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Query related to I797 validity
Hello Friends,

I need small info related to I797 validity, I have submitted my L1B Individual petition on 1st Feb 2019 in normal processing and it was approved in April 2020 and it was stamped recently on 7th April 2021 but my visa is valid till 31st Jan 2022 only. Although I was not in US but why still I797 validity starts from the day when we submit petition? Do I have to file for extension again after 31st Jan?
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Emergency Appointment
Hello guys,

Does anyone have experience with applying for emergency visa appointment? Do we know how easily/ frequently do consulates approve such requests?
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L2 VISA for my kid of age 3 years
Hello I have my wife and kids L2 VISA stamping on 16th and 20th. My son is 3 years old so does he needs to be there in person for Biometrics and PA ?

Any help will be appreciated.
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L1AI visa appointment
I have query, my visa was approved in Dec2nd 2020 with start date of Jan 2020, my employer had paid the visa fee but still unable to view the appointment dates for last 2 months.

My question is , can i migrate the profile from my employer and can schedule appointments using my account? Since I have lost 14months from my approved visa.

Any idea when will appointments will be visible for employers???
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L1 to H-1B (not counted towards cap)
I came to the US on F1 visa. When working on F1 OPT, my H1B was picked in the lottery. I moved to my home country in August before H-1B was approved. I received my H-1B approval when I was in my home country. Meanwhile, I worked for the same company in my home country and I got married. Later I and my spouse moved to the US on L1 (me) and L2 (my spouse) visa.

My questions and concern:
Can I use my prior H-1B approval to join a different company now?
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L1 A Visa Extension
Hello Guys,

I have submitted my L1 A Extension and got the receipt with the submission date as 30 Sep 2020. I was doing a follow-up on the date in the USCIS site, but it is already crossed by the Dates of Normal processing. Just want to know your experience on following up on these Dates. can we trust on these dates for processing or it takes it own time to process? any recent L1A extension approver can suggest or advice
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Booking an visa interview appointment
Hello guys,

I am trying to book an appointment for L1 visa interview at the Delhi embassy but not seeing any slots for OFC appointment for Delhi VAC. Other VACs are showing open slots. That said, I am also seeing that the first slot for interview at the Delhi embassy is available for Mar-30. Has anyone experienced this before? Also, what does this mean?
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Blanket L1-B Visa during COVID times
Describing my L1- B Visa interview experience in Chennai

The bio metrics appointment goes smooth. Just carry the required documents, they will attach a bar code to your passport, which will be scanned in the embassy.
- No inteview questions will be asked, just your name and date of birth for confirmation.

Interview experience:
- Waited in the queue outside the embassy for a really long time(1 - 1.5Hr). My appointment was at 10, I went in at 11:00
- Only half the booths inside were operating, hence the slow movement of the queue
- Once you enter, you will be guided at every turn, what to do, how to do etc.. (this goes smooth)

First you will be guided to the officer who will collect the - DD in the name of "U.S CONSULATE GENERAL CHENNAI" for L1 Fraud prevention fee of 500$ [paid in Rupees]

Then you move to the interview officer
(After handing over the documents to them -
 1. Three copies of 1-129,
 2. Three copies of L1 petition,
 3. Passport
 4. DS-160 confirmation)

Questions asked:

1. Which company ?
2. How long have you been working in the current team ?
3. Describe your work ?
4. So what changed now, why do you have to go there ? (Be confident when you give this answer)
5. What is your salary in U.S ?
6. How is your team distributed globally ?

(--- after checking some stuff on his PC ---)

Congratulations you Visa is approved

He kept one of the copies of 1-129 and L1 - petition and my Passport returend me the two copies after stamping them approved.

Overall, the process was smooth and the interview took ~5mins.
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L1A Individual @Mumbai
Fresh L1A- Individual, Mumbai - 17 March 2021

Background: 5 years already spent in US from 2014 to 2019 on L1B
Location: Mumbai
Biometrics: 16th March 2021: 10:30 AM, completed in 20 minutes
Consular Appointment: 17th March 2021: 11:20 AM.
VO: Hey so we have Family here. Good Morning Family
We: Good Morning officer
VO: Pass on your passport and i797
I: Passed passport and orignal i797

Question 1
Have you ever been to USA ?
Answer 1
Question 2
were you on the similar visa earlier also?
Answer 2
No, last time I was on L1B and this time its L1A-Individual

Question 3
From how many years you are with petitioner ?

Answer 3
From last 10.9 years but however overall I have 14.9 yrs of IT experience

Question 4
Have you ever left this company?

Answer 4

Question 5
Again same question, was their any gap in your experience from Abc ?

Answer 5

Question 6
Which Location you are going ?

Answer 6
SanJose, California

Question 7
Where were you in your previous assignment in US ?

Answer 7
Same location Sanjose, California

Question 8
so you have same client for these many year?

Answer 8
Yes I have same client from these many years but my project within xyz keep on changing.

Question 9
To whom you gona report in USA ?

Answer 9
My BRM Aaaa

Question 10
Who will report to you, What is your hierarchy ?

Answer 10
My Team 10 at onsite 2 offshore

Question 11
Where will you sit at client side or in abc ?
Answer 11
Ill be sitting at xyz office but at abc dedicated space.

Question 12
Do you have hire and fire authority ?

Answer 12
Yes I have hire authority for firing we have certain process where we need to involve HR into it.

VO greet us in a very good way but after that he was serious while asking questions. I think key point here is be confident  and loud your voice should reach out to them. Because of mask its more tough to communicate so VO must able to listen your answer. Last but not least wear business  suit and formal attitude :)
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Indian national Canadian resident - L/H visa stamping experience in India (Mar 2021)
Is there anyone who is an Indian national and Canadian resident try to get L/H visa stamping recently (Mar 2021) in India? Can you please share your experience - any issue getting appointment? Any issue in getting the stamping?
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