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Renewing Greencard

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New Card Being Produced
Hi everyone been reading you guys story for a while had my interview today to remove condition me and my husband went for our interview they ask us a bunch of question like it was our first interview smh. I swear its who you get at these interview y'all they even seperated us and ask us multiple questions like
How many bedrooms
How many tv in the house
What color is the fridge
What color was our bed spread
What we ate for dinner last night
What kinda tv shows my spouse watch smh
A whole bunch of stupid question sk guys please make sure you have y'all answer the same if you ever get separated

We took tax return bills insurance more pics etc

Finally when i got home an check thr website for update it says New Card Being. Produced

Hope this is helpful have any question just ask and GOOD LUCK YALL
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New 751 receipt notice
Has anyone received their new 24 months extension receipt notice yet? just curious
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Removing conditions on 2 year green card
Hello all,

I'm about to apply to remove conditions on my 2 year GC. Is it important to send I 864 ? This affidavit is required for most family-based immigrants to show that the US citizen has adequate means of financials to support the spouse.
My husband is currently unemployed but I do make more than enough to support both of us. I remember that I 864 ( Affidavit of financial support) was a requirement while filing for a Green card through I 485 ( even though we didn't need it earlier).
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Green card delivery
Hi guys.

I have a question regarding a green card renewal delivery. This is actually my first green card renewal and have received a notice of action I-797 in the mail. Question for those who received the new card in the mail. Does USPS deliver the new card in the mailbox or do you have to be present at the address with a valid id and sign to receive the new card? I ask this because I read the article below and I will be abroad for few months and may miss the delivery. Any experience from you guys are much appreciated. Thank you in advance. Stay safe and have a wonderful day.

With all the recent media coverage regarding issues with the delivery of the mail, it is no wonder that USCIS is adopting changes that will permit them to confirm that important documents have been delivered via USPS to the intended recipient. Effective October 2, 2020, USCIS will begin us U.S. Postal Service’s Signature Confirmation Restricted Delivery service for all USCIS secure identification documents (such as Permanent Resident Cards and Employment Authorization Documents). The U.S. Postal Service’s Signature Confirmation Restricted Delivery (SCRD) service will allow USCIS to track the date and time an item was delivered and that the package is delivered to the intended recipient. However, this change to the method of delivery presents complications for foreign nationals awaiting these documents.
Delivery requires recipient to present an acceptable U.S. identity document
The U.S. Postal Service will only allow the intended recipient to sign for the delivery. To prove their identity, recipients must provide a valid U.S. identity document. Foreign Nationals who lack an acceptable identity document, such as a state-issued drivers’ license or a document containing a picture issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, may be unable to receive their delivery directly.
Recipient must be physically present to receive documents
Being physically present to accept delivery poses a number of challenges to foreign nationals, especially considering that mail is generally delivered during normal business hours when a foreign national is generally not physically present and it may not be possible to determine when the document will arrive. It is possible to instruct USCIS to send the documents in care of the foreign national’s attorney, but the attorney must also be physically present and provide acceptable identity documentation when the document is delivered. The document cannot be signed for by another employee in the attorney’s office. It is likely that the attorney would not be able to amend their schedule to wait for the delivery.
Designate an agent to receive mail on your behalf
It is possible for the foreign national to arrange to designate an agent to receive mail on their behalf by completing Form PS 3801. Their agent must be someone who can present a valid U.S. identity document and be physically present when the document arrives.
Arrange to pick up the document at a USPS facility
If a foreign national, or their designated agent have a valid U.S. identity document, they can also make arrangements to pick up the documents from a USPS facility. When an attempted delivery is missed, the mail carrier will leave a Form PS 3849 that will include instructions for contacting the U.S. Postal Service to arrange redelivery or pick up.
Track your deliveries
You can sign up for USPS Informed Delivery which includes notifications of all mail to be delivered each day, along with a helpful app to facilitate the tracking process.
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Address Change
It has been more than 30 days since I moved to a different state, I have changed my address online but i have not yet received official receipt from USCIS only email when i changed my address. Anyone has advice for me, please? or share their experience.
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Finger prints
I went to get my finger prints done today to remove the conditions from my green card. The lady was only able to finger print three of the five fingers on both of my hands for some reason. She could not get them to pick the other two up. Finally she said oh it’s fine they have three fingers from each hand and sent me on my way. Has this happened to anyone before? Worried it’s going to delay my case. Thanks.
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I-751 - Case Transferred to Another Office
I filled (Jointly) for ROC in July 2020 and my service center is Potomac (YSC), I never moved/changed addresses. I have been following up with the case but the last update was January 22 2021 when the status was changed to "The fingerprints relating to your Form I-751 Petition to Remove Condition on Residence, were Taken" and since then there hasn't been any other update until this afternoon when I check and saw this update " On August 26, 2021, we transferred your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, Receipt Number YSC **** **** **, to another office for processing and sent you a transfer notice. The notice explains why we transferred your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your notice by September 25, 2021, please go to to request a copy of the notice. If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address."
Please has anyone received this type of update before and what would be the next step(s)?

Looking forward to your responses, Thanks all ..... Please see below my timeline.

August 26, 2021 Case Transferred To Another Office
January 22, 2021 The fingerprints relating to your Form I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, were taken.
July 28, 2020 We received your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence
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Traveling Guidelines
Hello everyone!

My husband's conditional greencard expires in Feb 2022. Meaning we'll file the petition to remove the confitions 90 days prior (a date in Novemeber).

We have international travel plans for Christmas time, and are wondering whether or not he needs anything additional than his current conditional greencard? This will still be valid at the time of departure and returning. So I'm thinking it shouldn't be an issue. However, I was wondering if the receipt that we'll receive once we petition to remove the conditons will be necessary to have with.

If the reciept is needed, I wanted to see how everyone's timeline experience with getting a receipt notice back after petioning is going. We'll have roughly three weeks between petitioning and departing for international travel. Not sure if that would be enough time to receive the reciept notice in the mail or not.

Location: Washington DC

Thank you in advance to anyone who can shed light on this situation!
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I-751 question.
Hello guys, first off thanks to this forum it’s very helpful and I’m glad we could help each other here. I have a quick question about the biometric appointment - do they call you right now or they just retrieve the fingerprints from your first submission. I have been reading people sharing their experiences and it looks like we don’t have to go again and they just run the check on existing ones? Thanks a lot!
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Reminder notice
Hey guys
My conditional green card expires in November 2021 and I got a reminder notice yesterday to remember and file I-751 application between 90 days window before my card expired. Is this how everybody is receiving the message?
Your response would be appreciated. Thanks
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