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srisid     01/25/2016 14:54 PM

Hi All,

My EAD request is going to complete 90 days tomorrow.

I had raised a request when it was 75 days. Got a response saying "Its inline to be processed"

When I raised a request last time the number was something like this


is it the correct category of Service request ?

Or something different ?

I am asking this because I was wondering if this should start with "SR" or similar ?

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lahbaks     01/25/2016 11:48 AM

I woke up this morning to check my status and seen that my card is been produced. Today makes it 90days since my case was received.

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seabiscuit1989     01/24/2016 00:03 AM

10/05 (Monday) case received by USCIS
01/15 Card was ordered -> Approved
01/20 Card was mailed out, without tracking number
01/23 Card received

It takes 110 days.

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abhi001     01/23/2016 10:49 AM

My timelines
Oct 7 2015 - EAD renewal application received by USCIS
Jan 18 2016 - SR raised by company attorney (103 days since receipt)
Jan 19 2016 - Officer assigned, response sent, request closed by USCIS.
Jan 21 2016 - Response received by company attorney. Not sure how this works, in that why would it take 2 days just to receive the response. Attorney mentioned there is nothing wrong with the application and they are trying to contact USCIS for clarification. Again no idea what the response from USCIS exactly was.
Jan 22 2016 - The online case status tool suggested that the card has been ordered and will be mailed to the given address.

All is well, if ends well.

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Adeel shafi     01/22/2016 04:01 AM

Hi, my PD is 8th october,15 for EAD, AP(AOS). Its been 106 days uptill now and my biometrics were taken on 3rd nov,15. After that i filed an SR on 91st day and they replied saying that "the case is within their processing time" .
My case is in Missouri centre.
If anyone has the same centre or same case, please reply . Any help is highly appreciated.

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hitesht     01/21/2016 18:20 PM


I applied for my EAD in Sep-2015 and my case was received on 1st Oct-2015.

I got a letter from USICS that no bio- metrics is required in your case on, 21st Dec.

Today its 21st Jan 2016. No update on my case it is still showing " my case was received"

It has been more than 110 days but I still don't have any update. The service request which was raised by me was answered stating a service officer is working in your case and your case will be processed in next 60 days.

So helpless at this point of time as I have a job offer which will slip from my hand.

Any suggestions and inputs regarding my case, so please share.


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suniln     01/21/2016 14:58 PM

Hi All,
I am here on L2 visa and yet to apply for EAD. I would request the forum to suggest… How do I proceed applying for EAD.
My case in explained below.
L1- ‘Admit until date’ on I-94 is 23-Jun-2016 (It is because the L1 blanket petition date expires on 27th-Jun-2106. It would be renewed as the project is for longer term)
L2- ‘Admit until date’ on I-94 is 22-Sep-2018 (No idea why am I given the ‘Admit till date’ same as my visa expiry date. As per my knowledge, L2’s Admit till date should be same as L1’s)
Do I need to worry about the ‘Admit till date’ mentioned above, get that corrected and then apply for EAD?
As any of you in the forum faced similar situation and if Yes How did you get it corrected?
Also if this date issue is common or if it is not an valid quesiontion and if you suggest me to go ahead submitting I-765, my question is..
Would it be better I wait till the L1 petition and I-94 of L1 is renewed? My study after going through the forum is- It takes more than 90 days to get the EAD approved and by the time I get my EAD, it will be end of April 2016 and the validity date would obviously till the end date of current L1 petition(23rd –Jun-2016). I need to run behind renewal of EAD immediately after I receive it :(
Is there a way I submit I-765 now and send the renewal copy of L1 petition and renewed I-94 of L1 later during the EAD approval process so that the validity of EAD is considered based on the renewed I-94 of L1.


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KS81     01/21/2016 10:20 AM

EAD Timelines

Application received by TCS: 28th Oct 2015
Application approved by USCIS: 20th Jan 2016 (after 84 days)

Now, waiting for my card to be received via mail.

Case Was Approved
On January 20, 2016, we approved your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization , Receipt Number SRC*********. We will mail your approval notice.


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qwerty111     01/20/2016 15:18 PM

I notice lot of you folks have bio-metrics done. I applied for OPT/EAD as F-1 student on Nov 12 but till now no biometrics request. Is that unusual?

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lahbaks     01/20/2016 07:02 AM

I got a mail yesterday about the service request I opened January 11th about EAD. It says:
"Your case is currently under review. You should receive a decision or notice of other action shortly".
Is this like a copy and paste response they give after opening SR? Can anyone with this type of "response" share his or her experience pls.

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