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Any Portland OR filers? Please share your timeline.
Any Portland filers with aporoved GC recently? My PD was Jan 14 2020.
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EB2 to EB1C porting - please help

USCIS accepted my EB1C I 140 but rejected my AOS saying I am not current. But, we had requested EB2 priority date porting in the cover letter which would have made us current. Please advise what to do?
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Hello for the AUG 2020 Visa bulletin my priority is current (again). i already submitted the I485 and was interviewed last Feb, as the IO said i have to wait for my category to be current. now that is current do i have to do anything? will i finally have my green card?

any opinions are appreciated
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required documents and forms while filing AOS for EB1C category

My PD is Nov 2017 and i am in EB1C India category. Besed on Aug bulletin, my date is current and I am suddenly starting to gather required docs and fill all the necessary forms. Can you please help me in listing these down?

I-485 (of course)
I-944 (I saw this new form while going thru 485 instructions; but is it necessary for my category?)
I-864 (I saw this new form while going thru 485 instructions; but is it necessary for my category?)
I-485 Supp J (I am confused with instructions for this one; earlier this was for candidates switching employers. I am continuing with same employer who filed my 140. Do I need this one?)

Supporting docs:
Passport copies
I-94 (is latest I94 enough or whole history ?)
I140 approval
Visa Approval notices
Birth and marriage certificates
W2 (how long back ?)
Tax return (how long back?)
Payslips (how long back?)
Bank statements ?
Credit reports ?
Employment Verification letter

Anything else ? Any help is greatly appreciated.

I am in Chicago area; if you know any good attorney, please let me know. I feel like I am going to need one.

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I-485 Approval Notice Received when can I expect card to be delivered
Hi All

I would like to share my experience.

PD June 18, 2009 EB2 India

11/11/2019:- Submitted I-485/I-765/I-131, to Lewisville TX office.
11/12/2019:- All applications were received by USCIS office.
11/17/2019:- USCIS accepted the fingerprint fee.
11/22/2019:- Received Receipt Notices (I797C) separately for I-485, I-765, I-131 from NBC, Lee’s Summit.
11/29/2019:- Finger print Notice Received.
12/12/2019:- Finger Print Taken.
12/13/2019:-The fingerprints relating to your Form I-765 Application for Employment Authorization, were taken.
03/04/2020:- Ordered new card EAD/AP
03/05/2020:-Approved Form I-765/I-131.
03/09/2020:-Mailed EAD/AP
03/10/2020:- Post Office picked up EAD/AP
03/11/2020:- EAD/AP Card Was delivered.
04/21/2020:- USCIS sent RFIE for submission I-693/photos.
4/25/2020:- Received RFIE.
4/27/2020:- Medicals Done/Sent the photos and I-693 to Attorney for review.
4/28/2020:- RFIE Documents received by attorney.
4/29/2020:- RFIE Documents Sent to USCIS
05/01/2020:- RFIE Documents received by USCIS.
07/15/2020:- Ordered new card GC
07/16/2020:- Approved I-485 message received.
07/20/2020:- Received I-485 Approval Notice.

Just curious when can I expect my GC card to be delivered. Usually, it takes 7-10 days. But these days they are getting delivered late. Any experience shared is appreciated.
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Visa bulletin moves fast
Great news everyone both tables move 1 year! May i ask can i use filling table this august? Because my filling table is current but my final action is not
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I-485 approval
EB1 India, PD 05/30/2017.

I noticed that in the August 2020 visa bulletin, my priority date just became current. Based on recent experiences, how long does it take for USCIS to send through the final approval notice and GC?
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Moved to 02 Apr 2019. Great news.
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Receipt notices

How long is it taking to get receipt notices these days?
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Medical RFE
Hello all,
I received RFE for medical.

Those applying for adjustment of status must now present evidence of having been vaccinated against mumps, measles, rubella, polio, tetanus and diphtheria toxoids, pertussis, influenza type B, hepatitis B and varicella. Waivers of this vaccination documentation are available to those who (1) obtain the vaccines for which they do not have documentation, (2) obtain a medical prescription from a USCIS-designated physician that the vaccine(s) would be medically inappropriate, or (3) demonstrate that vaccination would violate a religious belief.

What happens if you don't have documentation for these vaccinations? Does everyone go through taking vaccination again? and these are pretty expensive. What is your experience?
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