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kanilkumar2k     09/20/2017 01:10 AM

PD: 2/22/17
FP: 3/20/17

After that its the same status "Fingerprint Appointment Was Scheduled". I did not see any change in status.

Please share your experiences if any one had similar experience for san francisco field office.

Thank you.

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hmtruong     09/19/2017 19:23 PM

Hi, my N400 is in line for interview for too long.
Apply Day: 12/30/16
Fingerprint taken day: 02/15/17
Case in line for interview: 02/23/17

Since then, I haven't had an appointment for interview yet. I called them twice and sent the inquiries, but they kept saying that my case is still in a reasonable processing time.

Applied in Des Moines, IA

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qubie     09/19/2017 13:50 PM

hi people

i am from Fort Lauderdale, FL

PD : 04/02/2017
FP : 04/26/2017
Case Is In Line For An Interview : 05/11/2017

status still didnt change since i gave my finger print. im an NBC applier. it has been more than 4 months now. should i get worried ? anyone knows how slow Fort Lauderdale office is ?

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hillven     09/19/2017 11:26 AM

Hello everyone,

I live in bayside queens, ny.
Uscis received my file on 1/30/2017
Fp date is 2/22/2017
Inline for interview 2/272017

Nothing until now.

My friend at Jackson heights already had his interview at the end of august.

I checked the field office processing time.
Long Island is way behind other field offices.
Is Long Island office handling my case?
It takes really long to get it processed.

Please share your experience.

Thank you all.

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cal547     09/19/2017 11:25 AM

Hi there !!

This is my experience...

December 2016 - Submited n400 form
January 2017 - Fingerprints at office
June 2017 - Interview letter
Late July 2017 - Interview

The outcome of the interview was the following:

Everything was very good , just one detail.

I didnt apply for the selective service , So I called selective service people and got a letter from them. I also read the USCIS manual and it tells that "people that doesnt have selective service and are above the age of 31 are available for us citizen. I sent both documents. They received the documents by august 10 , 2017 , I check website daily and still have the "Interview Was Scheduled".

Anybody knows what is happening ? time frame is normal ?

thanks !

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catslover1     09/19/2017 06:52 AM

Hi there,

    I submitted a request for the case outside process time. Does everyone know how long to wait until i hear an update from them?

Thank you in advance for any response

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engmmr2     09/19/2017 05:18 AM


Application submitted 05/09/2017

Fingerprint done 06/22/2017

In line for interview 08/28/2017 & no progress since then.

How long it will take to have the interview appointment ?

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snow99     09/19/2017 04:03 AM


I had my interview for naturalization on August 11th 2017. Two weeks later on August 24th my case was updated online. And since then it says '' We placed you in line for oath ceremony and will send you a notice for your receipt xxxxxxxxxx , with the date , time and location of your oath ceremony. ''

 I am located in Chicago. How long does it take to be scheduled in Chicago? I need to travel end of September with US passport.

 Does anyone has similar experience in Chicago?


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Jun2016Filer     09/19/2017 02:22 AM

I was pleasantly surprised to see that my status today moved to "Interview Scheduled".

PD: 6/1/2016
FP: 8/10/2016

My case had been in 'Biometrics notice sent' since July 2016. I wanted to post this message for everyone out there who have been waiting a long time. I've been noticing that I'm probably one of the very delayed cases so this should give hope to everyone who is still waiting.

Question for those who got into the "Interview Scheduled" state - how long does it take to receive the actual invitation letter with the date/time on it? I've heard it can take up to a week in the best case scenario. Thoughts?

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mido boro     09/19/2017 00:09 AM

i will take an appointment in next 14 days (infopass) is this free or they will charge me???

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