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sfojourney     04/03/2019 14:52 PM

I wanted to share my timeline as I have now finally received the AP authorization.

FYI - I am the wife of a USC and my adjustment of status is still pending, filed I-485 and I-130 in Dec 2017 in San Francisco. Back then, when I simultaneously applied for my EAD I did not know I could have also asked for a combo card so at that time I did not file a I-131.

9 Jan 2019 - filed form I-131 due to family member ill back home in Europe
20 Mar 2019 - email to check status updated - showing case was approved
22 Mar 2019 - status changed to "fingerprint review was completed" (I did not have to do it again, they had them since Jan 2018)
25 Mar 2019 - got by post the original notice I-797 confirming case was approved
1 Apr 2019 - got by post the original document, called I-512L Authorization for parole of an alien into the united states, which now allows me multiple travels for the next year.

So all in all less than 3 months.

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yihao94     03/31/2019 01:42 AM

I am petitioner for my wife’s green card application as well as Combo card application. The case is goes really smooth and quick after we move to another state. Below is the timeline for my wife’s combo card application.
2018 September 11: submit I765 I131 as well as I 130 and I485
September 17: received message that USCIS received our cases.
September 22: received notice in the mail.
October 1: received a date and time for finger-print.
October 11: attend the appointment for finger-print.

Since then, no responsed for 5 months and no update until we move to another state.

2019 Feb 13: submit form AR-11 for changeing address
On the same date: the request of change address was assigned to an officer and completed to change address.
Feb 20: the new card is being produced and will be mail to our home.
Feb 23: the card has been mailed. USCIS said “The card will be in the mailbox within 15days”
Feb 26: request tracking number for combo card.
Feb 27: received combo card in the mail.
On the same date, we booked our ticket to our home country to visit our friend and parent. And we will back to the state tomorrow. Hope everything will go smooth.
So the wait time for combo card is just under 6 months for my case.
Hope this timeline will help you all.

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carl123     03/23/2019 07:30 AM

My AOS is pending. We had our interview last aug 2018 and until now we have not receive any notice. I have a combo card EAD was expired on july 2018 but was able to renewed it and gor extended for 180 days(jan 3 2019). But I left USA december of last year dec 3,2018 planning to comeback before jan 3. But I got sick and still taking medication. My combo card just released and its valid now for march 16 2019 to 2020. I can come back now there in the US but I am afraid they will say I abandoned my application. What should I do? Can I safely comeback?

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Leawa     03/23/2019 01:52 AM

I am a pregnant UK citizen, I have EAD card with AP. However I overstayed ESTA visa before for more than 180 days but less than 1 year.. I want to go to uk for just under 6 months to give birth with my husband with me. i485 greencard through marriage to us citizen is still being processed waiting for interview.
I Will return with US citizen baby and US husband will they deny me re-entry for 3 years? Would they separate a family like that and send me back to UK?

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v212552     03/12/2019 11:13 AM

Hi All,

For the fields, Date of Intended Departure and Expected Length of Trip, can I just leave it blank if they are unknown? Or do I have to write out "Unknown" for both?

Please share your experience.

Thank you in advance. G'luck to us all.

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oscar1     03/11/2019 13:42 PM

Hello, I have a pending AOS and will receive my AP soon. I overstayed 3 years and i got arrested 2 years ago accusing shoplifting. I never accepted my guilt and the judge didn't question me at all just gave me 2 days community service that's all.

it was 2 years ago, i am married to a US citizen. do you think will I have a problem for sure when I will try to enter to the USA with my AP? Did anyone have an experience like this?

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tex793     03/04/2019 09:33 AM

I'm confused about this advance parole. pls, help me. I have a pending adjustment of status but my advance parole has been approved. planning of visiting my country for 2 weeks. Do I need to get a visa when coming back to America with my advance parole been approved or i dont need any visa. I'm worried about coming back because my passport is still valid but my 2 years visa that was given to me has expired. Pls, reply if you have any valid answer.

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Moch123     03/02/2019 20:11 PM


I’m planning to travel with my advance parole and EAD combo card for the first time to Canada next month. Can you guys advise what documents you bring with you other than the AP/EAD card (and passport obviously)?


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anonym9     03/01/2019 10:22 AM

Wanted to share my experience with advance parole.

I booked a trip to Germany for 10 days. Left the US with no problems when I returned to the US I just had to go to the interview room waited 30 min and the just asked me what I did during my trip. Afterwards, they gave me the parole stamp.

No complications at all. I was able to enter the US without any hassle.

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Cali6557     02/28/2019 18:12 PM

Hello everyone! Can i travel using my Advance Parole while waiting for the result of the AOS INTERVIEW? (marriage based) It’s been 50 days and no update yet. I want to travel home and see my parents, this is so stressful ...

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