpful. She took time to explain everything to me. Now I just have to wait until she gets my file and send me the letter.
My Advise. Please NEVER EVER LIE OR HIDE an information whatever that is. For example as we were going through my trips, my last trip was to Germany and in her system she had Netherlands (because my stop was Netherlands). Just to show you that they have all the information already and just want us to be honest and truthful. Another point. I heard people saying that you do not need to disclose parking ticket. FALSE. I told her I had a parking ticket back in 2017 and she asked for that and for evidence that it has been paid, went back on my application, change the answer to question 23 by yes and entered parking ticket. So, please disclose any single information and let them decide.

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MigKev     09/17/2019 13:56 PM

Are there any Michigan filers from the Detroit office?
What is your timeline?

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