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name correction in portal
Hello my aunt name typed wrong in portal. I am not able to correct it
given so many emails to consulate, there is no reply . in the portal it is showing as IN PROGRESS since 2 months
called to the customer care so many times and after long waiting time call is disconnecting .
pls anybody help her
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Parents B2 visa
Applied for parents B2 visa. First 10yrs expired so we went for non in-person route being, just sending the documents. We received 221 and was asked to appear for an interivew without a set date. It says walk-in within a time window. Due to reasons, parents could not make a trip to embassy for 6 months or so and now they plan to go for one. Is there any risk and potential questionnaires we need to be concerned about?

Thank you.
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Dear Members:

I have been to US before on B1/B2 Visa and the visa was expired last year. When I filled the DS-160 form, I was given a Interview waiver confirmation page. And now I am in the process of B1/B2 visa renewal . I would like to know, how long the US embassy would take to process the Interview waiver visa . Did anyone applied before, please let me know. Thanks
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Parent's date of birth correction in my DS160
I was filling out DS160 form for my parents B2 visitor visa and realized that their Date of Birth mention in my DS160 was incorrect. Do I have to correct my parents DOB in my DS160 & if yes then how to do it since my visa is already stamped & I'm in USA right now.
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VFS canada Passport Submission
I am currently studying in the USA and have received a passport request from Canada. I have been approved for a visitor visa for Canada, but I have two passports. One of them contains a US visa, while the other one is my currently valid passport. My question is whether I should submit both of my passports or only one of them to the Canada Visa Application Center (VFS).
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B1/B2 Family Visa Interview
My Family B1/B2 Visa Got Approved

My Biometric appointment was on 21 May and Consular appointment on 22 May in Morning 8.00 AM.

we have 4 year, and 6-year kids so took photo of 50 X 50 mm with us in Biometric. next day we reached at consulate approx. 07.15 am and we stayed on queue. Security asked to go inside who have slot of 8.00 am.

we again done Fingerprint on window and stayed in queue. I had chosen Gujarati Language.

My interview started with greeting VO.

1. Why you want to go US?
Ans: Vacation.

2. have you visited outside India?

Ans: Yes (Travel destination was in DS-160 so VO had checked inside)

3. Have you taken any Travel Package or any Relative?

Ans: I have Older Brother over there.

4. how long he stays over there?

Ans: 11 Year

5. What is his Status?

Ans: Green card Approved.

6. What are you doing?

Ans : I am running Software Development Company.

7. What is age of Company?

Ans: I am running this company from 2006.

8. what is your yearly Income?

Ans: I had told as per my ITR.

9. Has Anyone filed Immigration file?

Ans: Yes. I had Made Immigration File through EB5 Investment Category.

10. How long waiting Periods?

Ans: 3-4 year as per Backlog.

11. what are you doing? (Question asked to my Wife)

Ans: Housewife.

Finally, VO told us golden words ' Your Visa is Approved. '

VO was very nice and polite. Your Answers should be aligned with your DS-160. every time VO check your answer with your written Details in DS-160.
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Processing time for interview waiver Calgary
Hi, so my partner's B2 visa renewal was denied in India, issued 221(g) slip. He moved to canada, got work permit. Has now applied again and qualified for IWP, docs sent and received by consulate. One of the questions in the qualifying questionnaire was that, has your visa in the same class been refused in the past six months, which it has not since 221(g) slip was issued in Aug 2022. Few questions -

1. Any idea of the current dropbox renewal time period in Canada?

2. In case visa denied and interview required, does the consulate still schedule follow up appointments themselves or will he have to do it on his own? Wait times are very long and he has to visit next month.

Thank you!
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L1A Visa help needed.
My employer in US will be applying for L1A (manager) visa. I am very confused as to what documents to send for the petition. Screenshots of emails, leave approvals, raises, etc for direct my reports?? Has anyone here applied fro L1A? Can you tell me what supporting documentation did you send for L1A?
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Mother's B2 exp Chennai Consulate
My mother had her B2 Interview Appt at Chennai consulate today. Here’s the experience:

1) Day one Biometrics appointment - Took more than 2hrs. Too many applicants waiting for their turn. Asked for Telugu translator and got one Telugu speaking VFS assistant. The VFS person took some time to correct the first name. Finger printing, photo taken.
2) Day two - VO interview -
This took only 45mins in total. VFS assisted my mother well in guiding her to VO interview. A Telugu translator was given.
Questions asked.
Purpose of visit - Why are you going to US?
Who is paying for your trip?
What is your son doing in US?
What visa is your son on?
What company he is working and which location?
How long he is in US?
Are you going with your husband?
(Mom replied husband expired 2yrs back and travelling alone).
Then VO started asking about her financials.
Are you getting your pension after your husband expired?
(Mom replied no pension, we have agricultural land)
What do you grow?
(Mom replied Rice, Sugar cane etc.)
How much income you get?
(Mom replied with actual income)
How many children you have?
(one son is in US and one daughter)
Where is your daughter?
She is in India with family
How many days your trip to US?

Looks like VO took his time to ask and update his computer. Nearly the interview took 30 mins overall. Probably he was making sure that she will be coming back to India and doesn't settle in US. Finally he said the visa is approved and passport will be delivered.
Mom said thanks and Nameste and VO replied back. At the end of the day the DS160 status shows Visa is approved. Passport delivered after a week.
I have given all the above questions to her before going for practice so she was prepared for all these questions. Also made her prepared for the counter glass/mike and speaker setup. So she was comfortable at the window.
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Canada Visitor visa got rejected
Am a student in the US. I applied for Canada visitor visa. It got rejected.

 I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay as required by
paragraph 179(b) of the IRPR (
section-179.html). I am refusing your application because you have not established that you will
leave Canada, based on the following factors:
 • The purpose of your visit to Canada is not consistent with a temporary stay given the
details you have provided in your application.
 • Your immigration status outside your country of nationality or habitual residence
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