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queensnewy     11/21/2017 16:28 PM

Applied On Sep/20/2017 online
got fingerprint oct/15/2017
on November/20/2017 got email saying your interview has been scheduled but haven't got letter yet which has date and time of interview on it!!!

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dguzman     11/21/2017 13:51 PM

Hello everyone,

I wanted to add my timeline here because it was helpful to me when I was going through the process to know the experience of others. I applied in Tampa and it took about 7 months from beginning to finsih. There was also a name change involved so I put the steps I followed for that as well. Good luck to you and congratulations!

Citizenship timeline

- 3/28/17 - Citizenship paperwork delivered
- 4/8/17 - Receipt received
- 4/12/17 - Biometrics Notification
- 4/14/17 - Biometric letter
- 4/25/17 - Biometrics appointment
- 4/27/17 - In line for interview notification
- 9/1/17 - Interview notification
- 9/8/17 - Interview letter
- 10/11/17 - Interview
- 10/16/17 - In line for Oath scheduling
- 10/19/17 - Notice of Oath date mailed
- 10/24/17 - Oath letter received
- 10/27/17 - Oath ceremony
- 10/30/17 - Applied for Passport (expedited)
- 11/6/17 - Received Passport

Changing name with citizenship
- Send in application for passport. You’ll be required to send in your proof of citizenship document, but it will be returned to you.
- Go to SSA for updated Social Security card (it takes 2 weeks for your name to be updated by INS) You’ll need to show your citizenship document!
- Get a new license - Bring your passport, your letter you just received at SSA. Some places allow you to register to vote there
- If you have Global Entry or TSA you’ll need to visit one of their offices in person to update your travel info, bring your new passport.
- Update all the airlines (Some require a picture ID be faxed in with a letter to update your name)

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Smail1983     11/21/2017 13:19 PM

Application sent december 2016
Fingerprint was in january 2017
Since then nothing changed. Showing fingerprint was scheduled
Scheduled info pass, many calls but nothing came out ,still waiting for interview letter , is there anybody from columbus ohio has the same timeline ? Thanks

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VP2012     11/21/2017 00:25 AM

Hello Everyone,
I called USCIS to check Status of my Application for N-400 which I applied in Houston, TX on Nov21, 2016 and the agent told me that they still processing September 2016 applications and It will take two more months to get any update on my case. So my question is I am hearing on this forum lot of people received interview call who applied in Nov15,2016 so does there case is different then my case or just online data what USCIS feeds here is not consistent? Its Hard to understand. Let me know what you guys thinks!

Thank you & All the best to you all.

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jj1923     11/20/2017 22:10 PM

Hi I just applied for my N-400 and it says that Estimated case completion time May 2019(16 months ) is this at least time I need to wait or it can be earlier than that ? I thought that it takes about 6 months and this is just frustrating if so.

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paulaimihelp     11/20/2017 17:46 PM

My estimated time for application completion shwn in the online account (11 months )
does anyone know if that the maximum include oath or 11 months to the interview ?

Any experience appreciated.


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aliraouf78     11/20/2017 10:29 AM

Hello people,

Is there any DALLAS field office OCTOBER or NOVEMBER 2016 filer that got their interview letter yet?

I applied 11/15/2016
Inline for interview 09/7/2017

2.5 months since last change and still nothing, overall it's been 12 months and 5 days now, has any NOVEMBER or OCTOBER filer received an interview letter?

Good luck to everyone

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vjpointer     11/19/2017 17:40 PM

Does anyone have experience with their green card expiring while in the process for applying for citizenship?

My green card expires in mid December. Do I need to apply for a new one or get a year extension?
I read somewhere that they won’t give you the year extension if you’ve already applied to be a citizen.

Filed in NYC in January and did biometrics in February. Still waiting for interview.

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ellette     11/18/2017 23:04 PM

Hello, everyone! I'm from Pennsylvania. My interview will be on November 28th at Philadelphia office. Anybody here who will be interviewed on that same day as mine? How's it going with your preparation? :)

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Sewodotatiana     11/18/2017 20:45 PM

My interview is in a few days here and I am nervous. Scared I will forget something on the Civic. I have studied and studied and now all the answers but am not the best Test taker. Very nervous only of the test. Any advice???

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