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Renewing Greencard

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Renewing conditional GC
Hello everyone! My green card expires in march 2023. But me and my wife we are in process to get a divorce because she cheated and she’s pregnant with another guys baby. I can’t get the divorce finalize until her baby’s born and I won’t be able to get the decree on time for my time to renew. Can someone give me some advice or recommendations on what to do. Thanks
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Married to USC, travelling to Inida while I765 is pending with expunged misdemeanor record
Hi all,

I'm travelling to India net month for 3 weeks, I already applied for my i765 back in Aug 2021 and waiting for update, I have an arrest record for theft under $500 back in 2016 while I was on my F1 visa, which is Nolle Prosequi and the record is expunged back in 2017 by the court, what're the chances I would face any issues at port of entry when I land in US, I'm traveling with my USC wife through out the journey. I will be traveling with my expired GC, extension receipt for 24 months, my valid Indian passport, US state drivers license.
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Potomac Approved
Hello Potomac,

Here’s my timeline ( applied only I-751)
July 15,2020
Aug 03,2020 payment deduct
silent …..
July 29,2021 Biometric in person
Aug 26,2022 - status change to new card being is produced
Aug 29,2022- status change to Case was approved
Aug 31,2022- status change to Card was mailed to me

Card is not yet on hand but just let my potomac filers to give a news :) i know the feelings guys been checking for 26 months .. message me anytime .. Good luck everyone :) Thank you everyone:)

note: i received 18 and 24 extension letter
No Interview / No Lawyer
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Unemployment benefit effect on removing condition in GreenCard
Hello People,

I have recently lost my job and I am thinking to apply for unemployment benefit. I am actively applying but no luck yet.

Currently I have conditional green card (marriage based for 2 years). I am renewing in October (as per 180 days window).

Please suggest if Unemployment benefit would affect my Green card renewal process or not?

Pleased share your experience if possible. I would appreciate any help or suggestion.

Thanks and Good Luck.
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Green card renewal experience
This site has been good resource for me to gauge the timeline I should expect so just wanted to pay back by posting my experience.

A lot of websites and blogs here mentions 10-12 months timeline which is not accurate. My timeline as follows:

8/8/22 - applied I-90 online
8/9 - online status says “We are actively reviewing your Form I-90”
8/16 -online status says “ We are producing your new card for your Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card”
8/19 -The Post Office picked up mail containing your new card.
8/22 - received the card in mailbox.

In total it took 14 calendar days. Also, I didn’t have to give the biometric, I received a letter saying so on 8/16. I saw few similar experiences posted and I wasn’t sure what to believe. So if you are reading this, the process isn’t that bad as it seems on online platforms. Hopefully it was helpful. Goodluck!
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Hi guys ,

Anyone in potomac which date already approved !! been waiting July 15,2020 and still waiting it’s going to be 25months in few days!! i didn’t apply n400.. i will apply once i got the green card first !!I called USCIs nothing happen just talking the machine !!! so frustrated !! in the system potomac process it takes 23.5 wow i’m already going 25 months … ridiculous ….
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Form I-751 supporting documents
I relied HEAVY on this forum when we first did the adjustment of status.
Submitting form I-751 this week, to remove conditions. (married to USC)
G-1145 Form
Form I-751
Our last 2 tax returns
Joint Savings account statement (last 4 months)
Joint Checking account statement (last 5 months)
Utility bills w/ names + address
Car insurance in both names
Last 6 mortgage statements
My passport copy + USC wife passport copy
Copy of my 2 year PRC
Affidavits from her mom and dad
Pictures of us traveling internationally and domestically.
Check written out for $680

What am I missing or should add?
Any information much appreciated as I'm stressing as always over these filings.
Got married in April 2019.
Met junior year go high school which was 2013...

Do I need to send 2 passport style photos with this filing form?
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I have a question to ask if someone can answer I would greatly appreciate it I have applied for I-751 but when I sign on the form I-751 it was before 90 days but when I submit my application through FedEx it was within 90 days period. Will they return my application since I signed the form 1 day prior
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No Update Yet for I-751
I am from Michigan and Nebraska is my service center. I sent my I-751 package August 10, 2021 and USCIS received it on August 11, 2021. I received a text from them that they received it, also the website says “Case Received. After 10 days I received a letter of extension for 18 months. And then again received a 24 months extension via mail. Then received a letter from them saying that my biometric was re-used.. no updates until now, website still says “Case Was Received” I am about to file for my N-400 this August but I don’t know if I am going to or not. I need some advice please.

Thank you.
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Processing time for I 751
Hello everyone.
Anyone apply in Denver for remove the conditions on green card( form I751).
I apply in early April 2021, they receive the paperwork on July 28th 2021 and that’s it.
I apply for citizen in March 2022, but of course nothing as well.
Anyone with any results from a Denver .
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