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India Passport Renewal - VFS - New York (Feb 2021)-Tatkal
Dropped off packet at FedEx New York on 1/23/2021 (Saturday).
FedEx delivered packet to VFS New York on 1/15/2021 (Monday).
Received email from "[email protected]" on 1/26/2021 (Tuesday) around 11 AM saying we have received your packet..but due to huge volume of applications your processing maybe delayed.

received email/text/status on VFS site that application was sent to Consulate on 1/26/21 evening.
checked status on india govt. site on 1/27/21 - said application received and processing.
checked status on india govt. site on 1/28/21 - said passport is approved or something.
checked status on india govt. site on 1/29/21 - said passport is being printed.
checked status on india govt. site on 1/30/21 - said officer sent out passport or something.

vfs sent text on 2/3/21 saying your document will be dispatched using the label you sent.
checked fedex tracking number on 2/4/21 - said still waiting to be picked up.
checked fedex tracking number on 2/5/21- said will be delivered by end of day 2/5/21. Received 10 years passport physical copy at home (with a 10 yr validity) at 4.07 PM from Fedex.

Have to figure out the i-94 extension part now.
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Passport Renewal- Tatkal- NYC
01/15/2021 - Package delivered to VFS NY.

01/25/2021-We have ‘Received’ your Application and your application is now ‘Under Process’ at New York

01/25/2021-Your Application has been ‘Processed’ at the VFS India Consular application Centre and currently is ‘In-Transit‘ to the Embassy of India/Consulate General of India for decision making.

Seems they realized it is tatkal after the envelope opening so it moved fast to the embassy.

01/27/2021- Passport printed

01/28/2021- Your document (s) is dispatched using the return label purchased or sent by you.


Dispatched on 02/03

02/04/2021 - Received passport
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Hi, I lost my Indian passport and applied for the reissue but fortunately found it & informed Indian Consulate, New York. Through PRAMIT, I tried to withdraw my application and wanted to know from them if I can use my found passport for travelling. PRAMIT replied that I should send them found passport which I did and they received also. VFS tracking shows my application has been sent to CGI, New York. PRAMIT has typical reply showing it under process. Is there any method that I can know from CGI, New York as to when I will get my passport. I have urgency visiting India within a week due to marriage in family. Any effective email address or any direct phone number of CGI, New York I can have.
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Passport Delivered in 2 Weeks - HOUSTON Consulate
I have some good experience with little bit delay to share with all people here -

-> Tracking:

1/12/2021 Sent Passport Package by Fedex
1/13/2021 Received Email from VFS for Package receipt
1/15/2021 ‘Received’ and ‘Under Process’ at Houston
1/20/2021 ‘Processed’ at the VFS, ‘In-Transit‘ to the Embassy
1/21/2021 Your application has reached the Embassy
1/26/2021 Sent an email to VFS for Status - [email protected] & [email protected] but they Responded on Jan 30th (After Embassy responded)
1/29/2021 Your application has been dispatched from Embassy
2/1/2021 Your application has been dispatched via courier
2/2/2021 Received Passport by Fedex (However, No tracking updated with the Shipping Label and it is just delivered)

-> Tracking:

1/23/2021 Passport application is under review at Indian Embassy/Consulate
1/24/2021 Print has been initiated for passport.
1/27/2021 Sent email to Indian Embassy Houston - [email protected]
1/28/2021 Received Response from Embassy - "You will get it in coming week"
1/29/2021 Passport has been Printed (It took 5-6 days to update from Print Initiated)
1/29/2021 Passport is printed and will be delivered shortly.
1/29/2021 Passport has been handed over by the Embassy/Consulate to the OSP executive for further dispatch to the applicant.

Few Points -
1. SMS service is not so useful, only received 2 text (For receiving the application and for Dispatching the Passport)
2. Sometimes Print Initiated takes 4-5 hours only but in my case it took 5-6 days so I sent email to Embassy and they responded in a day as well
3. I have never tried to call VFS since my status was keep updating within expected time
4. I sent the Return Envelope just in case but new Passport came in diff envelope. So the return Envelope is not required to sent but Fedex people confused me while dropping the application.

