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sammorty     02/14/2020 21:41 PM

Hey guys !

My I-485 has gone to case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview as of 02/14/2020

Im married to a USC and was wondering how long it takes to actually get the interview ?

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bayonle     02/14/2020 21:19 PM

Hello everyone, I have been reading a lot of positive and some not so positive messages on this platform in the past few months. I am glad this type of forum exists in the first place for us to help each other.

March 27th this year will make it 1 year since my Permanent Residence interview at the Houston office and I have made two out of processing time inquiries, they replied to me early January by email that they are still looking at my case and I should wait for a decision.

Any idea what I can do again because I am getting TIRED and frustrated.

Here is a link to my previous post if you want to follow up

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Pranoy S     02/14/2020 21:15 PM

We had adjustment of status (marriage) interview , it went well , at the end of interview Officer made us sign a letter which says under section 216 my conditional PR had been granted also officer said our case is approved. But my case status online says my interview was completed & my case must be reviewed , so I am confused. Now it has been 2 weeks since our interview I haven’t got any welcome notice or card . Does anyone has that experience ? What does that section 216 mean ? Though it says it’s granted.

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skawskaw     02/14/2020 21:00 PM

Hi Guys,

I totally forgot to update my W4 last year (we got married last year) so this years W2 will come with marital status single. I am sure my wife forgot as well. I have my GC interview on the 26th, if I submit a joint tax filing ( this will be our first time filing joint ) but have W2 which both say single will that be a problem ?

Is it too late to get new W2 ?


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Yobayer     02/14/2020 19:50 PM

I have received below message: Does it mean my interview is coming soon?
I am from Queens,NY. Married to LPR
PD:June 27,2019
No Update on EAD

As of February 14, 2020, we are ready to schedule your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Receipt Number MSC**, for an interview.

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F2Afiler     02/14/2020 19:14 PM

Hello all,
I have interview coming up soon and wanted to know if birth certificate of petitioner
Is required during the interview? My letter mentions among the list of documents that I am supposed to bring during the interview.
We cannot seem to find the original copy of my spouses birth certificate, and my spouse is a
Legal permanent resident and not a USC. I thought only original green card was enough to prove the status of the petitioner however to my surprise, birth certificate is also required as per the letter.

Please share your experience. I really need your help.
Thanks for the forthcoming replies.

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OctKonnect19     02/14/2020 18:22 PM

Hello all,

This is to thank everybody in this Community for sharing your experiences and knowledge with me in this journey. Through this forum, I managed to gather the right documents for my interview. I even got an idea on how to dress for that very important day. I once booked an appointment with a Surgeon, to pay over $1000 for my medical. As I was on my way to see this Surgeon, I read from one member of this Community about another Surgeon in my location who charges $370 for the same medicals. I went to this suggested Surgeon and everything went well. In short, through this Community, I saved roughly $700. During those “difficult periods”, I always read the stories and experiences shared here and took great inspiration from all. I really thank you all mates.

I went to my appointment on Tuesday and by the grace of God, I was approved the same day.
I share below my timeline for your encouragement:
PD: October 7, 2019
NOA: October 14, 2019
Fingerprint: November 6, 2019
RFIE: November 26, 2019 (RFIE was for long computer-generated birth cert and another sponsor)
Respond to RFIE: December 16, 2019
RFIE receipt acknowledged: December 20, 2019
Ready to be schedule for interview: January 3, 2020
Interview Scheduled: January 7, 2020
Interview Date: February 11, 2020
New Card being produced: February 11, 2020
Case Approved for 485 and 130: February 12, 2020
Card Mailed: February 13, 2020

No EAD. To the glory of God, I am now waiting for my Card.

My interview experience:
We were scheduled for the interview at 8.15am. We got to the checkpoint at 8.15am (unfortunately). We told ourselves that there was no need to panic, so far as we were at the facility. Check point and other reception formalities went smoothly and fast. By 8.30am, we were sitting at the waiting lounge with others waiting to be called.

Within 5 minutes, the lady called us. She asked that my wife a USC comes in first. We went with our 4-month baby so my wife went to the interview room with him. After about 20 mins later, I was called in.

The questions were very basic questions about our marriage and family. They centered around important dates, names of people and very basic questions. Questions every marriage couple should be able to answer about his/ her marriage and family. There were the Yes/ No questions too. I spent roughly 10-15 minutes and then it was over.

On our way back home, my wife told me we had almost all the questions rightly answered. Hours later… I read that very important message “CARD BEING PRODUCED”.

Joint documents presented:
1. Joint Bank Statement (less than one month old)
2. Hotel receipts bearing our names
3. Pictures…loads of pictures (The interviewer retained about 30 of our pictures)
4. Other necessary documents to prove bona-fide union.

