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Adjustment of Status - I-485

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Pending I 485
Please my Naija pple in Los Angeles,
Thank you.
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Adjusment of status in removal proceeding
Hey folks
I came b2 visa then apply aslym in same year 2015 i got interview in 2018 then asylum reffered to judge i got marriage in 2018 same year file i130 and i485
I130 interview held on 2019 approved same day but i485 closesd administration due to removal proceeding
I got my final hearing last week and judge approved me hartford Connecticut
Trial attorney ask me 4 questions
When i come
What we do for living
What we plans in future
Do any arrest in world or not
So judge say we grant your adjustment
Sooo my question is judge not give me any paper he say your attorney get this final paper
Any body have idea when we get this paper or my attorney
How long its takes
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Removing Restrictions on Your Social Security Card
If you have a 2-year or 10-year green card, you can remove the restrictions on your social security card. The Social Security Administration is closed to the public, but permanent residents can NOW schedule appointments (express interviews) thanks to a new rule SSA implemented effective May 28, 2021. I called my local SSA office last week and was scheduled for an appointment the following day.

One right as a permanent resident is to have those pesky work restrictions removed on your SS card. One pro is that you no longer have to show your green card as proof of employment. The unrestricted SS card along with a state ID or driver’s license suffice.

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Case Under review since May 25th 2021
Hello guys,
I had my GC Interview based on Marriage May 25th 2021 in Hartford , The interview went well they didn’t separate us and the office was very friendly. We failed to answer 2 questions correctly like (My wife forgot my mother and Father first because she always call the by Ms & Mr Pierre) and My wife Working at “Hartford Healthcare” my mistake I said “Hartford Community Center” lol and after we respond all questions correctly when she asked us how we met we started saying our story alternately at the end the officer said they don’t need nothing from us no and if so they’ll let us know and she give us a paper’s said “Interview is complete but case Must review” if after 120 days we don’t have no response we can fill a Case inquiry.

Did someone had that experience of Case under Review?
If yes How Long it’s take to have a decision?
And What I can expect about my situation?
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EAD renewal!
Hello everyone hope you’re doing good and staying safe out there! I have the million dlls question like some of you had it before! Anyways

I applied to renew my EAD couple of months before getting my GC back in Feb 2021, today I got an update saying that my renewal EAD is ready for Biometrics appointment which is August 30th 2021! But i already have my gc and stuff meaning : do I have to go to the Biometrics appointment? Should I cancel? What if I cant go that date?

Thanks everyone for your help and possible answers! Have a wonderful weekdnd!!
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NYC March 2020 - New Card being Produced!!!!
EB1 Row.
Finally after long wait I got my update!!
Thank you to this forum for keeping me sane. Good luck to everyone waiting!! You're gonna get there!!
Sharing my timeline:

03/30/2020 - We received your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status.
06/02/2020 - RFE sent (Medical).
07/02/2020 - RFE response received.
08/13/2020 - The fingerprints relating to your Form I-485 were taken.
10/05/2020 - Change of address from Brooklyn to Manhattan.
07/31/2021 - New card being produced!!!

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Expired EAD
Are there people on here that applied for renewal of work permit since Sept 2020. I did apply since Sept and still have not received it.
i have stopped working as a result of this. please share your experiences..
Thank you
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I751 filing fees
Please how much is the correct fees to file I751 application?
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AS USCIS changed the application filing fees for I751?
How much is the correct file fees for I751 application. My lawyer sent my package in June and included $680 money order filing USCIS returned the package back to my layers office for an incorrect filing fees. My lawyer believes it was an error from USCIS and immediately mailed back the package to USCIS together with the same filling fees of $680. Up till this moment no response from USCIS, I am kind of worried and in need of advise. What is the correct filing fees please?
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Dallas FO
Hi I had yesterday my interview and after the interview my case was updates to, new card has been processed. What does that mean?
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