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lbbell     02/16/2020 16:51 PM

Hello guys!

How long does ead approval take after the “expedite request approved” notice on I765

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Rashmi Sidana     02/15/2020 00:42 AM

Hi all

My EAD has misplaced by USPS. They were having the wrong apartment no #45 given to them by USCIS. This apartment number doesn't even exist in my building and my apartment no is #455. It is showing it has delivered however, I never received it.
I discussed with USPS supervisor, he investigated the card and concluded it has lost. He agrees to give me in writing that it has misplaced and lost.

I have all the evidence that I have given the right apartment number to USCIS. It's not my fault.
I am thinking to send all the proofs to USCIS and will request them to resend the card.
Does this work?? What should I do? I don't have a job and reapplying the form means more $500 and 3 months more delay. Please suggest..
Thank you

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mira20     02/15/2020 10:21 AM

Hi all,
Anyone here submitted EAD (I-765) in Nebraska office? Am wondering how long processing time is there? Thanks!

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KhalidMH     02/15/2020 01:02 AM

So I just received an update today “New card is being produced” how long do you guys think it will take until I get it in the mail?

NBC pd July 7, 2019

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lbbell     02/15/2020 00:50 AM

12/20/2019 PD
01/22/2020 Biometrics appointment
01/28/2020 requested ead expedite via Emma live chat
01/29/2020 USCIS asked additional evidence for expedite, I faxed them the same day
01/30/2020 fingerprints taken online update on I 485
02/10/2020 Expedite request approved.
02/10/2020 RFE on I 485 (birth Certificate) I sent with my Package already
02/11/2020 Courtesy letter for medical exam
02/12/2020 case is ready to be scheduled for an interview (even though I didn't send the RFE yet there is no more hold on my case everything is back to normal) I talked to a Uscis representative via Emma chat and she said there is no hold on my case due to RFE. If you get notices online that may be because they are working on your case actively she said.
However, I will still send the RFE to be sure, my lawyer said she will take care of it

Somebody has similar situation? When I should expect my dad to be approved after expedite approval?

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Vraj     02/14/2020 21:25 PM

Hello people

My i-765 & i-131 are updated to Case was Approved. However, my i-131 approval notice shows validity of only 1 month!!!

Will I be getting a combo card? If yes, how to verify the validity of Advance Parole because validity on I-765 will not be 1 month I guess. Anyone with similar experience???

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fade     02/14/2020 18:46 PM

Today, I called USCIS again... and got transferred to a Tier 2 officer.
I asked when I'm expecting to hear something back regarding my SR for out of normal processing time... they said before or on Feb, 26th.... However, since I have congressional expedite approval, they might not response to that SR... When I asked about that expedite, they told me to ask congressman instead of them...
They told me that they don't know what's going on with my case...
Monday is another holiday for USCIS....
I give up, gg.

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jj.0512     02/14/2020 16:36 PM

Hello All,

Can you please let me know if any of you got L2 EAD renewal approved during similar time line?

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aaa8     02/14/2020 16:31 PM

Hi all,

I am on c08 (pending asylum) category. I applied for EAD and the Notice of Action was received on Aug 9th 2019. Since then there has been no update. I have been following with the senator's office, no help, last thing the office staff said is that, according to USCIS, my case is still in background check.

I already lost my job (was working with an J1 employment authorizarion,so cannot benefit from EAD renewal policy).

I am devastated and soon will have no money to pay for rent. My home country is war-torn and is not an option. I started looking for jobs in Euorope. I don't know what else to do.

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Almosthere     02/14/2020 15:51 PM

Hi everyone!

Finally I got good news! I am married to LPR, submitted my I-485, I-131 and I-765 forms in California Center, later transferred to NBC. My PD. July 18th.

On 2/11/2020 my case went outside of normal processing time. I called USCIS and the tier 2 was rude and told me to call the next day. That same day I mailed the form to the Congressman's office asking for help.

On 2/13/2020 I called the Congressman's office and talked to the Director of Casework. She was very nice and efficient. She sent the request that same day. Hours later my I-485 changed to "Interview Ready to Be Scheduled" and today to "Interview was Scheduled". I guess I will receive a notice in the next days.

My I-131 and I-765 is still showing "Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken".

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