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L1 Visa Stamping
L1/L2 visa valid till 2022 ( Was given 5 year visa from UK on Indian Passport ) PED was 09/07/2020, Extention approved on 12/29/20 Do we need new visa stamp?
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Visa Category changed from L1 B to L1 Individual
Hello sir,
I am currently in US on L1 Visa without my family. Below were the expiry dates

Blanket L1B Visa expired - 31st May 2020. My company applied for my extension and it is approved.
The new I797 says that my visa is L1B and but my attorney says its L1 Individual now since it is extended in US.

My dependents were issued Blanket L2 initially for the same period as mine (expired on 05/31/2020). They are in India now.

Now I want wanted to extend my family visa and I was checking if they qualify for drop box option.
The US visa document website says spouses of L1B are eligible for drop box.

But as per my attorney, my family should not be eligible for dropbox since the visa category is changed now from L1 blanket to L1 Individual and family will not be applicable for Blanket L2 now as earlier

I have filled the DS 160 and have taken the drop box appointment considering my family visa type will still be L2 (Blanket).

Would my family still be eligible for dropbox appointment..?
Or If I change the details in CGI Federal portal will my fee receipt still be applicable since I have paid for my spouse and 2 kids.?
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L1A visa stamping - drop box in India (Visa renewal - approved)
Hi All,

I have my approved L1A visa.
Currently, in USA and plan to visit India for Visa stamping.
Can anyone please share recent experience (considering Covid) of visa stamping via drop box facility.
I am eligible for drop box option.
Would mainly like to know the processing time for visa stamping, so that I could travel back to USA.

Many thanks.
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L1B blanket extension
Hi All,

My L1B blanket visa expiration date is April 21. I am currently in US. My company will be filing for extension soon but given the situation I am not able to find visa appointments anywhere. What are my options in this case right now ? The company said they will wait near to expiration data and file.

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Simultaneous L1 and F1 visa
Hello all,

I have masters admit for Fall 2021 for US university. I will be applying for the F1 (student) visa for the same and most likely will have visa interview in May 2021. However, my company has agreed to apply for my L1A. They will start the L1 process in mid Jan, and mostly my L1A and F1 interview dates will be super close. I have 3 questions-
1. L1A interview date is before my F1 interview date- If my L1 gets rejected and I go for F1 interview (mostly after 2-3 weeks after L1 interview), will the L1 rejection affect my chances of getting F1.
2. L1A interview falls after F1 interview date- If I go for F1 interview first, will the consulate know that I have initiated an L1 application or have taken appointment for L1. If they do know this information will it affect my F1 chances.
3. Also, I am currently in a Senior Associate role not exactly Manager, however, I do manage resources 1-2 level below my level on projects, but I don't lead any department . How likely am I to get an L1A.

Thanks a lot in advance.
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Query on Visa appointments in 2021
Hi, My L1B Individual petition is approved and need to schedule a visa appointment at Indian US embassies. I see that US embassies in India haven't resumed routine visa services yet. Is anyone able to book an appointment in 2021? Thanks in advance!
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L2 visa

I came to US on April 2017 on L1B visa. My visa and i94 are valid till April 2022. My spouse submitted I-539 extension on Sep 2019 and now the status is showing as "Case was denied" in USCIS site. Her I94 expired on March 2020. We are yet to receive denial letter from USCIS.

Is there any way to extend her i94 with validity up to mine?

Thanks in advance.
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Has the L1A stamping process started in India?
 I have my L1A individual visa approved on 24th July 2020. I wanted to check if the stamping process started post lockdown.
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L1A Visa extension approved after RFE
My L1A visa extension approved after RFE. My visa was getting expired in Jan 21and filed for an extension in Oct through premium processing and got an RFE in Oct. The RFE response was submitted in late Nov and got the visa extension approval this week. I know it is very frustrating to keep on waiting post RFE but please ensure you read your RFE thoroughly and submit the response accordingly. If you have all the requested documentation, you should not have any issue with getting the extension.

I'm not an attorney and just sharing my personal experience.
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RFE received
My employer's lawyer filed for my extension in the US for my L1A visa - this is the last extension after 5 years of being here and I saw the status change to 'request for additional evidence was sent' last night (right before the holiday). I am stressing out given the situation. Has anyone received the RFE before and what happened after that? What does this really indicate?
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