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H-1B Visa interview at chennai on June 6 2019
Hi All, I attended visa interview at chennai on June 6 2019.
VO said visa approved on june6th.
On 7th my case showed admin processing.
On my 10th again saw update saying admin processing .
After that till now 6/12/19 no updates. Passport trCker shows passport still with the consulate .
Fingers crossed do not why this much delay.

Please let me is it normal at chennai to have delay like this
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Interview on June 6th. Waiting for updates.

Anyone attended the visa interview in chennai consulate last week? I had mine on June 6th and there have been no updates in the ceac website or the passport status till date.
VO said the visa is approved.
Would like to know if this is a lag at the consulate side or anything specific to my case.

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h1 b extension - interview exp in hyderabad
attended interview on 10-June-2019

basic qns asked by VO
who is your endclient?
what do you do for them?
what kind of apps you dev/test
salary ?
highest degree ?

visa is approved. 11-June-2019 status : issued.

waiting for passport pickup

all the Best!!!!!!
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H1 and h4 dropbox in chennai

Am working with a reputed conpany in USA as full time.

I came to india and submitted my passport for stamping along with my wife H4.

Submitted passport at chennai vAC center on June 4th 2019

Application received - June 6th

Then after no status change.

Still am seeing the samw status and last update was also only 6th June

I am checking my email regularly. There are no email for further documents

Passport tracker status - your passport is still with us consulate.

Am little bit worried and not able to track where am stuck.

Any idea you can suggest .

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221g white slip.

I've attended interview on April 4th 2019. VO collected Lca and client letter and handed
221g white slip. Its been 65 days since then. No updates.
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Dropbox Documents
 Submitted below documents with time line

04 June 2019 - Submitted dropbox at hyd

Documents - Present I-797 , old I 797 from current company , Visa Copy , Old Visa related I 797 as the visa was from different company , Intw waiver form , Ds160 , H4 passports of my Wife and Kid

06 June 2019 - Status Received

07 June 2019 - Status Administrative processing

10 June 2019 - Staus changed to Issued ( 3 PM )

Employment type : FTE

3rd extension

Thanks all for great guidance sharing your experiences , which helped greatly in preparing my documentation , inspite of not much being asked , every suggestion helps .

Good luck every one .
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H1B Extension - 221G Blue Slip
 Visa DropBox New Delhi Mar 28
Asked to come for interview in Embassy

Interview - June 10
Asked normal questions: Company name, Salary, Years in current Company, Responsibilities.

Issued 221 G Blue slip to submit documents
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Dropbox experience at Delhi
Expired H1B visa, 4th renewal.
Location: New Delhi VAC
Document Dropoff- 05/30
Application received - 05/31
Admin Processing - 06/03
Issued - 06/04
Picked up: 06/09

Submitted current and old passports, interview waiver letter, ds160 confirmation, copy of current I797.

Saw people submit copies of old I797 (and some were asked to submit copies of ALL OLD I797s). However, I stuck to official requirements listed on USTravelDocs and only submitted a copy of my current I797.
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Dropbox June 2019 Hyderabad
Hello everyone,

I want to share recent Dropbox experience at Hyd.

I am a full-time employee at a reputed company. I am on first 3yrs period of my H1B. I had a valid Visa stamp expiring in Sept 2019 with my previous employer. I changed my employer 2 yrs back and I have a valid i797 till April 2020 with my new employer. So, I went for stamping and I was eligible for dropbox.

Dropped of docs at Hyd on May 31st 2019.
Visa application tracking status changed to Application Received on
3rd June 2019.
On same day, Visa status got changed to "Administrative Processing" on 3rd June itself.
On June 6th around 330PM, status got changed to "Issued".
Got passport to home on June 8th 2019.

Let me know if you have any questions. All the best for everyone. Be patient when the status shows as Admin processing. Usually, the status will be shown as Admin processing for 2 or 3 days.
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H1b and h4 dropbox
I hold h 1b Visa and my husband is on h4 ead. We both had dropbox option. Mine got approved however my husband received blue slip asking him to attend interview with h1b Visa copy. Is he asked for interview since he is working on ead
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