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Can L2 EAD be renewed along with L1/L2 extension application?
My L1 I-797, I-94, spouse L2 visa & her EAD all expire on 5/31/2021. Can i submit the EAD renewal (I-765) at the same time i submit by L1 extension?
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L1A blanket petition doubt?
I am currently completing one year outside the US as a Manager.

My company is filing a L1A blanket petition for me to move to the US soon. Is it true that for petitioners with a L1A blanket application you can directly schedule an appointment with the Visa Officer in a country outside the US with the required documents for a L1 visa to be approved?
Can you please let me know if the immigration team has to file it first with USCIS and only after it gets approved, schedule an appointment with a visa officer. Thanks!
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Invalid ped living outside USA can I travel to USA
My husband has a l1b visa till 2021 but ped was expiring in 2019 April. So he applied for extension, got it extended till April, 2021 and now he has valid visa and ped. But myself l2 was outside country from April 2019 after my brief stay in USA, I didn’t apply for l2 extension.. now I want to go back to the USA. I have a valid visa till July 2021 but the ped is expired. What should I do? Should I apply for extension now I’m already outside USA for more than a year. Or can I travel with my husbands ped? Please help.
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Query on passport validity for L1A visa stamping
Hi Fellow Forum members,

Hope you all are staying safe!

I have my L1A individual appointment on 1st of March, 2021. My passport is valid till August 2021, and i heard that we need atleast 6 months validity before i can travel to the USA. Should i renew my passport before the interview? I have given my old passport number for the DS 160, hope that doesnt get invalidated. Looking forward to your answers. Thanks.
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L2 Extension - Biometrics not scheduled even after 90 days of ASC opening
I-539 was received by USCIS on May 18 2020.
Due to Covid, all the ASC was closed. In the USCIS website it is provided - "If you do not receive an appointment notice or notification of biometrics reuse by mail within 90 days of your ASC reopening, call 800-375-5283 ."
I am yet to receive the appointment letter.
Please advise if there is any way enquire regarding same. I had to resign from the job as my EAD expired. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Thank you!
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what is the process for L1B Petition expire date in VISA
Hi Team

I have L1B Visa which has "PED" of 3 years mentioned.

As I know L1B is for 5 Years maximum limit.

What is the process to get extensions of remaining 2 years?

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L2 Visa EAD
Hello, I have applied for my L2 EAD renewal in September 2020 at the Laguna Niguel Center in California. I have received a Notice of Action dated September 9, 2020. What is the usual time that anyone has received an approval during the covid times?
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L2 to L1 VISA
Hi Experts,

Can someone please help me find the answer to the below questions?
1) what are the chances of getting COS approval from L2 to L1 and the processing time,( timelines for premium processing too?)
2) Which option is better. COS or consular processing for L2 to L1?

Thank you to all in advance. Any help or past experience is really appreciate for me to make the right decision.

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Moving to America with a L1B now...?!
Hi there. I work in France for a large multinational and I am set to move to the US. I am a Luxembourg national.
I am aiming for the L1B visa and I read that there might be an Exception to the ban for certain individuals.
I am trying to understand if it's realistic for me to aim for a move to the States in the next few months or not. Is everything absolutely blocked? Can I still start the process now or must I wait that the ban is lifted?
Thanks for any help, I really want to understand what to do!!
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Port of Entry questions for L1B Visa
Hello All,

This forum has been extremely helpful for all of us. Thank you all very much!

Today, I would like to understand the immigration process at the US airport and how to answer the POE questions for L1B category. I am prepared with the basic questions but I dunno what to answer to "How long do you intend to stay in the U.S?". So, my visa is valid till November 2022, it was approved in February 2020 but I couldn't travel all these days due to the COVID-19 situation and I'll be traveling to US shortly.

Can someone let me know what is the best answer when the CBP officer asks how long I would stay in US? Should I say three years or less than that coz my visa is only valid for next two years?

Appreciate any responses!

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