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H1b Stamping cancellation or reschedule at Mumbai location
Hi Guys,

If anyone has booked visa stamping appointment at Mumbai location in June or July. My company want me to join as soon as possible but no early slots are available.

If anyone cancelling or reschedulling it to other date at date at Mumbai location then please do let me know at [email protected].

 ***I know chances are very less but giving a try to get early dates****
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H1B-employer change- dropbox - Chennai
Please find the status .My previous visa was valid till sep 2019.

May 24-Passport submitted
May 27-Application received
May 28-Application received
May 29-Administrative processing
May 30- Administrative processing
May 31-issued
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H1B Extension stamping - Hyderabad
We attended H1B/H4 stamping in Hyderabad on 30th May. I switched employer from consulting to FTE employment. I was asked the following questions.

1. Job responsibilities
2. HQ of the company
3. Job at previous client

No documents were asked to show. ( BTW it's my 4 H1B EXTN).

Visa was approved and in admin processing until 05/31. We picked our passports today.
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F1 to H1B visa experience Mumbai June 2019
Hello Everyone,

This site helped me a lot during my H1B visa process. So I am posting my experience here. I hope it helps.

This is my visa experience.

OFC appointment - 02/07
Visa interview - 03/07

Visa officer was nice and asked pretty basic questions. It was more of objective type.

Me - Hello sir Good Morning. How are you doing?
VO - Good Morning. I am good. Can I have your passport?
Me - passed passport.
VO - Asked for my I797.
Me - passed.
VO - So you work for XXX company?
Me - Yes sir.
VO - So what is your highest education qualification?
Me - Masters in XXX from xxx university.
VO - So you were on F1 for x years?
Me - Yes sir.
VO - Which university did you go to?
Me - xxx university.
VO - Do you work for xxx company as full time employee or work at client location?
Me - Sir I am full time employee at xxx company.
VO - Congratulations your visa is approved. You will get your passport within 3-5 business days. Handed over know your rights
and passport delivery instructions.
Me - Thanked and left.

Received my passport in 2 days. 05/06

VO didnt even asked about my duties, company or anything more complicated. I believe ppl transferring from
F1 to H1B and working full time has benefit. Over all my process was smooth.

Prepare for everything. If possible bring water bottle. You will have to wait for at least for 1.5 to 2
hours before you get to the window.

All the best.

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Hyd DropBox July 2019

I am planning to visit india for drop box in July 2019. If anyone went for dropbox recenlty, please share your experiences.

please reply to my post if anyone visiting india for dropbox in july 2019
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Hyd Dropbox May 2019
Document drop - 5/28
Visa status change to Application received - 5/29
Admin processing - 5/30
Issued - 5/31
Picked up passport on Monday 6/3

Submitted original passports, interview waiver, ds160 confirmation, copies of current and (one) previous I-797.
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H4- Administrative processing at Delhi Consulate
I had H4 Visa stamping on 14 & 15th of May at Delhi Consulate, my interview went well as I had answered all the asked questions, at the end of interview VO retained my PASSPORT,MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE(ORIGINAL), MARRIAGE PHOTO ALBUM(COURT MARRIAGE PHOTOS) & MY EMPLOYMENT LETTERS OF ALL MY PRESENT AND PAST EMPLOYERS.
and told me we will inform you via SMS, I didn't receive any 221G slip, however my Visa status is showing "Administrative processing" Since the day of interview.
its been 3 weeks and status didn't change yet.
is there anybody else as well who has ended up with similar kind of situation? or have any idea what should we do in this case.

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H1B transfer
I was in India on vacation for a month and I was on leave without pay.
My employer did not generate the paystub, hence.
For my H1B transfer, they’re asking for last two months of paystub and I don’t have the May 31 payslip. Can I show approved vacation letter for the transfer? Would that be an issue?
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H1b 221g
I have attended visa interview at Delhi Consulate on May 28th 2019.
VO asked very basic questions like who is employer , salary per annum, place of work, who is Client?, graduated from which university, asked for I-797, later issued 221g blue slip having checked for I-797, LCA,I-129, cover letter, client letter , itnerary of services,Contract documents to submit. And also passport given back .

Any faced same situation? When can I expect to get it clear?
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Administration process 221g
My time line as below
16 Jan interview Jeddah Consulate -AP day 5535 and 221g
23 April update my case and they request my passport
24 April I sent both new and old passport
25 April Update
28 April Update
30 April Update
My passport to date with the Consulate my case under AP

All the cases here once received update the visa issued within 4 days

Now it is more than 45 days
Any one can advice

-Can I took back my passport with no impact to the process. .?
- what is the probability to get my visa .?
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