Copy of Naturalization Certificate for NRI Paperwork

For many applications with the Government of India (at Indian Consulates), such as for getting OCI card, etc., a copy of naturalization certificate must be enclosed.

  • If you are a former citizen of India or not born in the US, a copy of your naturalization certificate. (It’s legal to make its photocopy for this purpose.)

  • If you don’t have an Indian passport and applying for an OCI on the basis of parents and/or grandparents were Indian citizens, a copy of their naturalization certificate.

  • If you have obtained more than one citizenship after having Indian citizenship, copies of all naturalization certificates or proof of citizenship from all countries that you have held citizenship.

  • The US naturalization certificate must state ‘Former Nationality’ as India. Naturalization certificates that state ‘Country of Birth’ as India are not accepted.

  • In the case of a minor, that got US citizenship through the naturalization of their parents and possesses no separate naturalization certificate, copies of parents’ naturalization certificate. Additionally, a notarized written statement that states the circumstances that their child received his/her naturalization status and why the child does not possess his/her own naturalization certificate. It should be signed by both parents.

    Sample Statement

  • Even though the U.S. naturalization certificate indicates that it is unlawful to make copies of that certificate, you are allowed to make a copy for lawful purposes such as for applying for a surrender certificate. You just can’t make fake or fraudulent copies of that certificate.

Naturalization Certificate Authentication
If your document checklist says that you need to submit ‘authenticated’ naturalization certificate, USCIS can copy the document and certify it as a true copy. In other words, ‘authenticated’ copy is the same as ‘certified true copy’.

For this purpose, you will have to visit your local USCIS office after taking InfoPass appointment. You must carry your original naturalization certificate and a copy to your appointment. You also must take a photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport.

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