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pavkaur     07/18/2019 00:33 AM

waiting for ead .....case status says case was recd on dec 5,2018.....nothing is happening....waiting is killing me.....if nebody can advise

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Flamingo87     07/17/2019 22:33 PM

I am a 14 November filet from NJ, NBC,today is the day which I could submit an inquiry, I started my inquiry online, they rejected it stating that my case is within the processing time ,it doesn’t make any sense since they posted that 14 November filers could inquire today , I am bewildered how such unprofessionalism happens with USCIS , unbelievable

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Gijane     07/17/2019 18:34 PM

So yesterday I noticed the alert on my app saying that the card was being produced. Today I noticed that the card was mailed so I’m trying to know how soon it will get to me will it be sent with the social security and also when will they send the form 797 to me . I have 2 schools waiting on these documents I have a month until school starts I’m freakin out I cannot miss this upcoming semester.

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Lovelysoul29     07/17/2019 17:25 PM

Once the ead card is mailed ...
how do you get the tracking number ?
Will it come priority mail and require signature ?
When will I receive the social security number?

PD 1/4//19
Bio 3/7/19
RFE 4/17/19
Ready scheldue interview 5/15/17
Interview was scheduled 5/17/19
Interview 6/27/19 Queens,NY (NYC) federal plaza
New card being produced 7/15/19
Card was mailed to me 7/17/19
RFE 7/1/19 medical exam
RFE response 7/8/19

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gari     07/17/2019 14:40 PM


I have applied L2-EAD(first-time, new application) on 13 May 2019 and received I-797C on 20 May 2019 stating my application is received. Please advice when can I expect my EAD. Is bio-metric required for L2-EAD? Is there anything I should do to expedite it.

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BKBD     07/17/2019 00:17 AM

What’s the process to expedite through USCIS? I understand Congressman isn’t able to do so anymore and can only do follow ups. Do I just mail request to USCIS ?

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ezappa88     07/17/2019 11:57 AM

Hi all,

just want to share my experience. I found this to be very useful.

Currently in J1 status, applied AOS marriage based green card, NYC filer, no lawyers involved (I actually went to a lawyer, who said I didn't need one). Applied for I-485, I-130, I-765 and I-131 at NBC. Here is my timeline:

12/06/18: case was received
01/17/19: biometrics appointment
01/23/19: fingerprint review completed
05/29/19: case is ready to be scheduled for an interview.
07/10/19: new card is being produced (216 days!)
07/12/19: card was mailed
07/15/19: received (via mail) I-131 & I-765 approval notice. Note: online I-131 is still "case was received"
07/17/2019: received EAD + AP combo card in the mail

No expedite requests, just waiting. For all new filers: it looks like NBC is taking approximately 7 months on average to process EAD/AP cards (ridiculous, but that seems the new normal). I was lucky that my J1 visa is valid until 08/31/19, but we should be aware that processing times have "exploded" in the last year or two.

Good luck to anybody! Now waiting for interview to be scheduled...


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pkasiulka     07/17/2019 10:44 AM

Hi, has anyone received ‘Request for initial evidence’ - what the hell is it?
I’m stressing out now :(

Employment based application - My timeline:

PD: 12/28/2018
BIO: 01/31/2019
EAD card in production: 07/13/2019
Card mailed: 07/16/2019
Request for initial evidence: 07/17/2019

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Lillyray     07/17/2019 10:27 AM

So my lawyer got an email that EAD approved. But nothing online is updated.

Also no update on advanced parole.

When you guys get new card being produced does it say for both i765 and i131?

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Lillyray     07/17/2019 09:47 AM

Is there anyone still waiting for ead from October???

Please share cause it feels like I’m the only one left :(

Everyday I get a different story from a different officer.

No RFEs, expedite through Congress is a joke, SRs unanswered. So hopeless

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