My background:
I overstayed by B1/B2 visa for four months before marrying my wife. Our marriage is 6 months old. We did a Court wedding with very few friends and family around (less than 10). Throughout this “difficult” months, I spent my time playing PS4/FIFA and learning how to blog. I grew desperate of waiting but my wife has been very supportive, and I never lose my faith in God.

My advice to all:
Please gather all required documents you can and have them all. Nothing is too much. Properly arrange them all in a folder if possible and let the petitioner be part of all that. Even if you gather the documents alone, let the petitioner go through everything for him or her to be familiar with everything.

After everything, like I read here some weeks ago: PRAY and RELAX. I insist, pray and relax. Regardless of how well you prepare, know that you can only be successful if you commit everything into God’s hands. I didn’t have the best evidences… I am not that intelligent nor eloquent, God showed me mercy… and he can do it for you too.

My background:
I overstayed by B1/B2 visa for four months before marrying my wife. Our marriage is 6 months old. We did a Court wedding with very few friends and family around (less than 10).

I wish you well on this journey and I pray you get your heart desires in Jesus’ name.

I am available for any questions. Cheers.

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Fedrech     02/14/2020 17:25 PM

Hello dear immihelp readers, I am very happy to share my experience with all of you today!

Brooklyn filler here, Post date 02/11/2019, (I have shared my timeline in the previous post). Same sex marriage!

Marriage based interview to the USC.

We went there with our lawyer, my picture and fingerprint was taken we got stamped the interview notice just to confirm we came to the interview, we were given number, waited over an hour and our number was called!

IO hand shaked with us, and we were taken in her room, she swore us in and asked us for the IDs.

Most of the questions were asked from my USC husband, such as:

How did we meet and why he decided to marry me?
Does he know anything about my family?
Does he have any contact with my family, why not?
Where I lived before?
She asked so many questions about his family from me (beneficiary) if I know them and what they do, how I met them and if they have any medical conditions. About his sisters if they are married? And have kids? What is their kids are called? And there husband ? if we have pics with them. We have many family pics that helped us a lot.
She pointed a pic and asked if me (beneficiary) know everyone in that pic.
if I have medical insurance I mentioned I don't have one, why? coz I am young and people my age don't have insurance and my job doesn't offer one.
Why I am not on his health insurance?
How I get to work?
Which car I drive?
If we have any pets at home?
Who is our co-sponsor?
Why his sisters or any close family members didn't sign co-sponsor’s form? (his brother's roommate signed that for us) and we were honest that his family ignored helping us.
They asked me the (beneficiary) if my husband were arrested before, he was arrested for manslaughter explained her all.
They asked him if I was ever arrested?
Why my parents don't know that I am married? I am gay and don't have contact with them much, but my sister know and she has contact with my husband
She also asked me how I felt when I first saw him and why I agreed to marry him knowing he has been arrested before?
What kind of job he had, before he was arrested? (He was working as a police in FL) she asked which part of Florida he lived.
And she asked if I worked without work permit? I said yes she asked me the address I gave her full address of my work place, I still work there.
She asked me yes/no question.
and she asked my husband if I have been at the army he said yes, and I was trained to use weapons I came forward with that. On the form it was all marked as no the agency which filled my application put all no's for me, she nicely corrected that all, ad I had to sign that paper.

After that all she asked what kind of paper we want to submit, we gave our support package that included the followings:

Wedding album
Over 30 pics with the whole family from holidays
Joint checking's account
Joint credit cards
Card statements proving we use those cards actively
Car title together
Car insurance
Gym membership (as well as our pictures from the GYM)
We have the same address on our state IDs
Three letter from family friends saying we are together
Joint tax return for the year of 2018-2019

Interview was actually very long over an hour but the atmosphere was very friendly, we were laughing and talking. After the interview she told us she will send us the decision by mail and my husband who is USC asked how long it takes to get the decision and IO mentioned they have by law 120 days to do that but she will let us know much earlier and she gave us paper stating we attended the interview.

3 days after the interview my status changed from “interview was scheduled” to “New card is being produced” I guess that is a good sign.

Let me know if you want to ask something regarding Interview.

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pashah95     02/14/2020 15:49 PM

Hey everyone!

If you have ever received the I-693 Courtesy Letter ..how long after did you receive an update about your case is ready to be scheduled?

Thanks, any experiences welcomed!

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MiriFlan     02/14/2020 14:41 PM

Hey everyone!

If there is any military spouses on here I need your help or anyone at all who has experience please share .... once I get my conditional green card I want to move with my husband in Germany I’m on his military orders and that is where he is at and I’m due to follow once all this is done, does anyone know if I can move without it affecting my time of being present in the US to remove conditions?

I’ve read and have herd that when you’re stationed abroad that time still counts as if you never left the US as long as you’re on military orders.

Anyone please share.

Thank you! Good luck everyone!

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