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Renewing Greencard

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second 1751 interview coming up
guys please help me out ?has anyone had two 1751 interviews ?i just got letter to attend a second interview in two week ?
first interview was very brief and the interviewer requested more evidence after we was done ..
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Waiting game..
I tracked my i175 application and I saw it was delivered on the 22nd of March 2021. I haven't gotten any mail or my extension . How long do I have to wait? Plus can I get a new job with an extension letter?
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I 751
Hi everyone i have my experience (remove condition)

1) Requirement form submitted
2) case was received (9-28-20)
3) i received an extension (receipt)
4)case was updated to show finger prints wer take (3-25-21)
??) i emailed my atty. said im not required for biometric... ??????
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I-751 process
I want to share my ROC process based on form I-751 for others to see how long will take to get a new 10 year greencard.

About us: We live in NY and we sent application without legal Assistance.

Documents sent:

Cover letter
Suv lease
Tax returns for ty 2018,2019 and 2020 (fed & state)
Bank Statements
Health insurance
Car insurance
Copy of State id
Copy of passport
Other related evidence that confirms address and relationship.

We went a little crazy and ups box weighted 6.30 lbs. lol

Form 1-751 was sent on 03/23/2021. received and signed 03/25/2021. Check is still uncashed. Will keep all of you posted to see how long is going to take or if we receive any letters.
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I-90 Application
Both me and my wife submitted our I-90 green card renewal on the same day (February 8) and then we both got our 12 months extension letter on (March 8) Recently my wife got send a letter about her biometrics reused on (March 18) And now they made her card and mail it and will be getting it soon. Me on the other hand haven't gotten any biometric letter yet or no updates, as i keep checking the uscis website on my case. We both file on the same day and at the same place and office. My question is has anybody else experience this before or shed some light on me?? I hope i get some notification or my card too, soon. Looking forward to some of your answers, thank you.
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I filed my 1-751 January 26th of 2020 and got my extension a week later and went for biometric on March 9th and I haven’t heard anything since.I keep checking my case status and it’s been the same since March 2020.Case was updated to show fingerprint was taken.I live in Maryland and my petition was mailed to the Texas processing office.Did anyone had to wait this long for their green card to the approved.
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Am yet to go for my 10years green card....we file married jointly taxes in 2019 and in 2020 we wanna to do married file separate...can someone please let me know if is going to affect my greencard renewal for my 10years....
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I -751 Biometrics and Interview Waiver Timeline March 15, 2021
Filed 751 end of June 2020.

Received waiver for Biometrics in July.

Received notification today that "New Card is Being Produced".

No Interview at all.

Will be filing N-400 in April

Hope you have a fast processing as we did, Ed.
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I-751 Case Approved (SSM)
Here's my timeline:
March 2020 - submitted and received I-751 application.
March 2020 - received 18 months extension.
September 2020 - fingerprints (biometrics) from the previous background check were applied (due to the pandemic)
August 2020 - changed the address.
December 2020 - case transferred to a different office (CA to MO)
February 17, 2021 - card production (my birthday)
February 19, 2021 - USCIS mailed the card.
February 22, 2021 - Post office picked up the card.
February 24, 2021 - Post office delivered the card.

Mine took longer than I expected, but it doesn't matter because I have the card now. Felt so relieved and peaceful.
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I-90 application
I have applied for I-90 back in December 2020 and I have received I-751 right away. Since then I have not heard from them. My grrencard will expire in April and I am a little worried because I just learn the process may take 10 to 12 months.

I learn if the application was submitted this year, I-751 would come with extention for greencard.
Should I resubmit it to get the extention or is there a way to get updated I-751 with extention wordings?

If anybody know I highly appreciate your help!!

Thank you in advance.
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