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Individual Petition Approved and Interview Scheduled
Hi All,
My L1 individual petition was approved in Dec-20. I proceeded to book an interview in Delhi. Biometric was done on 5-Feb and interview is on 19-Feb. Experiences posted here suggest that they are considering visas for companies who are exempt from the presidential proclamation. I think my company isn't. Should I reschedule me interview to after 31-Mar?
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L1A blanket reject and L1A Induvial Approved
Hello All,
 I wanted to share my experience
This forum had been wonderful and has helped me a lot.
My L1A blanket got rejected in Jan 2020 , Applied for Individual and got RFE and approved in June , got my appointment in Mumbai on the 4th and 5th
4th was the fingerprinting, simple process
5th feb 2021 was my Visa interview I was there with my Wife
This is how it went
ME / Wife : GM how are you doing ?
VO : Very well thank you , How about you ?
Me/Wife : Doing great
VO : Where do you work ?
Me : Answered xxx company
VO : What is your total experience
ME: XX years
VO : What is your designation ?
Me : Answered YYYY
VO: what is your qualification
Me : MBA
VO : Have you been to the US before ?
ME : Yes
VO : when was that
ME : last year in Feb for a week on B1
VO : to my wife : How long have you been Married
Wife : XX years
VO: do you have kids?
Wife : yes two and she mentioned their names and age
VO : what is your qualification
Wife : Answered
VO : took some time typing and said your Visa is approved .

Note: When I thought the interview would be easy I was grilled the first time and got rejected and this time I had prepared like creasy for this interview , but my questions was simple ,
So just be your self and do your best. Thank you all
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Letter/Document to proove that your Company/Organiztion is one of the named plantiffs in the lawsuit against PP 10052 and are exempted of the PP.
Hello All,

Anyone who is taking an appointment in the month of Feb/March (while the PP is in effect) will most probably have a carry a letter to proof that your Company was a part of one of the Organizations which were plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the PP and hence your Company is exempted of the PP.

Below is what US Embassy Website mentions about it:
H-1B, H-2B, and L-1 Applications: Applicants must be prepared to demonstrate that a U.S. employer/petitioner is a named plaintiff or member of any of the named plaintiff associations. Applicants may provide evidence directly to the consular officer at the time of visa interview. Applicants may provide to a consular officer a letter issued by one of the named plaintiffs to the applicant’s petitioner attesting that the petitioner is a member in good standing of one of the named plaintiff associations. Consular officers will take steps to independently verify that the petitioner or sponsor is indeed a member of one of the plaintiff associations. Once the consular officers is able to confirm membership, they will be able to process the application to conclusion without regard to PP 10052.

Now, my questions is where do i arrange this letter from? My law-firm doesn't have much idea about it. Is this something I need to get internally from my Company?

Has anyone here been able to attain this letter from there Company? It would be of great help if someone who has attained this can give me some ideas on how to get it. I can try and follow the same path within my company that you guys followed to get hold of this letter/doc.
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L12B Individual - 221g, then approved
Hey community,
I had appeared for L1B individual visa interview on Jan 25th in Mumbai. General questions were asked about role, specialization, location, salary, why cant it be done from India, etc. At the end of the interview, I was handed a 221G notice, without any clarification.
But on 28th, the case status changed to "Issued". They were likely

This post is just a "Ask me Anything" for anyone interested to engage. I know there is very little information out there amidst visa bans, and I think I can help out from my experience. This forum has been very helpful, so want to return the favor and be available for any questions. Looking forward to helping out. All the best everyone!
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L1B individual visa for husband and wife.

My wife and I work for the same company and we want to try for our individual visa separately.
The Officer might ask questions around your spouse and why she is not accompanying you.
Is it acceptable to say she would be trying for individual visa? I am not sure how this is taken.
Any help here is appreciated.

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Hi all,

I have an L1 A visa valid till Mar 2022. Due to covid I have not been able to travel to usa on this visa. My company keeps assuring I may travel by May etc once our company lifts travel restrictions. However I have following queries:
1>My child has turned 21 this year - will this restrict her travel on L2 or can she travel till her L2 validity date?

2>worse case if travel before mar 2022 does not materialize, can I extend my L1 A from India itself?
3> IF I get extension will my child automatically get extension or she cant since she has turned 21.

any guidance will help !
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L2 Visa Extn pending approval
Hello Good Morning;

I got my L1A Extn approved, but my wife approval is still pending (filed on May 2020 - Thanks COVID).

Today we got notice for my wife to schedule for biometrics appointment, but we are planning to leave the US before her biometrics appointment date.

I assume her petition will get abandoned once she leaves the US (which is before the biometrics date_ or not given the biometrics,

But question if we apply for new visa L1 or H1 in future does this affects either me or her stamping ?

Thanks you so much.
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L12B Individual - 221g (Jan 25 2021)
Hey guys,
I had my consular appointment on Jan 25th.
I was asked the general questions and at the end was handed a 221g form after asking if I was in the US on Jun 24th, 2020 (I was not, proclamation is applicable and I had Chamber of Commerce letter).
The officer told me they need to check additional information.

Anyone else in same boat?
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L1B Individual - Approved! (Jan 22nd 2021)
My L1B individual visa got approved!!!
Biometrics: Jan 21
Interview: Jan 22
Location: Mumbai
Documents carried:
Passport, Appointment letter, DS160 confirmation page, I-797, Copy of petition filing, US chambers of commerce membership letter,
job offer letter, 3 latest pay stubs, and academic documents.

Biometrics: It took just 5 mins.
Documents asked
1. Passport
2. Visa appointment confirmation
3. DS-160 confirmation
4. They capture your photos.
 Make sure you stand straight and don’t move. In my case, the pic was a little blur. And in the interview, they asked for the recent photograph in US visa standard size. Luckily I had one.

Visa Interview: Documents asked
1. Passport
2. I-797
3. Offer letter/LCA

Questions asked:
1. Which company your working in India?
2. Job designation in India
3. Job designation in the US
4. Salary in the US?
5. Did you travel to any foreign countries in the last two weeks?
6. What are your roles and responsibilities?
7. What specialized skills you have that anyone in the US can do the same work?
8. Are you married? Will your spouse be joining you?
9. Do you have an LCA document? (VO mentioned it is not mandatory to have it. SO asked offer letter)
10. What is your spouse doing? Does your spouse has H1-B since when?

It took 30 -40 mins to complete, VO was doing a lot of typing and also I think VO was verifying
the answers with DS 160 form/copy of the petition.
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L1A , H1B expired and recapture, I 140
My H1B was expired in 2014 and left with 2 months for recapture. Now i am on L1A with my current employer applying for I 140. can you please let me know if i can apply for H1B recapture by a new employer with an approved I 140 ?.

2019 new federal rule confirmed by DHS @ to recapture the unused H1B during any time.

Detailed explanation given by immigration expert @ to recapture the unused H1B during any time.
Recapture the unused H1B any time.
Standard code of federal regulations of H1B at 8 CFR 214.2(h)(13)(iii)(C) @
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