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L1-B Blanket Extension Denial
Hi All,

I got my L1-B Blanket Extension denied on Oct 5, 2020 which was filed under premium processing. I am travelling back to my home country within next 7 days but wanted to know if my employer can now apply for L1-B Individual immediately or will I need to again wait for 1 year to show employment with foreign employer for consecutive 12 months. Please note I was in US for all last 3 years on my L1-B visa. Please suggest, any leads will be highly appreciated.
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L1 visa OFC appointment
Hello Everyone,

I had completed my DS-160 application form in March 2020. Before I could book an appointment, the embassies were closed and the website was not allowing any appointments.
I visited the CGI website today and it is allowing me to book an OFC appointment. I think this is the biometric one but I am not sure if it is a good idea to book appointment as H1-B, L1 visas are blocked till December.
Did anyone book an OFC appointment recently ?
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Appointment for L1 Visa Interview

My L1 Blanket petition is filed and approved in march. Before i could go and schedule Visa appointment lock down has started.

I see that chennai US Consulate is now open and accepting visa interviews. But when i try booking an appointment i always get message saying that
"There are no appointments and try again later".

Has any one been able to book appointment at Chennai Consulate office.
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Visa Stamping Interview process start date
Does anyone has updates as to when is the L1A visa stamping interview process going to start in India.
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Dependents I-94 Expiry
My I-94 was expired in Dec 2019 and I recently got my L1 Visa approved till Dec 2021.
My dependents came to US in October 2019 and they given I-94 till December 2019. They have Valid L2 Visa till March 2022.
I was under the impression that dependents visa can be extended based on principal applicant Visa status but lately realized that each one have to maintain their I-94 status. I heard USCIS will treat my dependents as Out of Status for now.

How do i apply their (dependents) I-94 extension and what are the options i have now to keep them in US ? any guidance will greatly help and mitigate the risk i am running into now..

Appreciate your help and attention !!!
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L2 petition extension - submitting I-539 from India
Hello all,
Background :
My husbands L1 petition extension has been approved by premium processing .
I had the following questions regarding submitting L2 petition extension application I-539 :
1) Since my husbands L1 petition has been approved can I apply for the L2 petition extension from India
2) Once I submit in India and it is approved will a new I-94 (tear off ) be provided
3) Is it currently drop box applications in the India consulates
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Stranded in India - Plan to return to US
Hi all

Posting this to seek advice!

Let me summarize my situation -

- I work in NYC for a large bank in a managerial post. L1A visa. Indian citizen. L1A work order extended till May 2022.
- Visited India in March for personal visit. Got stranded because of Covid. Couldn't return on time. Visa expired on May 31st
- Consulates not processing visa stamping. So not able to return. Working from home out of India.
- GC process ongoing. Priority date of Aug 2017 is now current (EB1)
- Wife in US. Need to join her.

Options for me -

- Travel to US on B1/B2 visa (which is valid). I cannot work on B1/B2. But that's ok as my company does not permit me to work in India beyond end-September. I will be on leave without pay.
- Once I reach US, I wait for my GC. If I get it soon, I travel with it to Canada, and re-enter US on GC. Which will allow me to resume work in US.

Things on which I need input -

1. Can I travel to US on B1/B2 hassle free? Or are there any restrictions / questions at immigration?
2. My priority date is current for GC since Aug 2020 bulletin. When can I realistically expect the GC to arrive?


Appreciate everyone's input.

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Pending L1A Ext. after getting GC
Hello All,

My L1A & my family I-539 COS pending with USCIS, while its pending i received my GC this month. The question of what would happen to the pending cases? is it necessary to withdraw those applications? Raise query with my Lawfirm, they mentioned my L1A you employer should withdraw and I-539 withdrawn request to be made by my spouse. Not sure all these necessary, worst case if the cases are pending with USCIS what will happen? Can someone who went through this situation reply to my queries.

Thanks in advance.
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L1B petition approved, waiting for interview.
Hi my wife recently got her L1B individual in Aug. since the interviews are suspended, when does the visa validity begin from. The visa stamping date or the petition approval date. Also if we can extend the visa for days spent waiting in India. Request advise on this.
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L1A Extension
Anyone recently got L1A Extension approved from the USA (CA or any of the center)... Please share the exp.
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