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Question about Stamping in Vancouver - DS160 form mistake
Hi All

I have an appointment scheduled for stamping in Vancouver in 1st week of July. I realized I did a mistake in my DS160 form (salary information was wrong)

I have gone ahead, filled a new DS160 and corrected it but it doesnt allow you to update the DS160 information on the website, untill you cancel and reschedule the appointment.
I am worried if I cancel and reschedule, I will lose my spot and the wait times in Vancouver are huge at this time (you have to wait till end of the year)

Any suggestions or experiences who might have gone through the same experience?

I am also interested to know how to contact the Vancouver Consulate, is there a good email or phone which doesnt go to automated system?

Thank you
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221G white slip -H1B visa

I received an email to submit my passport after three half months. But, my passport was returned again with new 221G white slip, second box selected "your application requires additional administrative processing before a final decision can be made" and online case status still shows admin processing.

Anyone in same boat? Can someone please suggest how long will it take to issue visa?
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Dropbox at Delhi
This forum helped me to understand the average timelines so sharing my experience with you all.

My only tip is - try to avoid NEFT, and ask someone family/friends to do cash payment. I spend 5 working days waiting for receipt activation through NEFT and it was frustrating and had to change my domestic flight because without receipt activation you cannot do the drop box. Cash deposit results in receipt activation within few hours.

I have read hundreds of experience for drop box and I think it is safe to say, it takes 3-5 working days.
No everyone's PP status will change to admin processing.
Admin process for dropbox is 2 days.
Do not panic and stay calm for 4/5 working days excluding you drop box date !

Mine was 4th renewal with expired visa. Overall second drop box, other renewals were Interview !!

6/4 - Dropbox submission at Delhi
6/5 - Eid Holiday
6/6 - PP with consulate
6/7 - PP with consulate
6/8-6/9 - Sat/Sun - Same status
6/10 - 9 AM same status. 10.30 AM Status changed to on the Way to pick up location. 1 PM Ready for pickup.

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H1B Extension - 221G Blue Slip
Hi All

I got Blue Slip on June 10th (after interview) asking for some documents.

I submitted my documents on June 11th .

Last Updated Date changed to June 13th from June 10th (Interview Date). Status is still Administrative Processing

Does the change in Last Updated Date mean anything ?
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Change of Employer -H1b Dropbox
Hi All,

I submitted my documents in Hyderabad consulate for H1-b Dropbox on June 7th
June:10th case created
June 11,12&13 : admin processing
I haven’t received any email from consulate to attend for in person interview but in the CGI website it is asking to schedule a slot for an interview and I did one for June 18th.

Do I need to get an email from the consulate or is it okay to go for the interview on June 18th?

In the appointment letter visa priority says : 221g, is it something serious about it?

Please help
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Project Ending while AP is still under process
I got 221g on March 5th for my H1 Stamping and My contract is going to end by this month. If USCIS or US Consulate do any kind of verification by then the client informs that my contract got ended. what exactly I can in the scenario or if any faced through this same kind of situation any kind of information really helps. Can I apply transfer fo new company and re-appear for the interview?
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221g issued will I get my approval
Hello Friendz, I recently went for my h1b stamping for myself and my family for h4 visa in Delhi consulate, my visa petition is approved till feb 2020 with i140 approved staying in US for 8 years. stamping date on may 15th 2019.
VO asked for my client letter which I carried.
VO asked my current I797 which I produced.
he simply issued me the 221g asked me to work with my company to send email of the softcooy of these documents
- Fed tax documents of my company which didn't carry.
-H1B history of the employees, there salary and start dates and end dates.

My attorny sent all these documents in one email.. now there is no update from the embassy how long does it take will they approve I had produced all the required documents.

Is there a chance of approval? for the same company?

Now since I have the 221 g issued.. can I transfer my visa in India by joining any company on h1b cap expemt with premium processing.

Once approved can I go for stamping from my new company in India get my stamping and get back to USA?

Thanks for your Advise and suggestion.

+91 7676713156

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Any H1b approval on manager (non technical) positions ?
Has anyone had any approval from USCIS without RFE for product manager/product owner roles ? Roles that are non technical and do not fall under specialty occupation.
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H1B Stamping - Planning to travel

I am planning to travel to India this summer. Here is my situation.
Came to US: Dec 2008
Qualification: Master in Computer Applications
Last visited India: April 2011
Valid I-797: till Sept 2020
Employer: Desi consultancy (10 to 20 employees)
Working for the same employer: since 2013
Title: Lead Architect
Work for: Direct client (EV), has been working at the same client for 4 years. previously worked 8 years for one client only(so totally two clients so far)
current sow valid: till Sept 2019, the possibility for extension
Client letter: can be provided
LCA salary: $96K
Actual W2 Salary: more than LCA salary

here are my questions:
a) What do you guys think, is it safe to travel after 8 years?
b) If I get 221g, In the worst case, how long will it take to complete the admin process?
c) Does the variance in LCA sal and W2 sal matters?

Thank you for your time.


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H1B Dropbox HYD
My previous visa stamp was also issued through drop box in HYD.

Here is the timeline for the current visa

Jun 7 - Gave the documents at drop box location.
[I got the photo at CVS but it was not accepted and had to take again at HYD drop box location for Rs 200]

Jun 10- Case Created on CEAC website.

Jun 11- Case Updated to Admin Processing

Jun 12- Issued [at 5PM IST]

Hopefully the passport will be delivered in couple of days.

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