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Bailey1     10/14/2019 21:16 PM

Hi everyone,

I have an educational trip coming up in January, but I didn’t realize Advance Parole would take 120 days and my AP will show up at least a month after my planned trip.

Has it taken less time for any of you?

Thank you!!

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richmondsmith8989     10/14/2019 02:20 AM

Hi, guys just want to share my experience with traveling with advance parole. I traveled to Ghana and Nigeria with it, did not have any problems. When I arrived in U.S. all they said was to follow the red line to the second inspection room and hand your document to the officer. Within 15 minutes called my name hand me my passport and the A.Parole, didn't ask me any question. All he said was if I brought any language with me it will at the baggage area. That was it. Thank God!!!! So guys is safe to travel with it.

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MattRenshaw     10/13/2019 14:53 PM

Hi Guys,

I'm looking to travel back home to England for Christmas.

Is it safe to travel with Advance Parole?

Some people say it's OK other people say you can only travel for an emergency?

Please advise...

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Mike E     10/11/2019 09:36 AM

My wife returned from a two week family visit in Myanmar in October 2019.

At the airport in Uangon, Myanmar, the airline check in clearly rejected her combo card.

After she shower then the CBP Carrier Information Guide, the clerk brought in a supervisor, who glanced at the combo card and told the clerk to issue a boarding pass.

Connecting in Taipei was no problem. No one looked at her card.

At SFO whe was in immigration and customs for 3 hours. 2 hours to queue up for the passport control booth. Then sent to secondary and an hour waiting her turn. When her turn cane they didn’t ask any questions and after scanning her combo card sent her to the customs secondary inspection with her checked luggage. Customs secondary inspection immediately released her.

She said that while in the secondary inspection waiting room, the CBP officers were very kind:

* They ordered pizza for people who had been there a long time or we’re going to held there a long time.

* When asked, they would call family members explaining why their loved ones were not in the arrivals hall yet.

Except for the wait time it was a good experience and she would do it again.

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Clare91     10/10/2019 21:51 PM

Hey guys, I have had my EAD/advanced parole combo card since May 2019. Me & my husband got married September 2018 & we filed i765 & i485. We are awaiting our interview date. My EAD/AP combo card is valid until March 2020 & I haven’t used it yet but my Grandma is sick & I would like to visit Ireland. I entered the US 10 years ago as a tourist & ended up staying! My worry is will I be okay re-entering the US after my trip to Ireland? Will the fact I overstayed affect my re-entry? Does advanced parole guarantee my re-entry? Super nervous to travel outside the US but would love to see my Grandma as she is very ill. Please any advise would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all.

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Sara88     10/10/2019 15:20 PM

Hi everyone, I have obtained my ead card with advance parole. However I still have a pending vawa application (with a prima facie approval). Am I safe to travel or will this be an issue when getting questioned?


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Preenx     10/09/2019 14:53 PM

Hi Everyone have been an ardent reader of this forum and it has really helped me along the way wanna share my experience so someone out there could be of help one way or another
I got married to a US citizen in April 2017 and applied for my I765 and I485 in feb 22 2018

Priority date: Feb 22 2018
Biometrics was delayed
RFE for Birth cert: March 20 2018
April 18 2018 responded to RFE
May 3 2018 action completed approved for filing
EAD approval notice: July 16 2018
Ead card took 2 month because they dont have my fingerprints and biometrics every time I called customer service I was told to be patient until I receive letter for biometrics until I demanded to speak to level 2 officer 1st week of August the following week i received a letter for Biometrics which was scheduled for Aug 30 2018
Biometrics done Aug 30 2018
Sep 2 2018: case is ready to be scheduled for interview
Sep 6 2018: received interview letter for October 22 2018
Sep 25 2018: EAD card in hand
Oct 19 2018: we reschedule the interview we were going through hard times wasn't working at the time and we were living separately because our last apartment was up in August 2018 and we couldn't get a new apartment had to live with a friend and wify (US Citizen ) was living with her parent
Nov 2018: interview reschedule for Dec 07 2018
Dec 07 2018: we went for interview and it was an African IO who was gonna interview us. we didn't go with a lawyer because we felt ours was genuine but we have only 3 joint docs which were bank statements ipl Bill's and car insurance my wife who was the petitioner has a felony in 2012 so we couldn't get apartment on both our names and it makes it even harder so on the interview day IO was really mean and strict called in my wife 1st ask her questions like where she worked before she forgot some of the things we filled cos we didn't make a copy IO was not finding it funny she answered most of the questions but was asked if she was been payed for the marriage she was so upset that she has to respond no and why would she accept money from her husband I was later called in i swore an oath answered all the yes n no questions and he started with how we met where we met first date where we got married who propose where did I propose etc which I responded well but he kept asking since you were here with B1 tourist visa why didn't you go back just give him answers that my country was in crisis so I had to remain here after interview he said case will be reviewed
March 2019: Interview was canceled
March 2019: EAD renewal was received
April/May 2019: I kept calling to get update on my case and feedback was still pending
July 2019: I called customer service and ask to speak to level 2 officer who I got connected to after an hour told her my plight that my EAD had expired even though I applied for renewal I dont have an ID to present and cant apply for a job she did service request and in Aug 2019 update
Aug 2019: 2nd Interview was scheduled
we were abit nervous cos we dont know what we were going to face next so we hired a lawyer she helped us get prepared and told us the docs we need to present
Sep 17 2019: 2nd interview well we were interviewed together and the officer was really nice he asked us what joint documents we have before we proceed with the interview so we gave him
bank statements
Car insurance
Bill's and mails from our new n previous apartments
Hotel receipts
Life insurance
Flight ticket receipts
Calls records
Reference letter from a friend
Joint tax returns
Sep 24 2019: Case was approved
Sep 28 2019: Green card in hand and it was 10yrs since our marriage is more than 2yrs old
So friends just take your mind off it while you wait try and add value to yourself get more joint documents and pray about it God is Awesome! Cant thank Him enough

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romr     10/06/2019 20:27 PM


I have EAD/AP I married a US citizen, I enter to the United States with a B1/Tourist Visa, We married on September 7 just one month before my 6 month lawful stay, then we Applied on October 6, then I overstay 7 month and then on April I receive my EAD/AP, we are planning to go to Mexico on the next November and then on December 2019, is is safe to go and come back with my advanced parole even that I overstayed for 7 months after my 6 month permit on B1 tourist visa?

So my question is if I overstayed 7 months before I got my EAD/AP is it safe to go out of the country and come back with any problems?

Thank you!

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Saima1213     10/05/2019 05:44 AM


I'm an American citizen but my dad has a pending status for some time now. He has used AP twice before to go back to India for weddings. But last year he left abruptly due to the death of his family member without an AP. It had been more than a year he's been out of US and now I'm pregnant with my first baby after 10 years of being married and I want him to be here in the US for my baby's delivery. It would mean the world to me and him. Is there anyway that I could apply for an AP while he's outside the us? Please guide me. Have any of you deal with something similar?

Thank you in advance,
Awaiting your response


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Blesss     10/02/2019 20:05 PM

Hi everybody, I want to share my experience with combo card.
I wen To Brazil, last month October, I spend 10 days there, when I come back
It was pretty simple, on window the officer just asked me what is the reason for my trip and then I went to the room, they didn’t ask me anything and less of 5min I was good to go!
So don’t be scared go see your family, enjoy your trip and come back safe!
I can’t wait to my next trip!

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