Military Records for US Immigrant Visa and K Visa

Military Records for US Immigrant Visa and K Visa

Persons who have served in the military forces of any country must submit one certified copy of their military record.

The record should contain a complete record of the applicant’s service and conduct while in service. It must show any conviction of a crime before a military tribunal. A discharge certificate is required upon discharge, retirement, or resignation from military service.

Military records from the following countries are not available

Afghanistan Dominica Marshal Islands St. Kitts & Nevis
Angola Equatorial Guinea
Monaco St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Azerbaijan Grenada Nepal Swaziland
Bahamas Guatemala Nicaragua Syria
Bangladesh Haiti Norway Taiwan
Bolivia Honduras Pakistan Tanzania
Bulgaria Hong Kong Panama Thailand
Cambodia Iceland
Peru Turkey
  Iran Poland Turkmenistan
Canary Islands Iraq Rwanda Turks & Caicos Islands
Chad Kuwait San Marino Tuvalu
Colombia Laos Saudi Arabia Uzbekistan
Costa Rica Lesotho Serbia-Montenegro Venezuela
Luxembourg Solomon Islands Vietnam
Democratic Republic of Congo Macedonia Somalia Western Samoa
Djibouti Malaysia St. Helena

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