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Renewing Greencard

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Hello everyone!
I have a question about I-751 and fingerprint... My documents were received on Feb 2021, My case status is "Case was received" but that was 6 months ago and I haven't received any notification about reusing my fingerprints or an appointment to do it again.
I see most of the people receive notifications like that.
Is someone else in the same situation?
My first green card was issued in California but my new residence is in NJ and we changed the address as soon as we moved to the east coast, few months before sending all the documents.

Thank you much!!
Good Luck!!
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Form I-751
Hi everyone,

Hope all is well.

I just have a quick question regarding the Form I-751. This goes to those who have recently filed for I-751. Is there an updated form that you used or you used the expired one on the USCIS site? (expired December 31, 2019). I am about to file mine next month and I am just a little worried that they might gonna sent it back to me coz the form is not up to date.

Your inputs are very much appreciated Thank you so much.
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Case approved Texas

This week I got a text from USCIS stating my I751 has been approved!

It’s based on marriage and it got approved faster than what I thought….

Package reviewed 3/1/2021
Fingerprints reused 4/21/2021
Case has been approved 8/7/2021
Card has been ordered 9/7/2021

It only took 4 months to get my conditions removed and I am glad it went this fast

We have been married now since 2017 (Same sex marriage)

We didn’t have to attend to any interview at this time.

We sent a lot of evidence of Bonafide marriage:

1-) Bank statements with all the accounts in both names (2 years proof)
2-) Joint taxes last 3 years
3-) Utility bills last 3 years.
4-) Car insurance
5-) Car titles (Both names)
6-) House documents both names
7-) Pictures with both families
8-) Traveling tickets from vacations
9-) Cellphone bills

It was well organized which is key so they understand your file and makes their job easier. Trust me, they appreciate a file that is organized.
My husband was married before for a long time and we are 42 years apart… Don’t be afraid just be honest and show them it’s real love because LOVE ALWAYS WIN!

We wish you good look to those who are still waiting God has a plan for y’all just trust him.

Now the next step is citizenship!

If you have any question, just ask.

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(Worth Reading) Approved I-751 Without Interview!
Hi All,

Just wanted to give you some info for those who are interested in getting their application approved without any worry and to have a peace of mind. I applied based on divorce waiver and here's what I sent:

1. Form G-1145
2. A Check for $680 (filing fee for Form I-751 ($595) Plus biometric services fee ($85)
3. Form I-751
4. Copies of the front and back of Permanent Resident Card

● Documents to serve as Evidence of the Relationship:

5. Joint IRS tax return transcript
6. Joint federal tax return
7. Electric Utility bills
8. Joint bank account statements
9. Joint apartment lease agreement
10. Multiple joint renter insurance for different dates
11. Spouse listed as Beneficiary on my life insurance
13. Myself listed as Beneficiary on Spouse’s life insurance
14. Myself listed on Spouse’s health insurance for Vision and Dental
15. Myself’s and Spouse’s pay stubs showing same address
16. Joint Airline travel itinerary for vacation
17. Joint state income tax refund
18. My car joint auto insurance
19. Spouse's car joint auto insurance
20. Multiple mail for myself and Spouse showing same address
21. Multiple emails for packages showing both names
22. Assorted photos with family and friends
23. My statement describing the circumstances of divorce
24. Certified copy of divorce decree

1/8/2021 Case Received.
3/8/2021 Fingerprints reused.
7/7/2021 We ordered your new card.
7/8/2021 Case was approved.

Hopefully, this helps those with waiver filling as well. My center was Texas...
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I551 stamp waiting for i751 approval
Did anyone ever get a I551 stamp? Did they take your green card?
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Update on my I-751; APPROVED !!!.... BOSTON OFFICE
Below is my time line :
July 7, 2021 New Card Is Being Produced
June 3, 2021 We scheduled an interview for your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence.
June 1, 2021 We are ready to schedule your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, for an interview.
December 17, 2020 We transferred your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, to another USCIS office that now has jurisdiction over your case.
December 16, 2020 Your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, was transferred to another office for processing.
July 14, 2020 The fingerprints relating to your Form I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, were taken.
June 24, 2020 We received your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence.
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Questions about Renewal
Hello family,
Need your help. I have a few questions; my condition GC would be expiring in dec. My first question can I get a sample of affidavits from friends/family & 2nd question: I am staying with my wife in New Jersey; however, I have a got a job offer from Dallas, TX. As of now I would be moving to Dallas while my wife will be staying in NJ would that impact my GC renewal process and hope it is to file from NJ location as we have a house here.
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My package was received by USCIS on June 23 at 7:30am. Is normal my package being delivered so early at 7:30am by USPS?

Thank you!
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May 2021 Filers -GC exp Aug 2021

I filed last month on 27th and status changed to fingerprint were taken so I believe I don't have to show up for biometrics appointment this time. Are there others on the same boat and what's your status.

Thank you
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I-751 — I-551 stamp
Has anyone traveled with an I-551 stamp in their passport? Did you have any issues?
I got my I-551 stamp and they told me they had to keep my green card. I have a trip coming up in July, but not sure if it would be a good idea traveling with just the I-551 stamp
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