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Aksana90     09/17/2019 17:01 PM

My EAD was approved on September 11. The status changed to "New card is being produced". Do you know how long might it take to receive a card? I live in Texas and my petition was submitted to NBC. Do you know if I can call and ask them from a tracking number? Thanks

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Thisbs     09/17/2019 16:54 PM

So last week I got the RFE for My AOS, and it's asking for another "birth certificate in the foreign language" - I sent the English translated version cuz that's what I thought they wanted. And my lawyers didn't say anything about that.

So now I've ordered the other version and I can soon send it in. But, my lawyer says I should go in to their office with everything and have them send it. The thing is, last time they were sitting on our papers over a month before filing it all (we gave them everything by beginning of November, they sent our paperwork in by the end of December). Should o just go ahead and send it myself? Go to the office, have them confirm everything seems in order and then just take it and send it myself? I can't just sit and wait more. Since my EAD case is in hold until they get the response for my other I-485.

What would you do? And how long after the response does it take to get an approved EAD?

RD December 31st
Biometrics February 14
1st SR July 31
2nd SR September 3
RFE sent September 9

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nomorepatience     09/17/2019 15:48 PM

Well guys:

Today I got this email from the senator’s office
Good Day,


Thank you for contacting Senator’s office for assistance with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). We have contacted the appropriate officials to express Senator Toomey’s interest in your case. Below is their response. Our expedite request has been granted. Please let me know if you have any questions. We will continue to follow up on the status of your case and provide updates as we receive them.

Thank you for your inquiry regarding this constituent’s immigration matter. This case will be routed for expedited processing. Once this case is reviewed, your constituent will receive a decision or notice of further action. Due to the extremely high volume of expedite requests for this case type, there are numerous cases involving exigent or humanitarian issues already in the expedite queue, and we are unable to provide a specific timeframe for the expedited review. The strict enforcement of the expedite criteria means that all cases sent for expeditious handling are urgent, and we assure you that this case will be adjudicated as soon as possible.”

What do you guys think?
I feel very positive about this email

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Banvar     09/17/2019 15:21 PM

My EAD is approved on 9/13. How long does it take to be arrived by mail?

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zack83     09/17/2019 14:58 PM

I finally got answer on sep 12 on second SR and this is what they said:

Type of service requested:
 -- Outside Normal Processing Times

The status of this service request is:

Your case is currently under review. You should receive a decision or notice of other action shortly.

Is this good news??? Called uscis yesterday and tier 1 told me that my case is assigned to officer for review. Did anyone get this message and got approved soon after?? Thanks

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Dreamernyc     09/17/2019 14:01 PM

Hey all,

Is it ok travel overseas with the AP ( EAD combo ) ?!


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ariana     09/17/2019 11:20 AM

Expedited request on last month September 30th and sent document via FAX as well but still no response.... any idea how much time generally they take once submitted Expedite request....

Should I contact to congress man or Ombudsman, their involvement can help on my case.. I am waiting for EAD extension from January 2019.... Any suggestion ....

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Eva1989     09/17/2019 10:33 AM

I submit an ER yesterday (severe financial lost ) thought - Emma representative, i am praying they update my case after this, my PD date is 10/19/18 - AOS is 11 months already

I already submitted a SR on 08/19/19 which was answered "due to the work load my case will experienced delay"

I am really hoping this will help me to get my EAD.

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X24     09/17/2019 10:28 AM

Hi everyone! Status of my EAD says “New Card is Being Produced” but on my AP application stays “Case was received”. Will I still receive the Combo card?

Date Filed: July 1, 2019
Receipt Date: July 4, 2019
Biometrics Date: August 1, 2019
August 4, 2019: Case Status Changed to Fingerprint Review Was Completed for I485 (AOS) & I765 (EAD). I131 (AP) remained Case was Received.
September 16, 2019: I765 (EAD) case status changed to New Card Being produced on my case tracker app.
Service Center: Texas to NBC
Application Type: Employment Based, EB3

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yeik1020     09/17/2019 10:27 AM


Just discovered that my I-765 was updated with:

September 13, 2019

Fingerprint Review Was Completed
As of September 13, 2019, we completed our review of your fingerprints and are working on your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization...

Does anyone know how long will it take to get the card?

PD 05/24
Bio I-765: August 1st
Bio I-485: Sept 13
Marriage based.

I know that it could take an eternity yet (3.5 - 5.5 months), I am just touching the 4 months mark, but those who received the EAD recently, how long did it take since the fingerprints reviewed update? Thank you.

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