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pdnov29     05/20/2019 11:06 AM

Can any November filers send me the link to the whatsapp group please :)

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Lovelysoul29     05/19/2019 23:18 PM

PD 1//4/19 case received I 130 /I 131/ I 485/ I 765
4/18/19 RFE for I-130 (wasn’t signed and additional proof of marriage)
4/26/19 sent response for RFE
5/1/19 USCIS recieved response
5/15/19 we are ready to scheldue your interview (i-485)
Case status ;testing and interview
5/17/19 I-485 we have scheldue your interview

Meanwhile nothing yet on the EAD or travel document
Also there is no courtesy letter for medical

Adjustment of status
Marriage to US citizen
NYC (queens)

What does the case status mean (testing and interview for I-485 (do anyone know ?
I see a lot of people are getting scheldue for interview fairly quickly ? Just after submitting application ..
This seems backwards no ead but interview scheldue?????
Anyone know what’s going on with Uscis

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LanaTomas     05/19/2019 17:44 PM

I don't know why I got it so fast, I submitted mine April 20 and I just got the notifiction that my card is already in productions, I am so happy I thought I had to wait 7 months

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March19     05/19/2019 00:12 AM

Any newark filer willing to share their timeline to give me an idea? My PD 3/6/19. Ready to scedule 4/15/19. How long did it take you to get ead and how long to get interview in newark. Please share. TIA

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nimroo     05/18/2019 21:09 PM

Hi all,

I finally received the interview letter for my I-485 application. There is a template list of items to bring to the interview session. One of them is birth certificate. My birth certificate is not with me right now, though I can ask my parents to mail it to me. My first question is that do they really check my original birth certificate? I had submitted a copy of that with certified English copy when filing. Now that they want to see the original BC, is it OK that I translate it for them myself? I may not have enough time to have that translated in my home country and then have them shipped to me. I wonder if myself can be the translator of my BC and of course I am fluent in both languages.

May you input the documents that immigrant officers ask for at the time of the interview? I assume the actual items are different from the templated list. I had never here from anyone to present his/her BC at the interview for example. Many thanks for helping me to prepare for the interview. It may be one of the most important days of my life :-|

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nimroo     05/18/2019 21:03 PM

Employment-based, NBC

PD: Feb 20, 2018

RD of primary applicant for I-485, I-131, I-765: Oct 01, 2018
RD of dependent applicant for I-485, I-131, I-765: Jan 25, 2019
Courtesy Letter for medical of primary applicant: Mar 18, 2019
Ready to schedule I-485 for primary applicant: Mar 22, 2019
Approval of I-765 and I-131 of the primary applicant: Mar 28, 2019
EAD/AP card of the primary applicant in hand: Apr 04, 2019
Interview is scheduled for primary applicant: May 13, 2019
Interview letter for primary applicant in hand: May 18, 2019
Interview date for primary applicant: Jun 20, 2019

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Mupuwi     05/18/2019 16:48 PM

Been a long road. I received my combo EAD card today. No problems with USPS. Good luck to everyone.
October 4 RD
Interview is scheduled.

Keep the faith my friends!!!!

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EmZe     05/18/2019 13:44 PM

I keep getting an email saying “ we’re are still reviewing your case and there is no update at the moment” ugh waiting since 194 days it really sucks!

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nikolakis     05/18/2019 00:37 AM

Hi all,

I am new here, and I have a question, as I am willing to expedite my EAD. If this matters, I am greek. Thank you very much for your time in advance :)

I-765, I-485, I-130 Submitted: 11 March 2019 at NBC.
Biometrics appointment: 11 April
Biometrics completed: 15 April.

I have currently a job offer starting 26 of August in a big company in the Bay Area. And, the statistics of the processing time seem to be long, so I would like to try to expedite my case. I know that the job offer itself does not guarantee 100% success on the expedite but I will give a try.

Question 1: may I attempt to expedite my EAD right now or wait till 11 of June that 3 months will already be passed?

Question 2: I will claim financial loss to myself if I lose that offer. Currently I am a postdoc and my job ends on Feb 2020. Should I also ask my company to write a letter for financial loss if I don't go on time, to improve my case? I know, it's a big company so it might be difficult for them to claim it, but maybe they could.

Question 3: I read many posts about EAD expedite through a congressman, and I really do not understand what are the steps for that. Should I go to the congressman, and they do everything, namely they call USCIS, they fax documents etc? Or, should I call myself USCIS, and then go to the congressman?

Good luck to all waiting :)

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davy-Jay     05/18/2019 10:13 AM

PD- feb 5

Fingerprint- March 5

Expedition through congresman office - May 13
2 job offers
parent sick emergence

does anyone knows how long it takes o hear back after expedition ur case ? share ur experiences please . TIRED OF WAITING

married filed based EAD card


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