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Family Based Greencard

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My I485 and I130 got denied without an interview
I applied in early 2020 for a green card based on marriage and today was my adjustment of status interview. When we went to USCIS office, the officer asked us if we have been outside the country recently and my wife answered yes so he told that we can’t enter the building due to COVID concerns. He told us that a supervisor is coming out to talk to us about rescheduling the appointment. We talked to the supervisor and she told us that we should get a notice in the mail for the new appointment......etc. She also took my appointment notice with her to make sure they don’t make a mistake.

A few hours later I got an email saying that my both I130 and I485 applications were denied. I am really shocked!!!. Can someone help me make sense of what happened?. Is it possible that they consider us a no show and denied the applications?
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RFE from USCIS - "submit document for corresponding translation" though I've submitted copy of original Birth Certificate in English format (i.e.FORM-5) during initial I-130 petition filling
I've been requested in USCIS RFE saying that "submit a photocopy of the original foreign language birth certificate with English translation by certified translator". But I've submitted photocopy of the original English format birth certificate in initial I-130 petition filling.
Since I've submitted original English format of birth certificate why USCIS again asking foreign language birth certificate with English translation in this case ? I'm confused and not sure what would be the best option ? can someone suggest ?
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green card mailed
Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to share my experience of getting the marriage based green card (H1b to GC, married to American citizen) during COVID times. I submitted application on the 15th of September, 2020 and my status changed to "card is mailed" for I485 today on May7th 2021. The process went smoothly. I gave my biometrics on January 2021 and our interview was scheduled for May3rd 2021 (San Antonio, Texas). The officer was very friendly. Of all things, my spouse got our marriage date wrong lol because she was pretty nervous. But the officer was chilled and made her feel at ease. We submitted a lot of documents, so he took his time to go through them and asked pretty basic questions about DOB, address and our relationship with each other and our in laws since I am from India. It lasted around an hour. He did not stamp my passport immediately but the online status changed on the day of "new card is being produced", so it was pretty quick. My advice is submit as many relationship evidence docs as you can and bring copies of everything to the interview. He could not find one or two documents in the original application (because it was a pile). But when I immediately produced a copy, he thanked me and was impressed. Does not hurt to make his job easier. Especially, if you applied for the case and you know where all the documents are (if your attorney did make sure you know the type of documents, it helps sometimes). Hope my experience answers some of your questions and helps you. Good luck to everyone!
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I-130 For my parents
Hello! I am filing the application for my dad and I’m on the part where it asks “Additional Evidende” to. Upload proof of
•Religious record
•School records
•Census records
•Written statements
I am submitting their marriage certificate and my birth certificate where it shows they are my parents so I don’t understand.
Can anybody help or explain please?
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CSPA for Consular Processing (I-824) - Green Card for Daughter
My 140 got approved in Dec 2013. I got my GC in EB1 Category on 14 oct 2016.

For my daughter we started consular processing, submitted the application for action on an Approved petition (Form I-824) in Dec 2018 acknowledged in March 2019 and finally approved in Feb 2020.

After the case was opened we submitted the DS-260 in October 2020 and on Feb 4 2021 received notification from NVC that documentation is received and should wait for appointment.

We submitted an expedited request to NVC as she will age out on June 7 2021 (21 years old ) and NVC forwarded the case to Mumbai Embassy. Her preference category is E1. Priority Date is Dec 5 2013.

Currently due to pandemic there are extreme delays so wanted to know will she have CSPA leverage? Any help on what can be done at this stage?
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I-130 for my parents
Hello friends,
So I was trying to file I-130 for my parents online. So in past five years address history, so in that section, there must be from and to duration. But for my present address, they are not letting me write from date to present. It has to be mm/dd/yyyy format. So how can I write present in that box ?
Please suggest if anyone knows.
Thank you
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Family based green card
Hello House ,
I am a green card holder and i am planning to file for my family . What forms and documents do i need ? Thank you
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Marriage based Green Card timeline: Pittsburgh office
Hey folks!

Thought I should share my marriage-based Greencard timeline with you all. Maybe it'll provide some timeframe of processing in these Covid times. As always, your case timelines may differ and this does not constitute any immigration advice in any fashion or form. We are in Pittsburgh PA

Case type: Married to an American Citizen.

Application mailed on: July 07, 2020 (main forms I-130 and I-485). We also filed I-131 (application for travel) and I-765 (application for work permit).
We did not include medical forms I-693, as we intended to take that to our interview.
Application received by USCIS: July 09, 2020
Filing Notice arrived in mail (I-797C): July 27, 2020
Biometrics scheduled on: Jan 06, 2021
Employment card received: March 14, 2021 (a combo Employment/Travel card )
Interview scheduled on: March 30, 2021
Green Card received: April 04, 2021

Total time duration from day of application shipping to receiving GC in mail: 8 months and 28 days.

ps: In Dec 2020, I prepared my medical records in a sealed envelope from a USCIS approved doctor in anticipation of things moving forward as this process may take a few weeks.
ps: We had a very kind interviewing officer and our application was approved the same day after our interview (permitting background check). The same day, the online status showed the card was being produced.
ps: Aug 02, 2020, we moved to a different address and submitted a change of address request online (Did not affect the timeline in anyway, we think).
ps: We took our sealed medical records to the interview and did not submit it with the initial application.

Most importantly, Keep faith guys and do not lose hope or get discouraged. I know that it is easier said than done, but it will work out. Godspeed and Good luck!
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Is anyone here who recently filed "I-130 Petition for Alien Relative" for Spouse on Citizenship bases.
My i-797 says' your application processing at Nebraska service Center.
Estimated time range is 2 Months to 7 Months for U.S. citizen filing for a spouse.

If i change my address while apllicaion in processing does it change the Service center.
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Hi all, so I applied for i751 in November 2019 and March 2021 my case was approved and my status has been sitting like that for a while. Till now they didn’t send my card into production. My case status still shows that case was approved and I have received my approval letter as well. Upon calling USCIS they asked me to wait for 30-60 days for my card to be sent out whereas there are people who already received their cards within a week or so. My application was received at WAC and later transferred to NBC where my case was approved. Can anyone shared their similar experience and how did you get it sorted out please. Thanks in advance.
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