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Dropbox Mumbai - June 2019
Wanted to share my Dropbox experience at Parinee Crescenzo.

Submitted my documents on 17-June-19. Lady at the counter asked for DS-160 confirmation, Interview Waiver form, latest I-797 and 1-photo. I carried the CVS passport photo and certificate given by CVS that the photo passed all criteria as per Biometric Standard.

By looking at the photo Lady at the counter said that this photo is not good and will not be accepted. I immediately asked her why it is not accepted. To which she replied that the brightness on the image is not good. She said that you can get the new photo from the shop available on the same floor.

I presented the certificate issued by CVS and said that it passed all criteria and how you can say by looking at your naked eye that brightness level is not appropriate. To which she said that she can accept the photo which I brought but if something happens at the latter phase then she is not responsible. I said that will be fine with me. She accepted by photo and gave me the stamp on the Interview Waiver appointment form.

Below are the timelines for other phases:

18-June-2019 - Application Received
19-June-2019 - Administrative Processing
21-June-2019 - Issued.
23-June-2019 - Passport picked up.

I guess these people at the third party VAC center are running some kind of commission based scam where they don't accept the photo and force them to take photo from their shop. The reason why I am saying that because there were two people in-front of me and two people standing on side line were sent back because of not having the appropriate photo. And all the agents gave the exact same reason and ask to get the photo from their described shop.

This is my 3rd Dropbox, previous two times nothing happened like this.

Anyways I got my visa and will be traveling back after two weeks. Hope this experience review will be useful to others.

All the best!
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First time H1B stamping at Chennai
Hi All, I want to share my first time H1B stamping at chennai on May 28th

Interview time was scheduled at 10.00 AM but there there was a big waiting queue and my interview happened approximately around 11:15AM

I was so scared waiting in the queue since there was lot of ppl getting 221g including rejections for B2 visa as well .

VO: Good Morning (with smiling face)
Me: Good Morning! How are you doing today?
VO: Who is your petitioner?
Me : answered (XXXX company)
VO : Who is your client?
Me : Answered (XXXX client)
VO: Do you work at client locaiton?
Me: Yes
VO: What is your salary?
Me : Answered (XXXX per annum)
VO: What is your highest degree?
ME: answered
VO: Which college did you graduate from?
Me: Answered
VO: Finally mentioned the golden words "Your visa is approved"
Me: thank you. Have a good day!

This forum helped me a lot in preparing for the interview.

Good luck everyone!
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Received 221g white at Hyd
Done with visa interview but unfortunately received 221g white slip. Now the case in under administration processing.
 Vo is lady

VO -how do you got to know about your job
Me - through my friend
Vo -what’s highest qualification
Me -Ms in cs
Vo - where is employer location
Me- 196 Princeton hightstown rd west windsdor nj
Vo- do you work at Client location
Me- yes
Vo - what’s the address
Me- 4000 Mac Arthur blvd Newport Beach California
Vo -can you pass your Lca and Client letter and employment agreement letter
Me -sure and passed it
Vo- can you pass your approval copy
Me- sure passed it
Vo -do you know your rights in USA and passed the pamphlet to me
Me -yes
Vo -asked the same above question to my wife
Wife- yes
Vo- Do you have any travel plans
Me- yes, i have to travel to US.
Vo - retuned my Passport’s and said we need to process your case through admin process and passed 221g and passports
Me- ok
Vo- can I keep your lca and Client copy
Me- sure

Can someone let me how much will it take to get my case updated. right now its showing AP.
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H1b along with H4-spouse and kid
I attended visa interview on May 20 with family in Chennai, It was really short and easy process with few general questions like my designation, employer and salary. And then the visa officer said visa approved and will get passport in few days.
I did see mostly everyone getting their visa approved that day.
Have the right documentation and dont need to panic!!
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H1b Visa in Chennai
I Attended VISA interview in chennai, Got 221(g). It has been 4 months, I did not get any update
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Stamping Experience - Chennai
My visa interview was yesterday. It was probably the shortest and lasted may be 7 seconds

This is is my 12th year in the US FYI and I work as a FTE for world's largest database company (You know who?)

1) Who do you work for?
2) Where do you live?
3) What is your salary?

Your Visa is approved sir

Thank you all. I had prepared a lot based in reading the threads. One thing I noticed was - at least in chennai, they are not letting people into the embassy in advance. You have to wait outside until your slot arrives. I had read a few posts where it was written that they were letting everybody in regardless of the interview time. As long as the date was correct, people were going in. It looks like that's not relevant anymore.

Obviously mobile phones and many other devices are not allowed. But don't panic. Just before entering the embassy Police Personnel are maintaining a small manned locker facility for 10 rupees and they will take care of your stuff until you come back, It is a token system
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H1b Stamping Hyderabad - Thanks A Ton
Hi All,
First of all thanks to immihelp and all users for posting their experiences on H1b interviews, which made sure to prepare in all aspects.

Below is my H1b interview experience.

ME: Good Morning
VO: Very Good Morning.

VO: Is this your H1b extension
ME: Yes 2nd extension of H1b

VO: So you work for XXX company.
ME: Yes as FTE

VO: What does your company do.

VO: What are your roles and responsibilities

VO: What are your day to day activities.

VO: Whats your annual salary

VO: Highest degree
ME: Masters in Computer Science

VO: Where do you stay in US

Questions to my wife for H4 stamping:
VO: You previously had H4 stamping
SHE: Yes

VO: How long you married

VO: From your previous stay, what do you like about US

VO finally said your VISA's approved. Please collect passports in two days.
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H1b Stamping reschedule steps clarrification
Hi All,

I have booked H1B visa appointment through employer on 20th August and I would like to pre-pone appointment in July based on slots available. Employer is not ready to share details used to book appointment.

<----------------Question: -------->
Employer immigration team is saying that if you want to reschedule appointment then current appointment needs to be cancelled and there is no guarantee of getting earlier dates.

My understanding is that we don't need to cancel existing appointment to see slots for first time reschedule. That means we can nativate till calender page with slots and come out of this page if earlier slots are not available without impacting current appointment.
I was able to see First Available Date in July for sometime on Front page of schedule appointment portal.
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Has anyone visited Kolkata recently for H1B stamping? How is the experience?
Has anyone visited Kolkata recently for H1B stamping? How is the experience?
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221g DS5535 Hyderabad
My Background -
Had 'Clearance Received' on my first Visa stamping - took 5 days then
No issues at port of entry, clean record in US without even a single traffic violation or anything.
Common Muslim name, changed employer from FTE consultant to FTE with a product based company a year ago


I recently attended interview in Hyderabad (28th May). My Wife's H4 visa got approved the next day but after almost 4-5 business days I got an email asking to fill DS5535. I replied to that email and got received email acknowledgment.

Anybody in the same state please let me know if your visa was approved and how long it took?
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