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I130 - Where to add parents' birth certificate?
Hi Everyone,
I recently filed i130 for both of my parents living in India, however, I did not find any option to add their birth certificate anywhere on the form. Is it even required to add their birth certificate anywhere or was I just mistaken? I did add my birth certificate with both of their names listed on it. Please advise. Thanks!
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Cryptic messace fom CEAC
Having successfully managed my wife's immigration petition back in 2015, I am now attempting to manage her petition for her son. We provided all the asked for documents plus two additional documents that the Ho Chi Minh Consulate asks for. The last ones went in on 29 May 21. On 21 Jun 21 we got a message that read as follows: "NVC cannot review your submitted documents until we have received all of the required documents DS-260, Civil Documents and Financial Documents. Once these documents have been submitted, we will review your case. Please follow your CEAC Home page and" Both messages were the same.

The problem we have is that we have no idea which documents have not been received. The document submission pages, both Affidavit of Support for us and Civil Documents for him show only that the documents are submitted. I have sent a query in via the Ask NVC Form linked on the page but have had no reply.

I am suspicious that CEAC may have thought some of the uploads of poor quality. I had to compress a few of the files to stay under the 2 MB size limit. Could this be the reason. If so, I wish they had said so and I could look to another method of compression. Has anyone else had this experience.
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Hi all,

I have filed I-130 for my wife and kids. and on my USCIS account under "case status" tab it says: "It is being processed at our Nebraska Service Center location." However, at the end of on notice letter it says "Potomac service center". Which one should I rely on? Does anyone have the same experience?
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Case is actively reviewed
My online case status on 06/12/2021 has shown CASE IS BEING ACTIVELY REVIEWING. I filed i 130 in February 2021 for my wife outside US. its in nebraska service center. Do any one here has any idea why my case is showing its reviewing.
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Haven't received case number yet after filing I130
Just have a concern. I filed I130 for my wife who is outside of US. It's been more than month. Still I haven't received my receipt no. Is USCIS very slow at the moment? Thanks!
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Hey guys , I submitted my mom's gc application with all the forms required thru my lawyer. Since my mom do not have birth certificate we attached her 10th exam marksheet with her dob on it and also affidavits. Now I got a notice stating that they need bc of my mom lol. I was like I already submitted the secondary evidence. But most stupid thing I read was they are asking 130A form which is spouse beneficiary form but this is for my mom not for spouse. Do you think they send this by mistake
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Hi everyone, I have question and would be very happy if anyone can share experiences, knowledge, information. My green card is expiring on September 19, 2021. I will be filing my I751 on June 20th. Can I travel internationally after I submit my I751 with a valid green card or do I have to wait for a receipt to travel? Will I have any problem upon my return with a valid green card but no receipt? And what happens if my receipt arrives before I come back to the US?
Thank you!
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i-130 under Extended Review
Spouse of USC
It has been 18 months and still waiting.
Transferred from Texas to California in June 2020 last year.
In Nov 2020, we contacted Congressman who informed us that Washington Field Office is in receipt of our petition.
In May 2021, we came to know through Congressman inquiry that our case is under EXTENDED REVIEW.
We have had no update/notice from USCIS whatsoever…
Anybody in the same boat? Please get in touch.
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i 130
Hello everyone, am a greencard holder, i filled i 130 for my wife living abroad my pirioty date is February 2021. My case is with nebraska service center. How long should i expect to get my approval. Any similar case or ideas.
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Please my gran mum filled for visa for her children including my mum that's a widow the priority date is 1/sep/2015 and the date she received the latter was on the 18/mar/2021 my brother was born in 1995 and i was born in 1998 but our names were removed from the latter my junior brother name was included, i want to know if we are eligible for CSPA and the step to follow. Thankls
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