Sample I-134, Affidavit of Support Form
Many people have questions or doubts about how exactly to fill the I-134, Affidavit of Support form. While not absolutely mandatory, this form is highly recommended for sponsoring the visitors visa. This page describes in detail how exactly to fill sample I134. Of course, you will have to fill in your specific details and depending upon your circumstances, you may have to answer the questions differently than shown in this generic sample application.

Look at this Sample I-134 to get an idea how a typical form may look like when filled.

Step by step instructions for each field in I-134:

'You' in the following explanation means 'Sponsor'.

Paragraph 1: Write your name and current address here.

  1. Your date of birth and place of birth of sponsor. Note that birth date should be written in MM/DD/YYYY format which is followed in U.S.
    (a) through (e).
    If you are a U.S. citizen or green card holder, provide the details accordingly.
    If you are on any other status in the U.S. such as H1 visa holder, Student (F1), L1 visa holder, you can not fill any line (a) through (d). In such a case, find (e).

    For those of you who are on EAD through Adjustment of Status, there is no option on the form to say that you are on EAD. So just write in one of the options on the form that you are on Adjustment of Status.

  2. Write your age in completed number of years.
    Also, write the date since you have been staying in United States.

  3. Information about the visitor you are sponsoring:
    Family Name: Surname or last name. First line in name field in Indian passport.
    First Name and Middle Name: Given names. Second line in name field in Indian passport.
    Gender: Gender of visitor. You can write 'M' or 'F'.
    Age: Age of visitor in completed number of years.
    Citizen: The country of citizenship for the visitor. e.g., India
    Marital Status: Write appropriately such as 'Married', 'Widowed', 'Single' (never married), 'Divorced', 'Separated'.
    Relationship to Sponsor: Write appropriately such as 'Father', 'Mother', 'Father-in-law', 'brother' etc.
    Present Address: Write the address where the visitor is currently staying. It can be different than the one in the passport.
    Name of spouse and children accompanying the person: Write only the names of spouse and minor children who will be accompanying or following to join the visitor to the U.S.
    If you are sponsoring your parents, prepare 2 I-134 forms. In one form, write father's name as visitor and say mother will be accompanying. In the second form, write mother's name as visitor and say father will be accompanying.

  4. There is nothing to fill here. This form was previously used for sponsoring an immigrant visa. Now, the form I-864 has been used for that purpose for many years, but USCIS has not changed the form I-134 for sponsoring non-immigrants. There is no bond to post for sponsoring a visitors visa. Posting a bond and holding the sponsor responsible for 3 years was meant to prevent immigrants from becoming a 'public charge' and going on welfare in the United States.

  5. Same as question 4.

  6. Same as question 4.

  7. Type of Business: Be specific about the type of business or job you do. E.g., 'Software Engineer', 'IT manager', 'Insurance Agent', 'Receptionist', 'Hotel Owner', 'CPA', 'Secretary' etc.
    Address: Write the address where you work or own a business.
    I derive an annual income of: Write your annual income from salary, business etc. You should provide an employment letter and tax returns to prove this.
    I have on deposit in savings bank in the United States: Write the amount of money you have in the bank. You can write the amount you have in checking, savings, money market, certificate of deposit (CD) etc. You can also add the amount you might have in a foreign country, not just in the U.S. You should provide the bank statements to prove this.
    I have other personal property, the reasonable value which is: You don't have to write the exact value to the dollars and pennies here. You can write an approximate value for cars, jewelry, land, appliances (TV, fridge, music system, cameras) and other equipment. You are not really required to provide the sales receipts or estimations of value of this property.
    I have stocks and bonds with the following market value, as indicated on the attached list, which I certify to be true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief: Self explanatory. Also attach the statement from your stock broker such as Ameritrade, ETrade that would prove this.
    I have life insurance in the sum of: You can write the amount of life insurance you have, either in the U.S. or in a foreign country. You can include all types of life insurances such as term life, universal life, whole life, variable life etc.
    If you don't have life insurance and would like to purchase one, visit here.
    With a cash surrender value of: If you have only term life insurance, the cash surrender value is $0. Otherwise, write the appropriate value. You may ask your insurance company or insurance agent if you are not sure.
    I own real estate valued at: Write the current market price of your house, if you own one. You can find it also from the last property tax bill that you have received or from neighbors who might have purchased houses in your community recently. If you don't own a house, just write $0.
    With mortgage(s) or other encumbrance(s) thereon amounting to: Just write the amount of loan you have to still pay. If you don't have a house or if your house loan is paid off, write $0.
    Which is located at: Location of your house, if you have one. Else write 'N/A'.

  8. Write the names of dependents that you include in your income tax returns. These will usually be your spouse and minor children. If your spouse is not working, you can check 'Wholly Dependent'. If your spouse is working, you can check 'Partially Dependent'.
    Even if you are sending money to your parents in India every month, and they depend upon the money you send them, do not put them as dependents here.

  9. If you have submitted an affidavit of support (I-134 or I-864) for anyone before, write the names and dates here.
    If you are submitting multiple affidavits of support in a short duration, you have to write the names of the people for whom you submitted affidavits first in subsequent affidavits you provide, even if the first set of people have not visited the consulate yet.
    E.g., Parents' interview is on Sept 4, 2004 and in-laws' interview is on Sep 20, 2004. And you are sending an affidavit in August 2004 for all 4 of them. In your in-laws' support form, write the names of your parents in the affidavit, because by the time your in-laws go to the consulate, your parents would have already used their affidavit.
    If you submitted the affidavit for someone and even if their visa was rejected or they got a visa, but they never traveled, you have to provide their details here.
    If you prepared the affidavit, but it was never used, you don't have to mention.
    If you have not sponsored anyone before, write 'N/A' here.

  10. If you have submitted immigrant applications to USCIS before for anyone, write their details here.
    If you are/were an H1 worker and if your H-4 spouse got included in your green card processing, and if you submitted I-134 (affidavit of support) for her during her Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing, you do NOT have to mention it here. This question is only for family based immigrant sponsorships that you initiated. And in this case, your spouse would be getting a green card on your employment basis, as your dependent.
    If you have not filed any immigrant petitions for anyone, write 'N/A'.
    If you have already filed immigrant petitions for someone whom you are trying to sponsor a visitor visa now, it would be very difficult to get a visitor visa for them.

  11. For tourists,
    You should check the box 'I intend'.
    You can write something like 'All expenses including, but not limited to their visa expenses, airline return tickets costs to come to the USA & U.S. domestic travel, lodging, boarding, food, incidental expenses and visitor medical insurance.'

    For other categories such as a Fiance Visa (K1 visa), write "N/A" (not applicable).
Oath or Affirmation of Sponsor: Sign and date the form. There is no need to get it notarized.