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K123     05/22/2018 21:35 PM

PD: 8/3/2017
FD: 8/29/2017
Current Status: Case is in line for an interview

I know that June filers from Brooklyn have received their interview scheduled notice in May 2018.

Is there any updates from July and August Filers?


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God's time is the best     05/22/2018 18:20 PM

What documents are required/needed at the N400 interview? I need some advise before I get scheduled for interview.

Kindly advise.


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txn400     05/22/2018 13:12 PM

Am scheduled for interview on Jun 12th and am contemplating name change due to delays. Do you have any idea of time taken to receive oath date for name change cases based on prior cases?

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ppanakanti     05/22/2018 00:47 AM

Anyone attended interview at Dallas Field office last week of this week and please share the experience. Also what documents are needed other than mentioned in interview notice. Also are they doing Oath schedule same day (same day or monday/thursday). I have interview tomorrow. PD 01/27/2017

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TICOENTX     05/22/2018 10:05 AM

PD: 3/6/17
FP: 3/14/17
CASE STATUS CHANGE: Case in line for an interview: 12/21/17
CASE STATUS CHANGE: interview scheduled : 5/15/18



long journey but finally getting closer to the end

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mirelesjp     05/22/2018 09:22 AM

Hi y'all
question for the forum
This is my timeline:
- File 11AUG2017
- Fingerprints SEP2017
- In line for interview 10OCT2017
No news since
Base on other posts. it is taking about 14 months in Houston and my son turns 18 in NOV2018, which means it is very likely he will be 18 years old by the time my wife and I will have the interview scheduled.

Can anybody give me some info on what happens in a case like this?

Thank you

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Ducnguyen94     05/22/2018 03:30 AM

So here is my N400 timeline (Houston, TX)

PD: 03/06/2017
FP: 04/03/2017
Case in line for an interview: 04/21/2017
Waiting waiting and waiting. Countless time of checking my case status for over a year... And!!!
On May 14, 2018, we scheduled an interview for your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, Receipt Number NBC*xxxxxxx. We will mail you an interview notice.

I’m so happy that after 13 months of waiting, finally my interview was scheduled. It’s a long long wait in Houston.

However, the case status changed on 05/14 and today is 05/22, been a week already (6 business days) but I still haven’t received my interview letter by mail :(. Does anyone know how long it should take to receive the interview letter after the interview was scheduled?

When I first filled my application, the application was under my old address. When I moved, I did change my address online and I received an e-mail confirmation for the address change with an AR-11 confirmation number. I just don’t know if they update that new address to my N400 application or not? I’m a bit worried.

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God's time is the best     05/21/2018 19:25 PM

Dallas filers,

if you have received an email or interview status change please keep us posted. It's been quiet in DALLAS for a while now.

Has any March filer received any notice? Last I heard was a February filer.


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SunshineState2013     05/21/2018 17:26 PM

I applied in late March 2017. As of today, May 21, 2018, I have not received an interview yet. Anybody else from Miami?

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Antonich     05/21/2018 13:40 PM

Hello, any Orlando FL Time line experience? Please share:)

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