USA Tourist Visa Application Process

USA Tourist Visa Application Process
  • Determine why you would like to visit the US. Make sure that the reason you want to get the US tourist visa, also known as a US visitor visa, is one of the allowed activities

  • Citizens of some countries may not need a tourist visa, as they qualify under the visa waiver program

  • If you are able to take care of your expenses yourself for the trip, self-sponsor. Otherwise, get the affidavit of support and relevant documents from the relative or friend in the US If you are able to self-sponsor, it is not mandatory to get an affidavit of support from someone. 

    Sponsor Documents 

    Sponsors should go through the FAQ that describes various situations. Additionally, please read a useful article for clearing up any documents for sponsoring a visitor visa. 

  • Gather visitor documents

    Additional documents for young persons

  • Go through the application process

    That includes getting your photograph taken, filling application forms, paying visa fees, scheduling an appointment, attending a fingerprint appointment, and attending the interview.

  • USA Tourist Visa Interview:

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