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Does Presidential Proclamation affect B1B2 visa?
Hello, please can my mum travel to USA on her visitors visa atbthis time?
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Can employers request W2 to confirm your status
I received my work permit January this year and officially got job May this same year. Prior to that I was assisting one firm as an intent since last year May. In view of that I told the recruiter I have been working with that A company since last year May. During my conversation with the recruiter he asked of my salary and I mention the numbers.
Whiles we were concluding the interview, he said the company will do Employment Verification to confirm when I started the job and my salary. I just want to ask the house if anybody has been in this situation before.
I am worried as this is the job that can assist me.
On my status too I have applied for renewal of the work permit as my interview was cancelled.
I will be extremely grateful if I could get your input in my case. Thank you as always.
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Funds and income
Hi we will be applying for US vistor visa this December to go to New york. I want to clarify some of my doubts regarding success chances of my application :
1) As my father has an annual income of 20000$ with would it be sufficient for three person(me,mom and sister)
2) As my father will not be able to join us could this factor penalize us?
3) before traveling to New york in December we are going to Canada next month .can this factor also penalize us as we will be spending to much money on tourism this year?? Thanks
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B2 visa- overstay son
Hello, I hold F1 visa, but I will get greencard soon since I married a US citizen.
I’m going to get BS degree in May next year, so I want my grandmother, my mother and sister to joint my graduation ceremony. My grandmother is the person who pays for my tuition and living expensive in the US. And her career is a politician. However, she has a son who is currently in the US with overstay status. But they didn’t talk or communicate with each other for 5 years already. My question is can my grandmother get the B2 visa since she has an overstay son? Thank you in advance
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Parents 10years visa expires on jan2021
Are they accepting ds160 form for extension. My parents 10 year visa is expiring on Jan 2021. Can I fill DS160 form and take MVP payment for extension. Please let me know if still dropbox location is opened in chennai. If its crossed after Jan then they will not eligible for dropbox option. I need to apply extension before the expire dates
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B1/B2 renewal help
Hello, Here are the details and the questions I have:

I sponsored a B1/B2 visa for my in-laws in 2011. Both got their visa approved. They travelled twice in the last 10 years and stayed no more than 6 months on each occasion. My father-in-law was a retried employee back then (he retired in 2003). I was holding a green-card at that time (in 2011).
Their visa's are expiring in 2021. I am planning on re-applying.

What has changed (legal/immig status wise):
1) Me and my wife are citizens as of 2018.
2) We have 2 kids since then.

1) Should I sponsor this time again? or Should I pick that they will sponsor for themselves? As I am a citizen, does it matter if I sponsor (as I did the first time for their B1/2 visa) or specify they will self fund their trip?

2) My in-laws are not sure if they have given 10-finger prints? But reading online resources, it is very obvious that they must have given their 10 fingers for finger printing Should I say NO or YES for this option (as they dont remember, I cannot have them choose YES), but, with COVID and challenges with travelling to the consulate in India, I am hoping if they can get the drop off option. If I pick NO for ten-finger prints, does it hurt the ability to get the interview waiver?

If you had a similar situation or had seen someone with a similar situation, what would yo suggest?

Any help is appreciated!

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Wha are my chances of getting b2 this time
First time got rejected
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My wife have been denied a F2 and a B2 wife last year. What are her options now to get a US visa?
We got married in June 2018 and I moved to Arizona State University in August 2018 for my masters. We applied for her F2 in May 2019 which was denied on the ground of 214(b). We applied for her B2 visa in Dec 2019 considering that I had only 1 more semester remaining in my masters. The result was the same, she was denied for a B2 visa as well. Now I am wondering what are the options to get her a US visa so that we can live together. I have been traveling to India every 6 months to meet my wife. My wife hasn't been able to pursue her career because of all the uncertainty around her visa. Please advise me on appropriate measures to get my wife here.
Thank you.
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visitor visa how to renew
Any one please can tell me that what is the procedure for B2 visitor visa how to extend?
my motherinlaw her visa is going to expire in July and all immigration is closed due to coved-19 her flight is next month and not sure the international flight will be open or not before her visa expire her multiple visa is for 5 years and that is going to expire on June I can't even extend her stay due to her visa is going to expire on July don't know what to do?please share if any one know about it.....
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Visa rejected
Hello All,

anyone can tell me why visa was rejected

vo why you want to fo us
me travelling as a tourist

vo what is ur salary
me xxxxx

vo what do you do in India
me i do not work in Indian i work in africa

vo how long have you been working in company
me more than five years

vo unfortunatley i can not give this time
me thanks

then i applied schenegen visa from france embassy
and got visa in four days and i visited paris,amsterdam and prague and came back to Indian and then to africa for work

I do not understand why they rejected

Please help i want to apply again in 2022
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