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Amia     01/19/2019 10:32 AM

I need some advise here. I am a US Citizen and I am petitioning for my husband .



Marriage C9

West Palm Beach


Expedite 01/17/2019 for Financial Hardship due to a Job Offer 02/04/19.

My question is , how long doe is take o get a response back as well as do they let you know if they receive the fax sent.

We have not hear whether or not if his back ground or finger prints has been complete,

All we see if the payments for the finger prints has been process .

I am stress, frustrated and worried.

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Lovenepal     01/18/2019 16:38 PM

Please share your experience

Anyone got a Ead approval notice letter on mail.
But Uscis online case status is still case was received ???
Approval date was dec 26.

Teaxs service center
Thank u

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Lovenepal     01/18/2019 16:33 PM

My ead card approval date is dec 26 but
Still dont received ead card?
 Can i call uscis costomar center for case details?
If i call uscis center any risk for my case ?
Please need share hour experience..

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forumguest     01/17/2019 18:34 PM

PD: Mid May, 2018
Biometrics taken: June 14
SR: Nov 5 (nothing happened)
Nov 28: called to Expedite
Dec 4: USCIS requested evidence
Dec 6: Evidence Sent
Dec 14: Card has been produced (finally)
8 days later card in hand.

One would think that the renewal process is quick..Advise: apply in advance.. the wait was painful ! I missed a couple of trips/family events out of the country.

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mr.coolboy     01/17/2019 17:02 PM

I know lot of people waiting desperately for EAD and i know its hard waiting for months for the same. Beyond a point when we tried everything possible from our side, the best way is to focus on other important things in life.

I know a time when i was badly short of time to do anything else other than working jobs and making money and burnt out. Now i have all the time in the world.....getting up late in the morning..watch movies all day ..going to gym everyday and do whatever i want and whenever i want.....for people waiting for EAD's...take this as a oppurtunity to do what you enjoy the most in life....read...watch movies and meet up with friends ...play sports....build some muscle and most important try to live every moment...the best of things happen in life when we least expect the things to happen....so everyone stay positive and enjoy the beauty of life. As the wait continues, good luck to everyone with their expedites and hope all is well.

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5JulFiler     01/17/2019 15:38 PM


I have been waiting for my EAD for more than 6 months, so I am already out of normal processing time:

c9, marriage to USC

PD: 07/05/2018

08/09/2018: "Biometrics completed" (last status for I-765)

11/21/2018: I-485 "Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview"

12/28/2018: Tried to contact Senator (he never answered)

01/10/2019: Tried to contact Congressman (still waiting for his answer)


01/11/2019: Submitted expedite request based of severe financial loss calling USCIS. The lady was very kind and understanding, and said that she was writing about my situation while submitting the request: no job, my wife is pregnant, medical bills, etc. She took note of my email address and confirmed it two times. She said that USCIS would contact me back about my request between 1-2 weeks.

Then, next morning I received this 3 updates online, each one separated to the other only by 20-30 minutes :

"On January 12, 2019, your request to have your case expedited, referral number TXXXXXXXXXXX, was completed.

On January 12, 2019, we sent a response to your request to have your case expedited, referral number TXXXXXXXXXXX.

On January 12, 2019, your request to have your case expedited, referral number TXXXXXXXXXXX, was assigned to an officer for response."

Effectively, at the same time on January 12 I received an email from USCIS saying: "We received your request to expedite the decision on your application. Your case is currently under review. You will receive a decision or notice of further action shortly". But, surprisingly, at least for the moment they have never asked me for any proof of evidence as usual, as I can see in other posts and forums (though I have them ready to fax if they ask).

2 days ago (01/15/2018) I called USCIS again asking if there is already a decision about my expedite request and they said that it is still "under review" and they should contact shortly to my email address. I haven't received neither any physical letter from USCIS about this expedite during the last days.

My questions are:

- Is it possible that they can approve an expedite request without asking for proofs of evidence, because of being already out of normal processing time and considering the particular emergency that customer service representative detailed in the request by phone?

- Having the status "Our request to have your case expedited WAS COMPLETED" means that they already don't need and will no ask me for any proof of evidence? Or they can still send me an email/letter asking to fax them?

Anyone in the same situation or similar experience?

Thank you very much in advance.

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l2eadrenewal     01/17/2019 02:27 AM

Hello All,

I have a question. I stay in Sunnyvale , CA. But our attorneys who filed my EAD renewal are in Boston. Any idea which processing center might pick our case? I am yet to receive a receipt.

My current EAD expires on April 26, 2019

Category: A18

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Aliward1     01/16/2019 20:09 PM

Hello, has anyone in las Vegas recently filed for an EAD? how long did it take?

and in general how much does it help to expedite the case?

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Lovenepal     01/16/2019 04:56 AM

Hlw friend Please suggest me
My ead approve date is dec 26 .
But still dont take ead !! 3 week past after approval .
So can i call uscis costmor center and ask him for case details?

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pollou12     01/15/2019 21:49 PM

Hey is there any August or September filers here?
My case has been stuck on "Fingerprint was received, NBC will be working on your case". Is anyone else on the same boat?

I've seen people have RFE usually by now but they haven't even asked me for any RFEs.

I know I'm still within the 4- 6 month waiting time but it just feels they're not working on my case, I'm on the 4th month and I'm hoping to get updates at my 5th month, I'll keep you guys posted if I get any updates.

I'm filling from AR and NBC is working on my case.
Please share your experiences bc I'm getting desperate :/

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