Overall, it was good Experience with proper documents without any Hassle. If anybody has questions regarding documents, I can try to help.
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Passport renewal - Washington DC - Normal processing

01/11/2021 - Shipped via FedEx.
01/13/2021 - Delivered - Washington, DC
01/21/2021 - We have ‘Received’ your Application and your application is now ‘Under Process’ at VFS India Consular Application Centre.
01/22/2021 - Your Application has been ‘Processed’ at the VFS India Consular application Centre and currently is ‘In-Transit‘ to the Embassy of India/Consulate General of India for decision making.

Passport Seva site:

Current status as of 02/02/2021 - Passport application is under review at Indian Embassy/Consulate.


Will update as the status changes. Thanks!

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Passport Renewal
Hi I am trying to login through Indian passport seva website to get the ARN number, the website is shitty and wont let me login and if it lets me login it wont let me process any other steps.

Any help is appreciated, my passport expires in a month.

Please help
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Passport dispatch status from VFS - San Francisco

I received below email from VFS on 28th Jan. Since then, there is no update. My UPS return label tracking ID doesn't show any status.

Anyone on the same boat?
I am not sure if it makes any sense to call their customer center, there are no concrete answers from them. On top of that, they charge $2.5 per minute!!

Dear Applicant,

Your Application has been reviewed by the Embassy of India/ Consulate General of India & will be dispatched within 24 – 48 business hours provided you had purchased or sent the return label.

Please note this is an auto - generated email. Kindly do not reply to this email.


VFS Global
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Indian Passport Renewal for Minor IN NYC Consulate
I have been worst impacted by the inefficiencies of both India Consulate and USCIS .
I would need some help in making a decision for my scenario. Any help or advise would help. Thank you.

My wife and son finally got their biometrics appoint from USCIS after so many expedite request for their H4 visa extension and EAD.
Filled - 2nd March 2020
Biometrics - 22nd Feb 2021 (Scheduled)

To attend Biometrics we would need a passport which has been with VFS/ and Now Indian Embassy since Nov 16 2020.
I had raised a pramit query on Jan 24 and have not received any response.

The current status is "Passport under review at the consulate" since Jan 18.
It has been 14 days and there has been no update. I have checked with the police station and they have not received any verification from the consulate.

I do not want to reschedule the biometrics with USCIS that took 11 months for a reschedule.

1) Can I contact the consulate in any other way to expedite this ? Is 18 days sufficient for getting the passport back
2) How can i get the old passport back from the consulate ? Is there any way ?

3) Is NYC embassy open for in person ? It is drive of 8 hours for me but i am willing to make the trip if i can get either my old passport or new passport back ?

Any response/advise is helpful .
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APPLICATION FORM submission on Passport Seva website
I have been trying to submit passport renewal application for 2 days and getting following error. I just completed 1. Passport Type 2. Application Details 3. Family Details 4. Applicant Address Details steps and started getting below error in step 1, 2, 3 in random fashion. Sometime I am not able to login. I tried different browser, clear cache and different laptop but still problem persist. I am planning to create different account to check if it would help.

Is anybody faced, facing same problem?

The portal is currently facing some technical problem.
Please try after some time.

Please click Home button to go to Home Page]
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Passport Renewal SFO Normal still pending - Dec 21st to unknown
My timeline for normal Passport renewal at SFO:
12/21 - Fedex delivered passport to VFS
12/30 - Email from VFS that they received the application.
1/1 - Email from VFS "Processed at the ICAC and In Transit to the Embassy"
1/4 - Reached the embassy
1/5 - Under review at the embassy
2/1 - the status changed to "Print has been initiated for the passport"
2/2 - "Initiation of police verification" email. Police verification happened same day in India
2/5 - No change in status.

I changed the Indian address in the passport. Everything else was the same. Last passport was also renewed in the US.
I have emailed the SFO consulate twice without any reply.
Is there any way to upgrade the application to Tatkal now as I have travel planned soon?
This is really depressing. I mailed the application on 19th december thinking I would get it back in time to travel to India at the end of February.
It looks like I will have to cancel and rebook.
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