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RFE medical confusion
My Interview was canceled due to COVID in April. I have prepared all my medical documents.
Early July my medical is going to expire(usually it will expire 60 days after doctor sign it). So I send it to USCIS, the latest contact address from USCIS .

3 days ago I received RFE for Medical. and I call the officer he suggest me option 1 send letter to USCIS and tell them you send medical package in earlier
Option 2 - Do medical again and send it RFE.

Anyone having this kind of situation before?

Thank you.
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EB2 PD - final action date is current

My PD EB2 (India) is current in July-2020.
I have EAD/AP.
I'm not sure what are the next steps. Should I contact USCIS or will there be some communication from USCIS?

Anyone who have an earlier PD /July PD - please share you experience.
What is the normal waiting time after PD is current?

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Two months after application called USCIS
NIW-based sent application for i485, 765, and 131 for me and my wife. Two months after called USCIS. They told me that they ARE CONSIDERING to take our biometrics.

What is that suppose to mean? They waited for two months, no updates on the case, and they are still considering?

Will Congressman help? I have a job offer.
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Eb3 waiting
Please help. I am confused as my lawyers says that the dept of labor is still auditing my sponsoring company and she says it might be over by August or September. I am on B2 right now from being a J1. I have SSN so i wanted to ask if its okay to use it for part time jobs while waiting for my application to be filed? My b2 might expire in end of November So is it okay not to maintain status as my lawyer told me that we could file my I-140 by November? I just want to make sure that i dont need to file anything to maintain status or is it required to maintain status even if my EB3 is filed? Please help me decide.
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EB1C India (PD March 2017) - End of the journey!!
Hi everyone,

After 3.5 years of patiently waiting, numerous ups and downs, me and my wife finally got our green cards :) Here is what our timeline looks like:

03/13/2017: Filed I-140 and I-485 concurrently along with I-765/I-131.
03/27/2017: All applications were received by USCIS Nebraska office.
05/14/2018: Received message for I-140 - 'We approved your Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker'.
06/08/2018: Received message for I-485 - 'Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction' (India category had retrogressed during this period).
11/19/2018: Received notification for interview at local office for December 5th 2018.
12/04/2018: Received call from USCIS that my interview has been cancelled due to a government holiday on that day and rescheduled to January 14th 2019.
01/14/2019: Interview at Chicago USCIS office, took all documents including copies as suggested by this forum and my lawyer (don't want to go through it as you can find plenty of threads on the same). Officer took me and my wife to his office, asked some basic questions to me such as my designation at my company, my duties, when did I last travel and reenter the country (submitted i94 copy to him) and where I currently stay. Asked me wife how long she has known me for, when did we get married and if she was currently working or not. After that, we had some small chit chat and he was kind enough to lead us out to the exit. Overall, both me and wife felt good about the interview.
04/17/2019: Received message for I-485 - 'Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction'.
06/07/2019:- Received message for I-485 - 'Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction'.
07/07/2020: Received message for I-485 - 'We approved your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status'.
07/07/2020: Received message for I-485 - 'We ordered your new card.'
07/13/2020: Received I-485 Approval Notice in hand.
07/28/2020: Received message for I-485 - 'Card Was Mailed To Me'.
07/30/2020: Received card in hand.

As you can tell, a few twist and turns but it all turned out well in the end. You've likely head this many times, but remember to stay patient and positive throughout this entire process. Fingers crossed everything works out well for the rest of you waiting on your GCs, best of luck!
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Folks who are on the same situation, my PD is current by August 2020. With all these events happening around the USCIS agency, can anybody share from experience, as to how soon do you get approval messages/notification/online update since your PD became current? Assuming the physical GC card is not coming in within the month where PD was current, can we assumed that our cases is as good as APPROVED if you received notices? My worry is, since we are closer to the end of the fiscal year by Sept2020, that I'm afraid IF not approved (with GC) that by Sept 2020 for sure priority dates will definitely retrogressed.

Co-filers - could you please share your experiences.
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Finally became current in the August 2020 VB. PD: August 2017. Hope all of us get greened soon. Some interesting observations, most people are not being approved based on PD, but rather RD/recent EAD renewal date.
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Any Portland OR filers? Please share your timeline.
Any Portland filers with aporoved GC recently? My PD was Jan 14 2020.
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EB2 to EB1C porting - please help

USCIS accepted my EB1C I 140 but rejected my AOS saying I am not current. But, we had requested EB2 priority date porting in the cover letter which would have made us current. Please advise what to do?
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Hello for the AUG 2020 Visa bulletin my priority is current (again). i already submitted the I485 and was interviewed last Feb, as the IO said i have to wait for my category to be current. now that is current do i have to do anything? will i finally have my green card?

any opinions are appreciated
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