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US B1 Visa Rejection
US B1 Visa Interview on Feb 22-2011 at US Embassy,New Delhi

My interview went something like this->

VO: What do you do?
Me: I'm a UMTS RF Optimisation Engineer.
VO: What's that?
Me:Engineer who maintains and manages 3G networks.
VO:Why are you going to the states?
Me:To attend technical meetings and trainings.
VO:why do you want to go for 6 weeks,its a pretty long duration?
Me:To learn UMTS network optimisation process and attend meetings with experienced UMTS engineers,so much of time would be required.
VO:How long have you been in your current company?
Me: Three and a half years.
VO:Is it ********(My company ) you are working in?
VO:Sorry,we,can't offer you visa at this time.

Friends,any comments on possibly why my visa wasn't granted?
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B1 Visa refusal
Hi folks,

Yesterday i mean 15th of feb i had been to US embassy Chennai. office is not so big like airport it is medium. if you go to chennai you've to speak in tamil only. even i don't know tamil somehow i managed. All hotel rooms are above 700Rs. my interview was at 9.15, If you stand in front of embassy office you will see one counter go there give all documents which is there in your hand they will check and have barcode number's scan and return it. next outside the office they check you don't bring mobile, electronic items leave it in your room and come. next inside 2 guys will be in counter they will ask you to leave purse and documents in tray after checking they will return it with token with mentioned #'s like N247, I206, C102 like this, you will be asked seated and look for your number in T.V. then your # display in TV with Counter #. go there he/she will ask for your Passport,Confirmation letter,interview appointment letter,HDFC bank Pink slip thats all so keep it handy dont give all document for him/her. what he will do is he will also take scan/ in the sense one laser instrument it takes scan of your barcode number mentioned in confirmation letter then he will return it.

Afterwards you be seated near finger print counter look for your number in t.v. when your turn go and give left and right finger prints. come back and ask anybody there i've done with finger print they will direct you to go to next building that is COUNSULATE BUILDING. go there sit look for your number when your turn comes go to that counter give the same documents such as confirmation letter, inteview letter,passport,receipt. she/he will ask about purpose of travel, your salary, where you stay and all cross questions you need to satisfy her/him with answers. Me I said for training purpose madam.
VO : she very harsh look and voice tell me in specific.
Me : started to explain y I am going who is inviting, about training every thing guys.
VO : what is your salary I answered.
VO : from how long you are working in this company
Me : 11 months.
Officer :Sorry sir As per US Law we are unable to issue visa for you and gave me a letter 214 b
Me : upset, looking at paper. Okay thank you so much madam. come for food for my home when you visit bangalore.

Hmmm It went like this. guys dont think that i am not looking good. I am handsome,I worn Tie been to US embassy very freshly at morning.
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221 g
Hi Everyone,
I had my interview on Feb 10th.

Me: Hi Goodmorning,
VO: Goodmorning, How are you doing
Me: I am doing good, How are you?
VO: (didnt answer, scanned the barcode on the confirmation page) Why going U.S.?
Me: My company is sending me for knowledge transfer and discussion on a new **company** product.
VO: which company?
Me: **company_name**
VO: AAAAn **company_name**.. what does **company_name** do?
Me: its a...........
Vo: what is your work?
me: I am an Engineer and i make programs and scripts for company equipments.
VO: what do these scripts do?
Me: they set the parameters on the equipments.
VO: like what?
me: like frequency and capacity.
VO: Asked a lot of technical questions
Me: answered them all correctly
VO: how long have you been working?
Me: its been 8 months.
VO: whats your highest education qualification?
Me: I am a btech
Vo: from where?
Me: **very good college**
VO: which stream?
Me: ......
VO: Are you married?
me: NO
VO kept looking at screen for 2-3 mins.. he looked very worried.. left seat for 4-5 min, came back again typed smthing fr 2-3 min
VO: Okay I cannot approve your visa this time but it does not mean you cant get it. I am giving you a form you email us all the asked documents and you will get it.
Handed over a yellow slip with nothing checked and a pink slip with everything checked.
My trip obviously will be cancelled as I have to reach US by 23rd for my training. and their process wil take at least 2-3 weeks.
Advice for all: read the technology alert list and if you by any way fall in that category, or are from a good college, do prepare a statement on how U r not a threat to U.S. else your trip will be delayed.
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God is Alive !
i applied for a B1 Visa.

I went through the normal process that's thumb printing and later was called for my turn.

Me: Good morning !
Vo: Good morning.
Vo: how old are ?
Me: Answered
Vo: Why are you going to the Expo?
Me: i said we've expanded the company and our form of operation and because of that we need new and innovative machines in order for us to do our work effectively.
Vo: Whats your position?
Me: Director in charge of operation.
Vo: what's your income?
Me: Answered.
Vo: Mention some machines your companies need.
Me: Answered.
Vo: Mention some companies exhibiting there.
Me: Answered.

Vo: Congrat !Your visa has been approved. Come for it on thursday.

