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ead no approved after 109 days TSC
If you get a job offer of any kind send it to uscis ombudsman, expedite request, log sr especially if your case is over 90 days. do everything you can. i did
you can log an sr on online status case out of normal processing time then they do push you to the top if you over 90 days and if you have any form o ob opportunity even better. it worked for me.
i pray for you all you are great support to me i want t be the same for you
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EAD 109 days
I have just received notification New card being produced!! I am so happy so i can work now and accept the job offer. I bombarded USCIS with SR and ombudsman and expedite requests (I am TSC C9 AOS) send them the job offer and they helped me. I think they were so fed up with me they thought lets just give this woman her EAD :) Thank you so much to all for your support and those who are waiting if you get a job offer send it to them,log an expedite request and mail it to ombudsman dont give up work opportunities
if your EAD is pending longer than 90 days especially. Mine was 109 days! Good luck to you all, ill support you all the way
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Anyone got EAD without SR or Congressman?
After reading many experiences on this forum it seems now that everyone has to raise multiple Service Requests, Ombudsman or Congressman to get their green card EAD.

I am curious to know if anyone recently got their EAD card without following up with USCIS?
If yes, I would really appreciate if you could share your experience, priority date and service center.
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Call to T2 Rep - F2A
Hi folks

I spoke to a T2 rep a short time ago. She informed me that I should get my card in 3-4 weeks but that nothing has been done on the application as yet.

my application PD is 10/23.

I would keep you all posted.
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Any news for October fillers VSC l2 EAD ?
Guys, any luck as of today for VSC, l2 EAD ?
Waiting since 16th Oct , no news so far .

Keep posted your updates . Thanks
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EAD 109 days pending
I am at my wits end. Have so many interviews lost 3 job offers and just received another one (I am in IT (lady) and they want me to start on a 2 month contract for now on Tuesday 26th, this coming Tuesday. paperwork all done offer in writing everything. Amazing salary on 1099 independent contractor for at least two months work (and it is 3 miles from my home!) will solve all my financial blues my rent is due and I have not worked for 11 months my savings depleted. BUT EAD 109 days pending! I tried everything I send through my job offer log a sr case for out of processing time, send ombudsman enquiry on 31 Jan yesterday send the job offer to ombudsman, expedite request everything! NOTHING. The customer center logged my expedite request so the officer picked it up without asking me for proof of my difficulty (financial) and my pending job offer he straight out denies my expedite saying there is no proof and their volume for expedite is too high so they are more strict. The customer center says he was suppose to ask me for proof not straight out deny. Guys/Ladies I don't know what to do. Some sources say you can work on 1099 as independent contractor while your EAD is pending but I am too scared but I need this job. I am SO frustrated
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Longer adjudicating process
Beginning of March, all spouses of LPR with approved i130 will be eligible to file their 485/131/765 petition (knowing that the F2A date has been moved from 1 Nov 2016 to Apr 2017). This means adding a huge workload to NBC center. I wish NBC has any plan to hire new people for this, otherwise I guess the EAD adjudication process would increase to 6-8 months!!
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Concurrent AUGUST Filer--Nothing
08/18/2017: We received your 1-765, 1-130

09/28/2017: We received your response to our Request for Evidence for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status. Our National Benefits Center office is working on your case again.

01/10/2018: your request to correct an error on your document or notice, referral number T1F2441705121MSC, was completed.

02/6/18: SR intiated, never answered.
I have called customer service many, many times and they told me once "the first SR is never answered submit another". Every time I call they tell me something new and different.

Sometime in Feb: Congressman contacted, no answer

2/13/2018: Ombudsman inquiry initated

2/21/2018: Ombudsman reaching out to USCIS

Still No card. What should I expect form here? It has been so long my husband is going crazy from waiting. We are losing out on so many job opportunities. Is anyone else in a similar situation or has used Ombudsman and how long does it take to hear after they reach out to USCIS?
Thank you!

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VSC EAD A17 category - first application
Dear all,
since following silently the many stories shared on this forum really gave me hope (and often more info than USCIS), now is my turn to share my experience:

Application received: 10/23/17
First service request: 01/10/18 - in line to be processed
Second service request: 01/24/18 - copy paste from the previous one
Contacted Ombudsman: 01/24/18 - online form
Contacted Congressman: 01/25/18 - online form
Ombudsman contacted me: 01/25/18 - they accepted to do an inquiry on my behalf
Congressman contacted me: 02/07/18 - they called me and since I had a job offer they tried to expedite. The motion has been denied because according to USCIS a job offer does not suffice: you gotta be broke showing you have almost $0 on your bank account and you cannot pay your dues.
Third service request: 02/13/18 - file under review by an officer
Approval notice in mail: 02/20/18
Card in hand: 02/22/18

Online status STILL "Received"

In addition to that, the times I spoke and chatted with USCIS are countless (I do believe they blacklisted me at the end cz I didn't have anymore the option for customer service by phone).

Personal takeaway - Anyway, just to conclude this long and annoying post, I would just like to share my disappointment and frustration towards USCIS whose luck of communication and biblical processing time made me feel so useless, powerless and scared of losing the job I found, during these months of wait. I do not know if they do it on purpose to slow down the immigration flow or not, but for how I felt, after living here for two years and jumping from a visa to another one, I would really like to say that this became "the home of the scared", and next time I hear someone praising "the land of the free, home of the brave" I will just tell him to talk about kim kardashian and tacos which are far more current.

Good luck to all of you still waiting and keep calling and annoying them: make'em earn those salaries!
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EAD Approved
My status just changed to new card is being produce today. I’m super happy
PD 10/3/2017
F2A category
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