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H4 visa holder but also a student who seeks for a job...
Hello. My name is Julie and I am Canadian. I live in US since July 2003. My husband (also Canadian) holds a H1B and his now a permanent employee for the company he works for.
Since last February, I study at the California Culinary Academy in a Hospitality Management Program. I also have a Bachelor Degree in Communication that I got in 1998 in Canada.
Within the program I am attending at the CCA, there are credits extended with the completion of an externship in my field of sudy, which is hotel management. As I started my researches for potential extrernships, I realized that most of the hotels manager are not willing to have "volunteers" to work for free, especially big hotel chains, because they want to prevent themselves from legal issues with IRS departments, taxes and all that kind of things.
Then, what kind of work permit am I suppose to get in order to have the ability to work legally in the US and be able to finish the program I am in?
I have heard about the J visa but I red that you have to have some kind of prooves that you still have indeniable bonds with your country of origin, which I don't have anymore because I live here in the US with my husband for more than a year now...
What are my options ? Am I eligible for a TN visa even though the position I will probably have is not as a manager, but an entry-level position ?
I have been uselessly looking for an answer for a long time now... I really hope I knock at the right door with this email.
Please let me know any information that might help my situation.

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Hi! I have a questions and i hope somebody can help me. i have been in isa two times. First time i stayed one month and second i stayed 3 months. Seconnd time i lost my I-94 and they did't have my departure number when i left the country. How the embassy will know that i came back on time?
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Wages in India
I am thinking of gaining international experience, I have been working for several small companies in Mexico and I am very will versed in .net, sql and vb. I sometimes think about going to India, but I don't know about the cost of living for a single man in India and how much I can expect to earn over there, can some of you give me some estimates?
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H4 extension
I am on H1 and my family is on H4. We all had visa and I-94 expiring on 01/01/2005. Last year, i change job. I got new I-94 expiring in 2006. I am planning to change job again. Can i also apply for extending H4 visa for my family along with my H1 transfer?

I would appreciate if someone can answer that.

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H-4 Visa Suggestions needed -Query Reply

I'm trying to get H-4 visa for my daughter,I already sent required documentation/info and my wife viisted along with baby last month for the Visa Chennai Consulate.

Consulate had put 3 queries and I sent all the required Info again and we sent all the papers by dropbox,then after 1week we received again a letter from Consulate 'Persoanl Apperance'.

Can anyone suggest what type of questions we can expect now do they ask about greencard process or our plans in future , how did anyone replied/reacted inthi sistuation at Consulate.

I appreciate any advice or suggestions in this case..thanx in advance.
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I got my H-1B
Dear friends

I am working as a Oracle Apps Consultant in Dubai.

I have attended interview on 10th July, 2004. I got my Visa.

Following are the questions I faced...

1. From how many years you working in Dubai?
2. What are main activites of the company which is processed you H1B?
3. What you will do in that company (Duties)?
4. Are you taking your family now? (Married with two children)

They asked me to wait to pay fee...
Asked me to collect VISA stamped passport next day at 12 noon.

I fany body needs more information they can contact me.. at my email
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Help ---H1-B renual
Dear Friends,

    I came US in 2001 by company 'A' valid upto Nov'1 2003. I got a new job in Oct'2003 and company 'B' was filed my new H1 and ext. But unfortunatly I was laid off in Feb'04 and I got new job in Feb'04 itself and a company 'C' was filed my H1 on Feb 20 th 2004. Unfortunatly company 'B' terminated my H1 petition on Feb 12 2004. Now I got my new H1 approval and asked me to go chennai and get the extention. I got an appointment in Sep'04.

    Now is there any way I can make that appointment earlier to save my present job to get my visa early and please help me how is interviews in chnnai and what documentation need?

I request you to share your experience if anyone faced similar case and please prepare me to get my extention sucessfully.

  Thank you.

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h4 ext.
I had filled my h1 and h4 ext. for my self and family. after filling my wife went to india for emergency .I tell attorney about that and he told you have to file new application for my wife as once u leave the country previous application is no more valid .,is that true. So if filled new application for her with new I-94 card.and also get receipt for new application.Mean while i get approval for h1 and old application for my wife and daughter. Can i send those approval for (my wife) for stamping visa stamp on my passport and family passport ,or i have to wait for new approval for my wife to get stamped visa for my wife.

If any body have that situation pleas let me know. thanks
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VISA Stamping question
I am a H1b holder came to USA in 2000 sept.
Here is my status

1st H1B - 1999 aprial - 2002 Aprial

2nd H1B - 2002 aprial - 2004 Aprial

3rd H1B - just now filed (in Aprial before expiring the second) - by different company

I got the stamped for the first visa(1999-2002) and came to USA in 2000Sept.

After that second visa I didn't get it stamped

now the third visa is filed by another company.

My family is in India and planing to go to India in Sept after I get this approval.

I am thinking to get stamped my visa in india also my family stamping come back with them.

All these 4 years I am here in US

I am not sure about my stamping.Could you please suggest me is it good to get it stamped in India though my second visa I din't get stampped

Please help me.Mail me at [email protected]
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I recently applied for H4 visa for my wife, thru dropbox at Chennai. I received a huge RFE with almost 15 items(w2forms & notarized tax returns for the entire years I worked in US, photographs of both client premises and my sponsor company, and apartment, our phone statements, and a lot more confidential info. about my company.
I struggled for a month to collect all the documents and my wife got the visa issued at last.
it took 3 months altogether.
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