Me: Thank You.

A word of advice....i wont say its my power or my handsomeness but its by power of the all mighty. Please just believe in yourself in what ever you are doing and also when you are in the line waiting for your turn and you saw people being refused....Please and Please again dont shake cuz you are not them.just speak to your self that "hey you can make it" Trust me cuz those are the words that i used to motivate my self whiles i was in the que waiting for my turn.



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B1 VISA Approved
Hi Friends,
Today I have attended B1 VISA Interview with Hyderabad Consulate. I would like to share my experience with you all.

Interview went like this:

VO: Hello
Me: Hi.. Good Afternoon. How are you doing today?

VO: Great. How about you?
Me: Good. Thanks.

VO: Why are you going to US?
Me: Explained the purpose of my visit. In my case, to get knowledge on our client's existing business.

VO: Have you been to US before?
Me: No.

VO: You have H1B VISA with you. Why didn't you travel?
Me: I was already having a H1B VISA which is expiring this september. But as my project was kept on hold, I didnt go there. I explained the same to the VO. He stressed couple of times and took some time to check the things about the client of H1B VISA.

VO: So who is ur client now?
Me: Told my client name.

VO: For which company are you working currently?
Me: Told about my current company. He has keenly observed my company ID card which I had it visible to him.

VO: How long were you been with your current company?
Me: 2 Months I replied

VO: How long are you going to stay in US?
Me: 12 Weeks

VO: 12 weeks... Too long for Knowledge Transfer. Why do you need that much time?
Me: I have to discuss with the business users and understand the existing process. It might take series of meetings for me to understand the process. For that I need this much time.

VO: Whats your client? Repeat Question...
Me: I told the name once again. I think he is checking the client website in his computer.

Finally, the VO said "Ok Sir. Your VISA has been approved. You will receive your passport and VISA in a week time. Enjoy the day sir."

Thanks much. Have a good day. Bye...

Please make a note of all the things in your mind before facing the interview. Who and all got stamped previously, pls recollect those things even...

I wish you all the success for all the aspirants.
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B1 Visa Experience

I had my B1 visa interview scheduled today at 9:30am at Chennai US consulate. I went a bit early and had to wait for 15-20mins before I got into the consulate. Most of the initial procedure at the consulate has been covered quite substantially in this forum. Skipping to the interview.

VO:Hi How are you?
Me: Good Morning Mam'. Doing good, thanks. How about yourself?

VO:Good thanks
<She is busy typing something on her computer>

VO:Whats your purpose of visit?
Me:Marketing discussions with my US team.

VO:Whose your client?
Me:<My visit was internal my org and not a client visit> Its internal xxx division in my org.

VO: Ok. Whats your designation?
Me: <Told her>

VO: Which countries had you visited earlier?
Me: <Told all the names and saw her nodding her head looking at the computer>

VO: Whats your Annual salary?
Me. xx lakhs in indian rupees.

VO: Ok sir your visa is approved. You would be getting it in a week's time. bye
Me: Thanks. Have a good day

Guys/Gals let me tell you dress well, be confident. My US student visa had been rejected 10 years ago and I had disclosed in detail during filling the application form. Be truthful, be confident.They don't know more information than you have already disclosed. So All the best

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B1 Visa
Thanks to this site for preparing me for the visa.

I have appeared for business visa on 24th Jan 2011 in Chennai counslate. There were only 2 questions to me. I noticed the crowd that day, not sure it is normal. The entire process took 1 hours.


1) How many years experience you have ?
2) Who is your client ?
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B1 Experience
I'm really thankful to this site & who wrote their experience here...

I had my Iv on 12 Jan 2011 in chennai

V.O: Good Morning Sir
Me: Good Morning Madam.
VO: Thanks, Which place are you going in US?
VO: Are you going for gathering requirements or do knowledge transfer?
Me: Answered. (if you applied for B1 tell KT, dont tell going for req.)
VO:What is your highest education qualification?
Me: Answered.
VO: (She entered somthing in the keyboard and said your visa granted, you will get with in 3 4 days)

In my exp, the VO is very cool and asked direct questions with louder voice.

Good luck for everyone...
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B1 Visa
had gone to us embassy in delhi for my interview visa today. Just wanted to share my exp
Me:Good Morning
VO:Good Morning
Vo:Why are You Going to USA?
Me:To attend a Conference.
Vo:How Long you have been in your Profession?
types something in computer and after 15 seconds says Sorry Under US Law i cannot issue a Visa to you today.
today lots of rejects had taken place
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Visa approved
Hi all,

   Thanks to the site for helping me in getting the visa.

1. Why visiting US?
2. Which company you work for and what it does?
3. what is your role in company?
4. how many in present company?
5. package in lakhs/annum?
6. how many people are travelling with you?
7. conference which you are attending what it is all about?
8. other participtants in that conference?
9. when are you going and coming back?
10. looked at my passport and asked about the French visa if it was official or personal?

and then "Visa approved, you will get passport in 3-4 days"

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